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McKayla Maroney’s Powerful Testimony to Congress Shows the Uphill Battle Survivors Face

McKayla Maroney’s Powerful Testimony to Congress Shows the Uphill Battle Survivors FaceSix years have passed since the FBI was first presented with evidence of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse of young gymnasts during a July 2015 meeting between leaders of USA Gymnastics and the FBI’s Indianapolis field office. Six years have passed since McKayla Maroney started telling her story—to a USA Gymnastics private investigator, then to an FBI agent, and countless times since then, recounting details of Nassar’s abuse. And on Wendesday, there she was again, this time in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, flanked by other survivors of Nassar’s abuse who are still, six years later, fighting for accountability from the agencies that were supposed to protect them. In the hearing on Wednesday, elite gymnasts Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney, Maggie Nichols, and Aly Raisman blasted the FBI for allowing Nassar to continue abusing gymnasts for more than a year…

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1000 Days: This President Continues To Be An Embarrassment

1000 Days: This President Continues To Be An EmbarrassmentGARYWORDS by The Real GabbyGary – I’m sorry, but, any truly conscientious person who has been paying close attention to the daily, real news coming out of Washington, D.C., the home of the United States Congress, White House and various federal agencies, should already understand why the Impeachment Inquiry in the House of Representatives is […] ….. Read More.GARYTALK – Conversations & Commentary | This, That and The OtherWed, October 23, 20192 years ago

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Just Give Every American an ID

Just Give Every American an IDDemocrats in Congress are considering a policy that was long unthinkable: a federal requirement that every American show identification before casting a ballot. But as the party tries to pass voting-rights legislation before the next election, it is ignoring a companion proposal that could ensure that a voter-ID law leaves no one behind—an idea that is as obvious as it is historically controversial. What if the government simply gave an ID card to every voting-age citizen in the country?Voter-ID requirements are the norm in many countries, as Republicans are fond of pointing out. But so are national ID cards. In places such as France and Germany, citizens pick up their identity card when they turn 16 and present it once they’re eligible to vote. Out of nearly 200 countries across the world, at least 170 have some form of national ID or are implementing one,…

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Is This How Democrats Break Their Midterm Curse?

Is This How Democrats Break Their Midterm Curse?The new Texas law that bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected—and which the Supreme Court has so far declined to block—is an enormous blow to abortion rights in America. But Democrats, who tend to support abortion access, aren’t all doom-and-gloom about the measure. The thinking among some in the party goes like this: An abortion ban is terrible for women—but it’s great for ginning up voter enthusiasm.Democrats need the help. Republicans generally show up to the polls much more consistently in off-year elections, and next year, the primary target of Democratic voters’ ire—Donald Trump—won’t be on the ballot. Democrats have spent the past few months trying to decide how to zap their voters back to attention, and the party appears to have settled on a strategy of telling voters that Republicans are all extremists. They see the Texas abortion law as…

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2020 Was Almost Worse Than 2008

2020 Was Almost Worse Than 2008On Thursday, March 12, 2020, the news from the financial markets was grim. America’s stock markets suffered losses worse than anything in 2008. Only Black Monday, in October 1987, and the darkest days of 1929 were worse. That was bad, but for insiders, the stock market was not the real worry. A “correction” was in order. The world was heading into shutdown. It was to be expected that share prices would fall. The function of shares as risk‑bearing capital is to act as a shock absorber in hard times. Far more worrying than equity markets was what was happening in the market for bonds, and above all, U.S. Treasuries—the safe assets that promise a counterbalance to volatile equities.In times of uncertainty and recession, as investors lose confidence, they tend to shift from shares, whose prices fluctuate with business fortunes, to government debt that can be…

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Madison Cawthorn Calls Possible Vax Requirements For Domestic Flights ‘Medical Apartheid,’ Claim...

Madison Cawthorn Calls Possible Vax Requirements For Domestic Flights ‘Medical Apartheid,’ Claim…Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) appeared on Newsmax on Wednesday night and addressed Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent comments that vaccine requirements for domestic air travel were “on the table.” Host Grant Stinchfield asked Cawthorn if there was anything Congress can do to prevent such a requirement. Cawthorn observed the obvious fact that Republicans lack majorities in Congress, but urged Americans to “reject” these policies: This is a medical apartheid, plain and simple. There’s over a hundred million Americans who are not vaccinated. I think it’s even more than that. And if they want to start shutting down air travel for these people to get around the country, I think that’s actually a constitutional violation because you actually have a constitutionally protected right to free, unrestricted travel within the United States of America. And I genuinely believe that what’s going on…

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