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The Insurrectionist in the Flower Shop

The Insurrectionist in the Flower ShopMIDLAND, Texas—On a 95-degree April day, a florist named Jenny Cudd parked her red pickup and strode up to the local FBI office, her Let’s Go Brandon earrings swinging. She was there to pick up two phones that the authorities had seized—“stole,” according to Cudd—after she stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021.An agent named Scott greeted her briskly and slid the phones across the desk. He seemed torn between West Texan politeness and West Texan toughness-on-crime.“How’s the flower business?” Scott asked.“Great,” Cudd said dryly.“Selling flowers?”“Yep.”“Good luck … with the rest of your life, I guess,” he said as Cudd walked out.“What a stupid thing to say,” she tweeted later. In the replies, her followers advised her to throw the phones away—the feds had probably bugged them, they speculated.This is just how Cudd, 38, is acting these days, nearly 18 months after the Capitol siege:…

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Will Donald Trump Finally Be The President We Hoped For?

Will Donald Trump Finally Be The President We Hoped For?GARYWORDS – As if things weren’t bad enough following 3 and a half years of Donald J. Trump occupying the White House in Washington, D.C., the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic became another headache when it swiftly became a “pandemic” after the virus spread throughout the world and came to the shores of the United States. It […] ….. Read More.GARYTALK – Conversations & Commentary | This, That and The OtherThu, April 2, 20202 years ago

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United Airlines close to new ‘bar-raising’ contract with pilots

United Airlines close to new ‘bar-raising’ contract with pilotsMaternity leave and quality of life improvements are part of the proposed package By Gary Guthrie of ConsumerAffairs June 24, 2022 United Airlines and its 14,000-strong pilots’ union have a tentative deal in place that would bump up pilots pay by more than 14.5% in the next year and a half. The agreement makes United the first major U.S. airline to reach a deal since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and likely establishes a new mark that its competitors willbe asked to match. The agreement has alsoadded an incentive for pilots who are looking for work to knock on Uniteds door. There areplenty of pilot jobs for the industry to fill, with the shortage forcing some carriers to pull back on their flight schedules. A successful contract negotiationmeans there is less of a chance of there being canceled flights or fallout…

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Covid: Free lateral flow tests in Wales until 31 July

Covid: Free lateral flow tests in Wales until 31 JulyLateral flow tests will continue to be available for free for people in Wales with Covid symptoms. ….. Read More.BBC NEWS – Health | Health & WellnessFri, June 24, 20223 days ago

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