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Romney Speaks Out

Romney Speaks OutAmid GOP backlash against President Trump for his decisions on Syria and the G-7, Senator Mitt Romney has emerged as a standout critic. Romney was asked in an interview with the Atlantic this weekend about impeachable acts, and responded “I’ll know itRead more ….. Read More.MSNBC – The Latest | U.S. and World NewsMon, October 21, 201948 mins ago

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Rep. Francis Rooney announces retirement after criticizing Trump comments

Rep. Francis Rooney announces retirement after criticizing Trump commentsAfter criticizing President Donald Trump’s comments on Ukraine scandal, Republican U.S. Reo. Francis Rooney said Saturday he would retire at the end of his term in 2020. ….. Read More.UPI – United States | United States NewsSat, October 19, 20192 days ago

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Keeping Busy In Retirement Makes Life Satisfying

Keeping Busy In Retirement Makes Life SatisfyingGARYTALK.COM – I’ve not written anything for my GaryWords section of Garytalk for quite awhile. It’s not that I’ve taken a vacation, or anything as pleasurable as that. It’s quite the opposite. During my retirement years, I’ve been partially busy writing and editing content for eight websites. Additionally, I’ve been occupied with curating and processing […] ….. Read More.GARYTALK – Conversations & Commentary | This, That and The OtherSun, May 6, 20181 year ago

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The 2020 Congressional-Retirement Tracker

The 2020 Congressional-Retirement TrackerCongressional retirements are an early indicator of the political environment, and for the second consecutive election, more Republicans than Democrats are heading for the exit.In all so far, 16 GOP House members and four senators are forgoing reelection next year without declaring their candidacy for another office, while just four Democrats in the House and one in the Senate are retiring outright. More than two dozen Republicans retired ahead of the 2018 midterms, foreshadowing the blue wave that swept in a Democratic majority.Over the weekend, Republicans also got the first indication that the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump may play a role in more of their members heading out the door: Representative Francis Rooney of Florida announced he would retire after just two terms, one day after he became the first House Republican to say he might vote for Trump’s impeachment. Rooney said on Fox News…

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Donald Trump Jr. and Don McGahn did not testify to grand jury in Mueller probe, new court ...

Donald Trump Jr. and Don McGahn did not testify to grand jury in Mueller probe, new court …The Justice Department confirmed Sunday that Donald Trump Jr. and former White House counsel Don McGahn did not testify to a federal grand jury during the Mueller probe. ….. Read More.CNN – Politics | Politics & GovernmentSun, October 20, 201921 hours ago

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The End of Silence

The End of SilenceKarthic Thallikar first noticed the noise sometime in late 2014, back when he still enjoyed taking walks around his neighborhood.He’d been living with his wife and two kids in the Brittany Heights subdivision in Chandler, Arizona, for two years by then, in a taupe two-story house that Thallikar had fallen in love with on his first visit. The double-height ceilings made it seem airy and expansive; there was a playground around the corner; and the neighbors were friendly, educated people who worked in auto finance or at Intel or at the local high school. Thallikar loved that he could stand in the driveway, look out past a hayfield and the desert scrub of Gila River Indian land, and see the jagged pink outlines of the Estrella Mountains. Until recently, the area around Brittany Heights had been mostly farmland, and there remained a patchwork of alfalfa fields alongside…

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