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ISIS panel in Syria acts as ‘judge, jury and executioner,’ report finds

ISIS panel in Syria acts as ‘judge, jury and executioner,’ report findsA U.S.-based Syrian rights group said Thursday that it’s assembled a 24-page report titled “Juge, Jury and Executioner,” detailing the atrocities committed by the Islamic State and the total control with which they ruled over elements of daily life.  ….. Read More.FOX NEWS – World | World News & EventsThu, January 16, 202014 hours ago

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CNC Chief Outlines Plan to Update French Production Infrastructure

CNC Chief Outlines Plan to Update French Production InfrastructureSpeaking at an industry round-table at the Paris-based Production Forum on Thursday, Dominique Boutonnat, president of France’s National Film Board (CNC), announced a new plan to update local production studios in order to make them more internationally competitive. The modest plan, which involves new funding, training sessions and additional research, follows a March 2019 report, […] ….. Read More.VARIETY – Entertainment | Movies & TelevisionFri, January 17, 20202 hours ago

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Giuliani Associate: Trump Had Knowledge of Ukraine Pressure

Giuliani Associate: Trump Had Knowledge of Ukraine PressureWASHINGTON — A close associate of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is claiming Trump was directly involved in the effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden. Lev Parnas says he delivered an ultimatum in May, at Giuliani’s behest, to the incoming president of Ukraine that no senior U.S. officials would attend his inauguration and vital American security aid would be withheld if an investigation into Biden wasn’t announced. Related Articles Actually, Rudy Giuliani Has Always Been Like This by Ari Paul / FAIR Even Rudy Giuliani’s Podcast Deal Is Incredibly Shady by Mike Spies, Jake Pearson and J. David McSwane / ProPublica Watchdog: White House Violated Law in Freezing Ukraine Aid by ANDREW TAYLOR and ZEKE MILLER / The Associated Press … ….. Read More.TRUTHDIG – Amy Goodman | This, That and The OtherThu, January 16, 202020 hours…

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Seeking a Cure for Domestic Violence

Seeking a Cure for Domestic ViolenceThe photograph above shows Andrew Lisdahl and his fiancée, Theresa, at their home, along with Andrew’s daughter with his ex-wife (left) and one of Theresa’s daughters (right). Andrew Lisdahl was mad. His wife, Gretchen, had smoked a cigarette, a habit he detested. They fought, and Gretchen spent the night at a friend’s house. The next day, Andrew drank a bottle of tequila and hitched a ride to the stained-glass studio where Gretchen, an artist, gave lessons. When Andrew found her, he grabbed her left hand and tried to remove her wedding ring, but Gretchen fought him off. As Andrew stumbled away, he took Gretchen’s car keys and phone.After work, Gretchen’s father drove her back home to retrieve her things. Inside, Andrew had been passed out on the couch, but he woke up and yelled at Gretchen, “Get the fuck out!” When she didn’t, he grabbed…

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Foxconn and Fiat Chrysler partner to develop EVs and an “internet of vehicles” busines...

Foxconn and Fiat Chrysler partner to develop EVs and an “internet of vehicles” busines…Foxconn Technology Group, the Taiwanese electronics giant best known for its iPhone manufacturing contract, is forming a joint venture with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to build electric vehicles in China. The joint venture was disclosed in a regulatory filing. Nikkei was first to report the joint venture. According to the filing, each party will own 50% of the venture to develop and manufacture electric vehicles and engage in an IOV, what Foxconn parent company Hon Hai calls the “internet of vehicles” business. Hon Hai’s direct shareholding in the subsidiary will not exceed 40%, the filing says. The venture will initially focus on making electric vehicles for China. But these vehicles could be exported at a later date, according to Foxconn. The wording in the regulatory filing suggests these will be new vehicles that are designed and built from…

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Congress’s Nonpartisan Watchdog Finds That Trump’s Ukraine Policy Broke the Law

Congress’s Nonpartisan Watchdog Finds That Trump’s Ukraine Policy Broke the LawThe Trump administration broke the law by improperly withholding security assistance from Ukraine, according to a legal decision published Thursday by the Government Accountability Office, an independent congressional watchdog. While the White House Office of Management of Budget had told the GAO that it wanted to ensure the funding would not be spent “in a manner that could conflict with the President’s foreign policy,” auditors found that the blocking of nearly $214 million in military took place in defiance of the law and without an appropriate legal justification.  “The administration—I’m saying this—broke the law.”“Faithful execution of the law does not permit the President to substitute his own policy priorities for those that Congress has enacted into law,” read the decision, which was issued by GAO general counsel Thomas Armstrong. “OMB withheld funds for a policy reason, which is not permitted under…

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