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Social Media Are Ruining Political Discourse

Social Media Are Ruining Political DiscourseYouTube is designed to catch you and not let go. Sometimes I access the site just to watch one thing, but then one of the related videos catches my eye. I watch that one, then another and another, and soon a five-minute visit has stretched far longer. If it’s half an hour of movie trailers, then I’m just indulging in a guilty pleasure. But what if I followed a link to “Q—The Plan to Save the World” and wound up staying for one outlandish conspiracy video after another? YouTube’s associative linking is designed to keep me clicking and watching. It has turned into a mechanism for political indoctrination, suggesting through sheer repetition that an international cabal is threatening to take over the world.These false conspiracy theories can delude the public. But social media’s negative impact on the political process isn’t just a matter of their…

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Trump Didn’t Learn Anything From 2016

Trump Didn’t Learn Anything From 2016By this point, no one should be more alert to the danger of accepting campaign help from a foreign power than President Donald Trump. Special Counsel Robert Mueller looked hard at whether top Trump campaign officials, including the president’s eldest son, broke the law when they met with a Russian lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. Mueller ultimately decided he couldn’t prove a crime, but that ill-fated Trump Tower meeting reverberates to this day.For any number of fathers, seeing their son in the crosshairs of the nation’s investigative machinery might be a powerful deterrent—a sign that it’s a good idea to avoid the sort of behavior that put the family at risk of prosecution in the first place. But Trump seems unfazed. In an interview with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos that aired last night, he said that if a foreign country dangles incriminating information about…

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Skyrocketing Drug Prices Have Americans Taking Desperate Measures

Skyrocketing Drug Prices Have Americans Taking Desperate MeasuresWith the rising cost of health insurance premiums and prescription drugs, Americans are scrambling for ways to cover lifesaving care. Injuries and illness, whether due to freak accidents or as chronic issues, often come “at a staggeringly high financial cost,” writes Jeffrey Young in HuffPost. Sometimes this means Americans resort to crowdfunding their medical care. As Young explains, “more than 50 million donors contributed more than $5 billion to GoFundMe campaigns between 2010 and 2017.” For the 7.5 million Americans with diabetes who rely on insulin to survive, it might mean international travel. As Emily Rauhala reports in The Washington Post, Americans who can’t afford insulin here are making trips to Canada. “It felt like we were robbing the pharmacy,” said Quinn Nystrom, a Type-1 diabetic who joined a caravan driving from Minnesota to Fort Frances, Ontario. There, she paid $1,200 for a…

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6/12/19: Red and Blue

6/12/19: Red and BlueCongress votes to hold Barr, Ross in contempt; Postal Service unveils George HW Bush stamp. ….. Read – Top Stories | U.S. National NewsMon, June 17, 201910 hours ago

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Trump Wasn’t the Only Candidate to Test Our Campaign Laws

Trump Wasn’t the Only Candidate to Test Our Campaign LawsBy now, anyone who pays the slightest attention to politics knows that Donald Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in an Oval Office interview last week that he would “take” opposition research on his 2020 election rivals, even from a foreign source like Russia, China or (eyeroll) Norway. Trump also said that he might not notify the FBI about his receipt of such information, and that FBI Director Christopher Wray was “wrong” to suggest in a recent Senate hearing that the law requires the bureau to be alerted. Trump’s remarks sent howls of “collusion” across the landscape of cable news and the mainstream press. Pundits asked if the president had forgotten the lessons of 2016 and the Mueller probe. Had Trump gone, in the words of New Yorker columnist Susan B. Glasser, from proclaiming “no collusion” to admitting that he was, after…

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Democrats Used to Support the Hyde Amendment. What Changed?

Democrats Used to Support the Hyde Amendment. What Changed?Despite promises from 2020 presidential candidates and efforts from left-wing Democrats, the ban on federal funding for most abortions remains in place. This week, amid spending negotiations in the House, a freshman representative from Massachusetts, Ayanna Pressley, pushed a proposal to eliminate the Hyde Amendment, which bans reimbursement for most abortions through programs such as Medicaid, from the Health and Human Services budget. Democratic leaders quickly shut Pressley down, refusing to even bring her amendment to the House floor for a vote. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t “see an opportunity to get rid of [Hyde]” given Republican control of the White House and Senate. This quiet face-off contrasts with the anti-Hyde rhetoric Democratic candidates are using on the 2020 campaign trail; even former Vice President Joe Biden, who consistently voted for the abortion-funding ban throughout his career in the U.S. Senate,…

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