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Three thought experiments: How can Congress structurally reform the federal clerkship prog...

Three thought experiments: How can Congress structurally reform the federal clerkship prog…It is difficult to describe to non-lawyers how significant a federal clerkship is. When I began my first clerkship, several non-lawyer relatives were shocked. They thought I was taking a clerical job, and would be stamping papers and making copies for a year. But a federal clerkship–often the first job a lawyer will ever hold–may be the most important job a lawyer will ever hold. A clerkship provides formative experience at the front lines of litigation to a wide range of cases. A clerkship stamps your resume forever with an imprimatur of success. A clerkship invites you into a close-knit group of alumni who can help advance your career. A clerkship gives you a new prestige, as those aspiring for clerkships will come to depend on you for references. And a clerkship imposes something of a prior restraint: in…

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Mike Bloomberg’s Technocratic Threat

Mike Bloomberg’s Technocratic ThreatMike Bloomberg is cool, correct and effective and all the more worrisome for it. If November were to come down to a Trump-Bloomberg race, Americans would get the choice of swapping one president with an a-constitutional view of the office for another. The two New York City billionaires are studies in contrast, except no one would think to feature either one of them in an episode of Schoolhouse Rock.Trump views the presidency through the prism of what’s most gratifying to him, especially his insatiable need for attention; Bloomberg would view it through the prism of what’s good for you, as filtered through his supreme confidence that he, and only he, truly knows what that is. Trump’s ego feeds off constant praise and airtime; Bloomberg’s feeds off his belief that he’s the smartest guy in the room, in fact, in any room, and that you’d inevitably agree with…

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1000 Days: This President Continues To Be An Embarrassment

1000 Days: This President Continues To Be An EmbarrassmentGARYWORDS by The Real GabbyGary – I’m sorry, but, any truly conscientious person who has been paying close attention to the daily, real news coming out of Washington, D.C., the home of the United States Congress, White House and various federal agencies, should already understand why the Impeachment Inquiry in the House of Representatives is […] ….. Read More.GARYTALK – Conversations & Commentary | This, That and The OtherWed, October 23, 20194 months ago

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Kia recalls over 200,000 vehicles due to electrical problems that can trigger fires

Kia recalls over 200,000 vehicles due to electrical problems that can trigger firesThe company is no stranger to recalls, especially the fire-provoking type By Gary Guthrie of ConsumerAffairs February 21, 2020 Kia Motors America has issued a recall for more than 200,000 of its U.S.-based vehicles because of a problem with a vehicles brake computer which might take on water and cause an electrical short. In some cases, this could lead to the vehicle catching fire. To make matters even more concerning, the problem can occur even if the engine is completely turned off. To date, Kia says it has reports of seven fires, but no injuries. Models affected, important cautions, and how the problem will be fixed The Kia recall is slated to start April 10 and covers the following: Sedona minivans, model years 2006-2010 Sorento SUVs, model years 2007-2009 If you want to be absolutely sure whether or…

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The Ticket: A Historic Vote on Equal Rights, and Hopes for Gun Control

The Ticket: A Historic Vote on Equal Rights, and Hopes for Gun ControlFor the first time yesterday, Jennifer Wexton got to use the gavel. The freshman Democratic congresswoman from Virginia presided over a floor debate on a bill to advance the Equal Rights Amendment.“This wins the prize for the coolest thing I’ve gotten to do as a member of Congress,” she told Edward-Isaac Dovere on the latest episode of The Ticket: Politics from The Atlantic. Listen to the full episode here:Subscribe to The Ticket: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher (How to Listen)Four years ago, when Wexton was a state senator in Virginia, she saw her resolution to ratify the decades-old amendment die under Republican leadership. But the ERA got new life in November after Democrats swept local elections. Soon after, Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the ERA, thereby crossing the three-quarters threshold of states needed to amend…

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Why the Presidency Can’t Just Go Back to “Normal” After Trump

Why the Presidency Can’t Just Go Back to “Normal” After TrumpPresident Donald Trump has spent three years incinerating a group of practices commonly lumped together under the nebulous category of “norms and traditions,” causing the chattering class to worry that he’ll “destroy the presidency”; “undermine American democracy”; “erode” our very institutions with each break with precedent or decorum. There are also those, including presidential candidate Joe Biden, who insist that things can go back to normal when Trump is gone. Either in January 2021 or January 2025, these optimists hope, America will experience a restoration of these timeless customs.Here’s the problem: Many of these “presidential norms and traditions” that Trump has left by the wayside aren’t timeless at all; they’re actually quite new. They grew up alongside and in reaction to the expansion of both the federal state and the presidency—a process that began in the early 20th century but…

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