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New Yorkers Fume Over News de Blasio May Run For Congress: ‘No no no no no no no no….’

New Yorkers Fume Over News de Blasio May Run For Congress: ‘No no no no no no no no….’The New York Post’s Bernadette Hogan reported on Tuesday that former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is eyeing a run for New York’s newly drawn 10th Congressional District. De Blasio reportedly spoke with New York state Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein and told him that “he is committed to running in the race.” “He’s in, he’s running — he’s calling people,” said Eichenstein, according to The Post. “Based on the conversation that I had with him earlier today, he is running for Congress in the new NY-10 Congressional District,” Eichenstein added. Vanity Fair’s Chris Smith wrote about de Blasio’s “lukewarm legacy” in December 2021 as the term-limited mayor was on his way out of office. “The outgoing mayor’s stubbornness produced a string of controversies—including around fundraising, and his visits to the Park…

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Opinion | The NRA Isn’t that Powerful. Its Creed Is.

Opinion | The NRA Isn’t that Powerful. Its Creed Is.The National Rifle Association will put on a show at its annual leadership forum in Houston on Friday. Senior Republicans will parade through the event. Gun industry executives will fill the VIP seats wearing the coveted gold jackets of the NRA Golden Ring of Freedom. The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas will put a damper on some of the festivities — Don McLean, who sang the 1970s-anthem “American Pie,” withdrew from the event — but other lesser-known acts will perform. It’s a remarkable show of force, particularly for an organization that has been battered in recent years by litigation, plummeting revenue and a failed coup. Indeed, Friday will be the first time that Republican leaders have spoken at an NRA annual meeting since 2019 in Indianapolis, after a struggle for power broke out within the NRA leadership. The still-hot civil war started…

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“Nothing Can Be Done” Is a Lie

“Nothing Can Be Done” Is a LieMinutes after news of the mass shooting in Uvalde broke, I went to pick up my child from school. The yard was full of kids playing, and I tried to look cheerful and untroubled as I watched him grab his backpack and run toward me. I thought about the parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles who were expecting to greet their kids at the end of this day, only to learn that they would never do that again. Because of a gun. Because of so many guns, in so many hands, including so many of the wrong hands. But this is not a story about guns, or even about this latest horrific news. You’ve already heard all about that. Maybe you’ve been glued to your Twitter feed or cable TV, watching as people you agreed with, or not, argued about what should happen now….

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The Real Reason America Doesn’t Have Gun Control

The Real Reason America Doesn’t Have Gun ControlAfter each of the repeated mass shootings that now provide a tragic backbeat to American life, the same doomed dance of legislation quickly begins. As the outraged demands for action are inevitably derailed in Congress, disappointed gun-control advocates, and perplexed ordinary citizens, point their fingers at the influence of the National Rifle Association or the intransigent opposition of congressional Republicans. Those are both legitimate factors, but the stalemate over gun-control legislation since Bill Clinton’s first presidential term ultimately rests on a much deeper problem: the growing crisis of majority rule in American politics.Polls are clear that while Americans don’t believe gun control would solve all of the problems associated with gun violence, a commanding majority supports the central priorities of gun-control advocates, including universal background checks and an assault-weapons ban. Yet despite this overwhelming consensus, it’s highly unlikely that the massacre of at…

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Dan Snyder’s Secret Weapon: Republicans

Dan Snyder’s Secret Weapon: RepublicansThere are roughly six million people in the Washington media market, and the least popular one of them may be Daniel M. Snyder. Democrat and Republican, local and fed, Marylander and Virginian and D.C. resident — most everyone seems to agree that the owner of the once-beloved local NFL franchise is bad news. It represents an accomplishment of sorts: In a polarized capital, Snyder is a uniter. Except on Capitol Hill.There, Snyder is fighting back against a House investigation into the team now known as the Washington Commanders — and turning Congressional polarization into partisan support. He’s hired Risa Heller, a top political communications pro with long political experience as Chuck Schumer’s communications chief as well as stints representing Jared Kushner’s family company, Ivanka Trump, former New York Gov. David Paterson and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Snyder’s defenders have capitalized on perceived overreach by Democrats leading…

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New CBO Report Exposes Biden’s Deficit-Reduction Misinformation

New CBO Report Exposes Biden’s Deficit-Reduction MisinformationBy the time inflation comes under control sometime next year, the federal budget deficit will be ballooning once again—and on course to hit $2 trillion annually by the end of the decade. The new economic and budgetary outlook released by the Congressional Budget Office this week forecasts steady if unspectacular economic growth for the next 10 years, falling inflation rates, and climbing budget deficits. The report projects that “the current economic expansion continues, and economic output grows rapidly over the next year.” But the government continues to spend more than it collects in tax revenue, driving annual budget deficits to $1.7 trillion by 2028 and $2.3 trillion by the end of the 10-year budget window in 2032. The number-crunching agency expects inflation to fall to 4.7 percent by the end of this year and keep tumbling to 2.7 percent by the end of 2023 (only…

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