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Ralph Nader: Democrats May Be Surrendering the Rule of Law

Ralph Nader: Democrats May Be Surrendering the Rule of LawMany Senate Democrats are throwing in the towel on the nomination of William Barr for Trump’s Attorney General (a prospect assured by Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, declaring his personal vote against Barr). Let’s ask why? One would think that Senate Democrats would be appalled at Barr’s long-time unyielding conduct and writings asserting that the President can start any wars he wants even if Congress votes against it! An example of this is the constitutionally undeclared criminal invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush. Barr was also George H.W. Bush’s Attorney General and has been a long-time defender of executive branch lawlessness. One would think that Barr’s insupportable drive for more corporate prisons and more mass incarceration would upset these Senators. One would think that Barr’s view of the separation of powers, which has meant separating Congress from its constitutional powers…

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What Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals

What Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals Tales of the New Cold War: 1 of 2: Condemning Trump for Putin’s Syria. Stephen F. Cohen, @NYYU @Princeton EastestAccord.comTales of the New Cold War: 2 of 2: Condemning Trump for Putin’s Syria. Stephen F. Cohen, @NYYU @Princeton President Trump was wrong in asserting that the United States destroyed the Islamic State’s territorial statehood in a large part of Syria—Russia and its allies accomplished that—but he is right in proposing to withdraw some 2,000 American forces from that tragically war-ravaged country. The small American contingent serves no positive combat or strategic purpose unless it is to thwart the Russian-led peace negotiations now underway or to serve as a beachhead for a US war against Iran. Still worse, its presence represents a constant risk that American military personnel could be killed by Russian forces also operating in that relatively small area,… ….. Read More.TRUTHDIG…

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A Border Is Not a Wall

A Border Is Not a WallBorders are an invention, and not even an especially old one. Predated by the printing press by a good two hundred years, borders are constantly under revision. Even the zone of the border itself, the Supreme Court has held, extends far beyond the technical outline of a nation. Imagine the border as the human-made thing that it is, and it’s no longer surprising that it takes a multitude of forms: a line on a map, a fence, a bundle of legal agreements, a set of sensors, a room in an airport, a metaphor.As Elia Zureik and Mark B. Salter explain in a book on policing, a controlled border creates the notion that domestic space is safe. Protecting “the border” safeguards the home, family, and way of life. This idea of safety is so potent that it has shut down the United States government.But the border…

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Trump Isn’t Even Trying to Convince Voters on the Shutdown

Trump Isn’t Even Trying to Convince Voters on the ShutdownA government shutdown that most Americans oppose, on behalf of a border wall that most Americans oppose, may be the logical endpoint for a president and a political party that appears more and more unconcerned about attracting support from a majority of the public.Trump’s decision to precipitate a government shutdown over his demands for money to build a border wall, and the virtual absence of congressional GOP resistance to his approach, shows how comfortable the president and the broader Republican Party around him have grown in pursuing goals that face majority opposition in polls—so long as they retain the backing of their core supporters.Attracting and sustaining majority support has traditionally represented a North Star for American presidents. The showdown over the shutdown, perhaps more than any earlier decision, makes clear that Trump is setting his course by a very different compass….

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Over-the-Counter Contraception Is Immensely Popular. But Democrats Have Doomed It

Over-the-Counter Contraception Is Immensely Popular. But Democrats Have Doomed ItIf you live in the United States, you can’t obtain birth control pills without a prescription from a doctor. This federal requirement means that the roughly 10.6 million American women on oral contraception must accept regular, invasive, and unnecessary medical care as part of preventing pregnancy. When the pill first came to the U.S. in 1960, such prescription-only status made some sense. Medical professionals were uncertain how many women would react physiologically. And hormone levels in the first commercially available brand were incredibly high—10,000 micrograms progestin and 50–150 micrograms estrogen, compared to 50–150 micrograms progestin and 20–50 micrograms estrogen on average recently. But in the nearly 70 years since then, pill formulations have become at least as benign as your average drugstore-aisle offering. Decades of research favors the idea that over-the-counter (OTC) oral contraceptives are safe. They’re sold without a prescription…

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