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COVID Relief and Gov. Fiscal Funding Bills Signed, Sort Of

COVID Relief and Gov. Fiscal Funding Bills Signed, Sort OfMcSTREAMY NEWS – Outgoing President Donald J. Trump Sunday signed the combined COVID-19 Relief Package and Fiscal Funding for the United States Government, but he has done so apparently with reservations about the provisions of both measures, and Congressional adjustments are expected to follow. Provisions expected to be changed include increasing the COVID-19 relief checks […] ….. Read More.McSTREAMY.COM – News, Info and Entertainment | This, That and The OtherSun, December 27, 20204 weeks ago

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Biden’s Plan to Avoid a Political Disaster

Biden’s Plan to Avoid a Political DisasterJoe Biden’s team is planning a party. His inauguration on Wednesday, held under threat from the coronavirus and pro-Trump extremists, wasn’t much of a celebration. But the Biden administration hopes that January 20, 2022—a year from now—will mark what some aides are describing as a “renewing of the vows,” an anniversary that could be a genuinely happy moment.By then, Biden hopes, he will have made Americans feel like they’ve put the horrors of 2020 behind them. More than anything, that depends on whether he can dig the country out from the COVID-19 crisis. Vaccine distribution and economic recovery will be key.Basic competence of government could go a long way: Imagine the political boost Biden could earn when people start going to the movies again, or children start seeing their grandparents. Biden is already planning to push ahead on an additional $1,400 in relief checks…

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Biden’s Big Chance With Republicans

Biden’s Big Chance With RepublicansDonald Trump’s chaotic final days in the White House could present President Joe Biden with a historic opportunity to broaden his base of public support and splinter Republican opposition to his agenda.Recent polls have repeatedly found that about three-fourths or more of GOP voters accept Trump’s disproven charges that Biden stole the 2020 election, a number that has understandably alarmed domestic-terrorism experts. But in the same surveys, between one-fifth and one-fourth of Republican partisans have rejected that perspective. Instead, they’ve expressed unease about their party’s efforts to overturn the results—a campaign that culminated in the January 6 attack on the Capitol by a mob of Trump’s supporters.Those anxieties about the GOP’s actions, and about Trump’s future role in the party, may create an opening for Biden to dislodge even more Republican-leaning voters, many of whom have drifted away from the party since Trump’s emergence as its…

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Catching COVID-19 During the Insurrection

Catching COVID-19 During the InsurrectionIt still hurts to swallow or drink. Water tastes off. She can’t sleep. She buried herself under blankets all weekend, but she couldn’t stay warm. Then came the pounding headache, the blocked sinuses. So far, she’s spent more than a week in self-isolation, toggling between British TV dramas and news reports about the rioters who wanted to assassinate her colleagues in Congress. Her husband’s symptoms are the same, but he is older than her and in a high-risk group. It’s been five days since they tested positive, nine days since the insurrection. Pramila Jayapal, the 55-year-old representative from Washington, told me that her anger is “next-level.”Jayapal received her first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine on January 4, and she tested negative for the coronavirus on January 5, the night before she entered the Capitol. She believes that she contracted it last Wednesday when she huddled inside…

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Germany cautious to end latest COVID-19 lockdown due to risk of more contagious variant

Germany cautious to end latest COVID-19 lockdown due to risk of more contagious variantAmid its latest COVID-19 lockdown and a promising decline in new coronavirus infections, Germany is hesitant to ease restrictions because of the risk posed by a more contagious variant. ….. Read More.FOX NEWS – World | World News & EventsThu, January 21, 202115 hours ago

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CDC: New COVID-19 strain could become ‘predominant’ in U.S. by March

CDC: New COVID-19 strain could become ‘predominant’ in U.S. by MarchA more contagious strain of COVID-19 could become the “predominant” one in the United States by March, potentially undermining gains in infection control spurred by vaccines, researchers from the CDC predicted. ….. Read More.UPI News – Health News | Health & WellnessFri, January 15, 20217 days ago

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