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Subscriber podcast: Deep dive into Big Ten football scheduling, gloomy college finances

Subscriber podcast: Deep dive into Big Ten football scheduling, gloomy college financesWhat Mark Emmert thinks of Chad Leistikow’s outline of how a Big Ten football schedule can look, plus a wide variety of your questions answered.         ….. Read More.DES MOINES REGISTER – Sports | Sports & RecreationMon, July 13, 202060 mins ago

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Fireworks Are Booming in American Cities. Conspiracies Are Booming on Twitter.

Fireworks Are Booming in American Cities. Conspiracies Are Booming on Twitter.For the past few weeks, I’ve been able to watch several hours of a free nightly fireworks show from my living-room window. They pop off over the rooftops of my Brooklyn neighborhood, where the usually busy sonic landscape was reduced to sirens during the peak months of New York’s coronavirus outbreak, then to helicopters and cheering during the longest nights of the area’s Black Lives Matter protests. It’s been a noisy summer, but these recent explosions are by far the loudest and most remarked-upon sounds yet. Last week, the New York City news site Gothamist reported a nearly 4,000 percent increase in fireworks complaints from the same period last year. In Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Boston, residents have reported an unusual uptick in fireworks. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Hartford, Connecticut: fireworks. In Greenville, South Carolina, and Columbus, Ohio:…

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Joe Biden Isn’t Ready To End Qualified Immunity

Joe Biden Isn’t Ready To End Qualified ImmunityPresumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has spent decades managing a “moderate” balancing act. The result is a wobbly policy platform that attempts to appeal to everyone but feels fully satisfactory to few. Take the candidate’s collaboration with Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator who recently ran against him for the Democratic nomination. The duo’s “Unity Task Force,” released last week, tackled a host of issues, including qualified immunity, the legal framework that lets public officials who violate your rights avoid federal civil rights suits. A tripartisan push is underway to change this. Reps. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D–Mass.) introduced a bill recently to end the doctrine entirely. Though the GOP has been slower to warm to the subject, Sen. Mike Braun (R–Ind.) crafted his own legislation that would radically alter qualified immunity, allowing officials to invoke it only when relevant…

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The Unofficial Racism Consultants to the White Evangelical World

The Unofficial Racism Consultants to the White Evangelical WorldIn the weeks since George Floyd’s death, Philip Pinckney has been inundated with messages from white evangelical pastors who want to take a stand against racism: 40 to 60 phone calls a day, dozens of texts and email chains, endless drafts of sermons and articles. The 34-year-old Black pastor has spent his life in spaces where his race is a point of contradiction. He trained as a cadet at the Citadel, the South Carolina military college whose officers helped orchestrate the attack on Fort Sumter that started the Civil War. He planted a church with the Southern Baptist Convention, a denomination founded to defend slaveholding. Now, as the country reckons with more Black deaths at the hands of police, he has taken up a role he often gets drafted to: an unofficial racism consultant to the white evangelical world.“I don’t know any…

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How a Fake Baby Is Born

How a Fake Baby Is BornArt by Geoff Kim“Why do some of these blogs refer to Benedict Cumberbatch’s children as … Pilo?” I ask, reading from a Tumblr post on my phone. On my first try, I pronounce it “peel-oh” and get a confused look in response, so I spell it out instead.“Oh, pillow,” Patty laughs, once she realizes what I’m looking at. “That’s our joke. We call them Pillow One, Two, and Three.” She laughs again. Then she blushes, as she does each time something cracks her up but doesn’t register with me as funny. I first knew Patty as “Gatorfisch,” her username since 2013 on Tumblr, where she goes for photos of cute animals and discussions of liberal politics, among other things. She is 49, and has a 15-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old grandson. Her husband, she wrote to me a few days before we met in person,…

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