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Partisan divide returns in U.S. Congress on coronavirus next steps

Partisan divide returns in U.S. Congress on coronavirus next stepsFresh partisan divisions flared on Sunday on the next steps for the U.S. Congress in dealing with the coronavirus crisis, with the top House of Representatives Republican casting doubt on the need for more economic stimulus legislation while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled she plans to move forward with it. ….. Read More.REUTERS – Politics | Politics & GovernmentSun, March 29, 20208 hours ago

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What Happens When Coronavirus Hits Congress?

What Happens When Coronavirus Hits Congress?As congressional leaders sniped their way through the coronavirus crisis this week—wrestling with how to act and help avert a massive economic shock amid a quickly evolving tsunami of national closures, collapsing stock prices and a worsening pandemic—an even more ominous thought hung in the background of Capitol Hill: A pandemic, particularly one whose primary victims are over 60, presents the long-feared, worst-case scenario for Congress’ existence itself.Since the end of World War II, efforts to force the House and Senate to confront how it would function in an emergency have stalled, and even the lackluster efforts after 9/11 to improve congressional continuity planning fell short of addressing the potential impact of a pandemic: While the outright death of senators and representatives poses its own unique set of problems for the body and democracy, an illness like COVID-19 that threatens to sicken a wide swath…

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The Ticket: Risking Exposure in Congress

The Ticket: Risking Exposure in CongressGrace Meng represents New York in Congress. Her Queens district is at the center of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, as hospitals there face an “apocalyptic” situation. She flew to and from Washington yesterday to pass the $2 trillion stimulus package.After landing back home, she spoke with staff writer Isaac Dovere about fighting against the coronavirus, having to risk exposure going to Washington for the vote, and how President Donald Trump and other Republicans using the phrase “Chinese virus” has affected the people she represents.The full interview can be heard on the latest episode of The Ticket: Politics From The Atlantic:Subscribe to The Ticket: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher (How to Listen)Selections from Representative Meng’s interview with Isaac Dovere:People have heard about the situation at Elmhurst Hospital. What’s going on? I think that for the people who have seen some of the…

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Truck Parking Bill Could Mean $755 Million For New FREE Truck Parking

Truck Parking Bill Could Mean $755 Million For New FREE Truck ParkingA new bill which has been proposed in Congress could put $755 million in federal money toward creating additional safe truck parking all across the country… at no cost to drivers. H.R. 6104 is a bipartisan bill sponsored by Mike Bost (R-Illinois) and Angie Craig (D-Minnesota). The Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act was introduced on Thursday. If enacted, it would allocate $755 million over the next five years to create new parking spaces for commercial trucks. New parking areas could either be built from scratch, or the money can be used to expand or convert existing weigh stations and rest stops to allow for more safe truck parking. No new money would be added to the DOT budget to make up for the spending. Instead, the funds would come out of existing U.S. DOT programs and put them toward…

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1000 Days: This President Continues To Be An Embarrassment

1000 Days: This President Continues To Be An EmbarrassmentGARYWORDS by The Real GabbyGary – I’m sorry, but, any truly conscientious person who has been paying close attention to the daily, real news coming out of Washington, D.C., the home of the United States Congress, White House and various federal agencies, should already understand why the Impeachment Inquiry in the House of Representatives is […] ….. Read More.GARYTALK – Conversations & Commentary | This, That and The OtherWed, October 23, 20195 months ago

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Detroit’s Plan to Make Sure Redevelopment Boosts the Whole City

Detroit’s Plan to Make Sure Redevelopment Boosts the Whole CityIn 2018, Ford Motor Company bought the Michigan Central Station, Detroit’s former train depot and most majestic ruin. Opened in 1913, closed in 1988, the train station stood abandoned for 30 years, haunted by vandals and urban explorers.Today, the automaker is spending $350 million to renovate the 18-story Beaux Arts station into the centerpiece of a new $740 million innovation campus where the company will develop electric and autonomous vehicles. Offices will move into upper floors, stores and restaurants into the soaring lobby.And residents of Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood won’t simply watch as prosperity rises around them.Ford, after negotiating with Corktown neighbors and the city, has agreed to pay for $10 million in projects to benefit the neighborhoods around the old depot. It will fund more than $4 million for career training programs, pay $2.5 million to an affordable housing fund…

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