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How a GOP Congress Could Roll Back Nationwide Freedoms

How a GOP Congress Could Roll Back Nationwide FreedomsIf Republicans win control of one or both congressional chambers this week, they will likely begin a project that could reshape the nation’s political and legal landscape: imposing on blue states the rollback of civil rights and liberties that has rapidly advanced through red states since 2021.Over the past two years, the 23 states where Republicans hold unified control of the governorship and state legislature have approved the most aggressive wave of socially conservative legislation in modern times. In highly polarizing battles across the country, GOP-controlled states have passed laws imposing new restrictions on voting, banning or limiting access to abortion, retrenching LGBTQ rights, removing licensing and training requirements for concealed carry of firearms, and censoring how public-school teachers (and in some cases university professors and even private employers) can talk about race, gender, and sexual orientation.With much less attention, Republicans in…

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What the Tiananmen Protest Can Tell Us About China’s Zero-Covid Unrest

What the Tiananmen Protest Can Tell Us About China’s Zero-Covid UnrestThe most shocking image to emerge from the protests engulfing Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities recently was video of crowds in Shanghai shouting, “Gongchandang, xiatai! Xi Jinping, xiatai!” Those translate literally to “Communist Party, step down,” and “Xi Jinping, step down,” but a more forceful translation is more accurate: “Out with the Communist Party! Out with Xi Jinping!” They were not invitations to resign; they were exhortations to oust them from power.Those slogans brought back some intense memories for me. When I was covering the student-led protests at Tiananmen Square in 1989, there were frequent calls for senior leader Deng Xiaoping and Premier Li Peng to be done with. “Li Peng xiatai” was a common refrain, which students and citizens shouted with raised fists, and ebullient youths wrote on banners they lifted from cars parading up and down Beijing’s…

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Party Invites for Hot People

Party Invites for Hot PeopleThe holiday season is here, and with it the age-old question: What is the best way to invite people to my party?Facebook invitations are no longer tenable. People don’t use Facebook anymore, which means they might not see your event unless you expressly tell them to go look for it there—horrible. For a big party, I like to send an email. For a small party, why not just make a calendar event and add your nearest and dearest to it without even asking? And for something really wild, I don’t see what’s wrong with making a flyer and putting it on your Instagram or texting it to everyone you know. (A friend of mine once texted me a photo of Chris Farley and Kenan Thompson playing with ketchup, overlaid with the text “Taste test different and interesting ketchups with your friends!” That was a great invite…

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Same-sex couples wary despite federal marriage rights bill

Same-sex couples wary despite federal marriage rights billWhile Congress is moving swiftly to ensure nationwide recognition of same-sex marriage, gay LGBTQ couples are frustrated it’s even necessary after so many years. ….. Read More.NBC NEWS – Top Stories | U.S. National NewsTue, December 6, 20225 hours ago

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How Democrats Avoided a Red Wave

How Democrats Avoided a Red WaveThe coalition of voters who turned out to oppose Donald Trump in 2018 and 2020 largely reassembled yesterday, frustrating Republican expectations of a sweeping red wave.Under the pressure of high inflation and widespread disenchantment with President Joe Biden’s job performance, that coalition of young voters, people of color, college-educated white voters, and women eroded at its edges. And because Democrats began the night with so little margin for error in Congress, that erosion—combined with high Republican turnout—seemed likely to allow the GOP to seize control of the House, and possibly the Senate as well.But even if the GOP does squeeze out majorities in one or both chambers when the final votes are counted, its margins will be exceedingly narrow, with control of the Senate, once again, possibly turning on another Georgia runoff. Up and down the ballot, Democrats dominated among voters who believe that abortion…

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