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Americans Don’t Need the Mueller Report to Judge Trump

Americans Don’t Need the Mueller Report to Judge TrumpSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller’s report could come out as soon next week, CNN reported on Thursday. Unless, of course, it doesn’t—after all, there have been various suggestions for months that the end was in sight, and the Justice Department said Friday there would be no report next week. And anyway, none of this matters if newly installed Attorney General Bill Barr decides not to release the report, or releases only a limited summary, or delays the release, or…Because of the many uncertainties about when the report will arrive, and what the public will see, and what shape the report might take, and what steps might come next, the report has taken on outsize importance in discourse and coverage about the presidential campaign, Russia, and Donald Trump. That’s risky, though. Perhaps the Mueller report will deliver a stunning new revelation about Trump’s campaign…

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What Omarosa expects from Michael Cohen’s testimony

What Omarosa expects from Michael Cohen’s testimonyMichael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney, will testify publicly before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday. Omarosa Manigualt Newman, fmr. director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison during theRead more ….. Read More.MSNBC – The Latest | U.S. and World NewsSat, February 23, 20194 hours ago

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Michael Jackson Estate $100M Lawsuit Alleges ‘Character Assassination’ by HBO

Michael Jackson Estate $100M Lawsuit Alleges ‘Character Assassination’ by HBOThe estate of Michael Jackson sued HBO for $100 million over what it says is the “posthumous character assassination” of the late singer in the “Leaving Neverland” documentary. The Jackson estate alleges HBO, which is owned by AT&T Inc., violated … ….. Read More.INSURANCE JOURNAL – General | Consumers & ShoppingFri, February 22, 20191 day ago

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IRS employee accused of leaking Michael Cohen’s bank records to Michael Avenatti

IRS employee accused of leaking Michael Cohen’s bank records to Michael AvenattiA veteran IRS employee has been charged with leaking the banking records of President Trump’s onetime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, federal prosecutors announced Thursday. ….. Read More.FOX NEWS – Politics | Politics & GovernmentThu, February 21, 20192 days ago

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The Impossible Job of Speaking Truth to Trump

The Impossible Job of Speaking Truth to TrumpDan Coats was nervous. Ahead of his very first threat briefing to Congress nearly two years ago, he was having trouble keeping straight what he could say in the unclassified part and what he had to save for the classified portion. He had retired from the Senate just months before—now he’d been thrust into an entirely different kind of job as the director of national intelligence. In the words of one former colleague, who requested anonymity to speak candidly, he was a “fish out of water,” horrified that he might get something wrong.What he wasn’t worried about, this person said, was the kind of conflict with the president that erupted after his most recent threat briefing this past January, when he and other intelligence officials gave testimony on issues like North Korea, Iran, and Russia that contradicted statements Trump has made. Trump’s lingering…

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What We Wrote About Facebook 12 Years Ago

What We Wrote About Facebook 12 Years AgoThe year was 2007, and Myspace was king. With more than 300 million registered users, it was the world’s largest social-networking platform by a mile and, since overtaking Google the previous year, the most visited website in the United States. Friendster had been thoroughly eclipsed. Google’s first attempt at a social network, Orkut, was a domestic flop. Twitter, founded in 2006, still hosted only a fraction of a percent of Myspace’s user base. Snapchat and Instagram weren’t even a twinkle in Silicon Valley’s eye.Facebook, though, was on the upswing. For nearly three years, it had slowly spread through schools and businesses. In September 2006, it opened fully to the public for the first time. By October 2007, it had 50 million active users around the world. By July 2008, it would have 90 million. In 2009, it would overtake Myspace for good.Facebook first…

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