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Trump Thinks He Won the Presidential Election… of 2023

Trump Thinks He Won the Presidential Election… of 2023To accurately measure the metabolism of Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign we must invoke the images and manners of the bestiary’s most indolent and sluggish creatures. The three-toed sloth, which favors slow motion. The echidna, which would lose a race against a continental plate. The nurse shark, which is so lazy it relies on ocean currents to aerate its gills. And then there is Australia’s pygmy blue-tongue lizard, which “hunts” by lounging by its burrow hole in hopes that an insect or spider will stride by. In recent weeks, Trump has come to resemble these kings of lethargy, slowing his campaign to the speed of the hour hand. As POLITICO’s Meridith McGraw recently reported, Trump has largely discarded the hard, steady work of campaigning against his Republican opponents on the stump and limited his appearance to “spot” events, TV interviews, or tele-rallies….

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Trump Said the ‘Wrong’ Thing on Abortion

Trump Said the ‘Wrong’ Thing on AbortionA few weeks ago, the Texas anti-abortion activist Mark Lee Dickson told me that he viewed Donald Trump as the Constantine of the anti-abortion movement: a man who, like the Roman emperor, had been converted to a righteous cause and become its champion.“There are some who believe that Constantine was a sincere Christian and others who believe that he wasn’t,” Dickson said. Regardless of whether Trump is genuinely opposed to abortion rights, “he was good for Christianity and the pro-life movement.”But after hearing Trump’s abortion comments on Sunday’s Meet the Press, Dickson, who is one of the architects of Texas’s so-called heartbeat ban, feels differently. He’d been helping plan a big Trump rally in Lubbock. Now he’s worried. “What I want to do is get up onstage and brag about Trump. But at this point, his statements do not represent what we have worked…

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Trump Impeachment Attorney Admits He Could and Would Have Sought a Jury in NY Fraud Trial

Trump Impeachment Attorney Admits He Could and Would Have Sought a Jury in NY Fraud TrialCNN’s Poppy Harlow on Tuesday morning interviewed Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyer David Schoen about the former president’s civil fraud trial in New York and discussed the debate surrounding it being decided by a judge. “What’s interesting to me is that you also have a real argument now about whether this could have been a jury trial. This is a judge deciding it’s a bench trial. Here is Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, trying to explain her position on this. And then I want your legal take,” Harlow began, introducing the clip. “I have to address this one common misconception in the press, and unfortunately it just keeps getting repeated, which is that we have this great option to have a box checked for a jury. No, we didn’t have that. That’s not how this works. They…

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LARRY KUDLOW: Trump is Biden’s worst enemy

LARRY KUDLOW: Trump is Biden’s worst enemyAs bond yields soar and stock prices plunge, Joe Biden talks about something called the “last gasp” of MAGA Republicans. Wow. He might want to take a look in the mirror at the latest batch of polling data from the highly respected IBD/TIPP poll, just out yesterday. Overall, President Biden’s approval dropped 5 points from September’s 41% to October’s 36%. That’s 36% approval, not much. Meanwhile, on the economy, 56% disapprove of Biden economic policies, a.k.a. Bidenomics, and only 24% approve. The IBD/TIPP financial stress index went up 2.4 to 70.5, and meanwhile, only 16% say wages are keeping up with inflation. Sixty-one percent say they’re living paycheck-to-paycheck and a new study shows that while both home prices and mortgage rates continue to rise, the typical monthly cost of maintaining a home reached $2,053 in the third quarter, the first time ever that figure has gone above…

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Judge issues gag order on Trump in business fraud case

Judge issues gag order on Trump in business fraud caseJudge Arthur Engoron issued the order on former President Donald Trump and his legal team on Tuesday as a result of a social media post featuring one of the judge’s staffers.(Image credit: Dave Sanders/AP) ….. Read More.NPR – Politics | Politics & GovernmentTue, October 3, 20235 hours ago

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Trump Wasn’t at the Debate — But His Outfit Was

Trump Wasn’t at the Debate — But His Outfit WasThere were precisely zero Donald Trumps on the GOP debate stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, California tonight, but if you squinted, there appeared to be four of him. With the exception of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, all the men donned the former president’s uniform of a navy worsted suit, a white spread-collar shirt and the signature, power-red tie. It was a not-so-subtle indication of just how Trumpified the GOP has become. (Sure, many Republicans wear red ties, but the variety has really taken a nosedive since the rise of MAGA.) It was also a reminder that fashion can send powerful political messages.  Ever since the first televised presidential debate — when Richard Nixon’s mid-gray suit faded into the background of black-and-white TV screens, while John F….

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