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USWEBDAILY.COM (11/04/2015) – With the addition of the latest batch of reputable news and information services, USWebDaily.com/TheTopNews.net now gains new articles from 140 newsrooms every 15 minutes. All news and information websites are vetted before they are added as reliable sources of real news and true stories with truthful truth. Some of the most recent to be added to the news stable are Motor Trend; McStreamy; Poynter; VOX; TVLine; WBBM-TV, Chicago; Clik2Go, KETV-TV, Omaha; and WEWS-TV, Cleveland.

Some other news sources queried four times every hour to get the latest news articles, headlines and summaries of what’s going on: WISN-TV, Milwaukee; KSTP-TV, Minneapolis; Blue Jean Nation; Media Matters; Digital Trends; GreatGold; Ultimate Classic Rock; Daily Mail; Truth Dig; Hollywood Life; Mother Jones; Reason; Taste of Country; Nash Country Weekly; Black Entertainment Television; World News; Details; The Atlantic; Des Moines Register; USA Today; Deadline; and Wired.

Other news sources include the Alaska Dispatch; Detroit Free Press; Pando; Orlando Sentinel; Los Angeles Times; New York Rimes; Rolling Stone; NBC-TV News; BBC News; NewsOne; Newsweek; Chicago Sun Times; Truckers Report; Rider; Pop Sugar; Billboard; The Blue Moment; The Hill; Politico; Moyers & Company; Cycle World; Velo; Joe Scarborough; Capitol Times, Madison; Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee; Seattle Times; ESPN; CBS-TV News; FOX News; TV Guide; FAO; Farms; Agriculture; The Root; and Multi Channel.

USWebDaily Fingers On Keyboard.Additional news sources in the news databank at USWebDaily with updated and new stories throughout the day and night are Reuters News; CNN News; Hollywood Reporter; Pioneer Press, St. Paul; The Guardian; Washington Times, Washington D.C.; Houston Chronicle; CBS Sports; Radio Facts; Radio World; Radio Magazine; Radio Online; Radio and Internet News; FOX Business; FOX Sports; Supermarket News; Advermagic; Health Magazine; Insurance Journal; Tech Crunch; Consumer Affairs; MSNBC; CNET; BankRate; AgWeb; NPR News ; Sports World; WisconsinReport.com; and UPI News;

We may have missed some along the way in the list of news sources, but this is a pretty good representation of the places the headlines and summaries in the pages of USWebDaily.com come from on an on-going basis. Some of the feeds are constantly being updated each hour throughout each 24 hour period, while others, though we reach out to them every hour, they publish stories online less often. We as a news aggregator do not have control over how often the news operations publish new stories and updated information. However, we keep in constant contact with them several times an hour so the content we present to you is fresh and up to date.

The front page and subsequent additional first pages are always a mix of what just came in during the past few minutes. Sometimes the latest stories on top are sports scores and highlights, while at other times you may find a the latest political story, business news, consumer bulletins, shopping news, or entertainment or other happenings.

If you want to zero in on just the categories you are mostly interested in, we provide a breakdown in 12 categories: Business & Commerce, Consumers & Shopping, Farming & Agriculture, Internet & Technology, Movies & Television, Music & Musicians, Politics & Government, Radio-TV Industry, Sports & Recreation; This, That and The Other; U.S. National News; and World News.



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