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  • WATCH: Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Gets A Sneak Peek Trailer And Release Date
    Marvel debuted its latest venture into the world of television with a sneak peek at 'Cloak & Dagger.' The upcoming Freeform series hits screens later this year and is described as a "live-action, interracial romance." ..... Read More.
    MUSIC TIMES – Features and Reviews | Music & MusiciansSat, January 20, 2018
    6 mins ago
  • Shooting woes plague Pacers in 99-86 loss to Lakers
    The Pacers shot just 38.1 percent in a loss to the Lakers on Friday night. ..... Read More.
    FOX SPORTS – General Sports | Sports & RecreationSat, January 20, 2018
    19 mins ago
  • These 5 Techniques Are Exactly What You Need to Do Your First Push-Up
    The elusive push-up. Seems just within your reach, but the minute you lift your knees off the ground, your entire body seems to give up on you. Spoiler alert: doing push-ups on your knees is not an effective way to learn this challenging bodyweight move. Instead of doing yet another modified push-up on your knees, give one of these five techniques a go. With the right commitment, you should be doing a traditional push-up in less than four weeks! ..... Read More.
    POP SUGAR – Celebrity News | General EntertainmentSat, January 20, 2018
    23 mins ago
  • No Need to “Wait” Any Longer, Maroon 5’s New Music Video Is Here
    The wait is over - Maroon 5's new music video for "Wait" dropped on Wednesday, and clearly Adam Levine is just as obsessed with Snapchat as you are. Not only was the entire video filmed using Snapchat filters, but as an added bonus, you can watch the video in augmented reality exclusively on the Maroon 5 app. We can't tell which is cuter: Levine with the puppy face filter or him wearing a flower crown, so we'll just let you decide. ..... Read More.
    POP SUGAR – Celebrity News | General EntertainmentSat, January 20, 2018
    23 mins ago
  • Hysterical Dad Tweets Priceless Conversations Between Him and His Daughters
    Comedian James Breakwell makes sure that every tweet he sends is absolutely hilarious - by recounting conversations he has with his wife and four daughters under the age of 6. His account, XplodingUnicorn, is full of priceless 140-character encounters with his little ladies, all of whom seem to have been passed down a bit of their father's comedic ability and give new meaning to the phrase "kids say the darnedest things." Scroll through for some of his tweets, which will undoubtedly give you stitches in your side. ..... Read More.
    POP SUGAR – Celebrity News | General EntertainmentSat, January 20, 2018
    23 mins ago
  • Shutdown begins as budget office sends memo to government
    White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney sent agencies a memo on Saturday directing government agencies to conduct an "orderly shutdown" after the Senate failed to reach a deal to fund the government."Agencies sho ..... Read More.
    THE HILL – The Latest News | Politics & GovernmentSat, January 20, 2018
    24 mins ago
  • ‘Drunk’ British Airways pilot hauled from Gatwick flight
    The first officer on the Boeing 777 flight 2063 to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, which takes 11 hours, was arrested moments before the plane was due to take off from London Gatwick. ..... Read More.
    DAILY MAIL – Top U.S. Stories | U.S. National NewsSat, January 20, 2018
    27 mins ago
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