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The Next Oldies Format Is CHR

The Next Oldies Format Is CHR When I first heard the “Feel Good Weekend” on WKCI (KC101) New Haven, Conn., my immediate thought was “this is a format.” But on that Memorial Day, it didn’t seem like we needed a “gold-based CHR” station full-time. After the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new-music pipeline was starting to flow again. Americans seemed determined to have a summer, and it was possible to choose “Stuck With You” over “Watermelon Sugar,” if you needed something topical. Then commenced a new summer of rage, and relapse. The song that speaks to us now is likely still being written, although for a week or so, a handful of stations in various formats were reaching for “This Is America” by Childish Gambino. With each new month’s ratings, CHR clearly didn’t have enough of the audience’s attention to break new music or set an agenda,…

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The Supreme Court Just Defied Trump on Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court Just Defied Trump on Abortion RightsChief Justice John Roberts balked.This morning, the Supreme Court announced its decision in June Medical Services v. Russo, the first big test of whether, and how, this Court—with two Donald Trump appointees—would revise abortion rights in the United States. When Trump was running for president, he explicitly promised to appoint judges who would “automatically” overturn Roe v. Wade, the case that established the constitutionality of abortion. Today, the Court has repudiated Trump’s promise with its decision in June Medical. While the ruling does not signal that abortion is safe at the Supreme Court, it’s a message that anti-abortion advocates cannot simply expect the Court to reverse abortion rights, just because conservative justices now dominate the bench.In 2018, when Justice Anthony Kennedy, who formerly acted as the Court’s main swing voter on social issues, announced his retirement, commentators were quick to pronounce abortion…

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The Old-School Campaign to Unseat Joni Ernst

The Old-School Campaign to Unseat Joni ErnstTheresa Greenfield was 24 years old and four months pregnant with her second child when a priest rang her doorbell with terrible news: Her husband, Rod, a lineman at the local power company, had been killed in an accident at work. Greenfield, a Democrat who is challenging Senator Joni Ernst in Iowa this year, tells the story at every virtual campaign event she holds, but she generally leaves out the smaller details: how, just hours before, she’d packed a Snickers bar in Rod’s lunch box as a treat. How the clergyman sat with her on the sofa and held her hands as he explained that Rod had been electrocuted. The way that the panic, in those first few days, consumed her: As a single parent with no income, how would she survive?Greenfield’s answer came in the form of Social Security survivor’s benefits, a regular…

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How Tammy Duckworth Could Boost Her Chances With Biden

How Tammy Duckworth Could Boost Her Chances With BidenTammy Duckworth is up for a big promotion: Joe Biden’s advisers are vetting her to be his running mate. In the meantime, she’s focused on protecting the promotion of another lieutenant colonel.The senator from Illinois, who lost both her legs as a helicopter pilot in Iraq and was awarded the Purple Heart, has placed a hold—Senate-speak for preventing a vote—on hundreds of military promotions, she told me. She’ll maintain that hold until she gets written confirmation from President Donald Trump’s defense secretary, Mark Esper, that he won’t block the anticipated promotion of Alexander Vindman, the lieutenant colonel who testified in the House hearings that led to Trump’s impeachment. The White House dismissed Vindman from his position on the National Security Council two days after Trump was acquitted in the subsequent Senate trial. (He’s since been reassigned to the Pentagon.) But Duckworth worries…

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Roger Stone’s Commutation Was Inevitable

Roger Stone’s Commutation Was InevitableForget Bernie Kerik, Scooter Libby, Michael Milken—even Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This was the presidential reprieve Donald Trump’s critics feared most.Trump’s move tonight to commute the sentence of his longtime associate Roger Stone, nearly five months after a federal judge sentenced him to more than three years in prison, was surely the least surprising of his many high-profile acts of executive clemency. The president, after all, had been complaining about Stone’s prosecution from the start; had telegraphed by tweet his displeasure with the Department of Justice’s sentencing recommendation; and had tried to browbeat Judge Amy Berman Jackson into granting Stone a new trial.But the seeming inevitability of Trump’s decision made it no less brazen. Stone was more than a political ally of the president, like Arpaio. He was more than a friend of a friend, like Kerik, Libby, and Milken—whose pardons were encouraged privately by Trump’s buddies…

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‘My Little Pony’ Fans Are Ready to Admit They Have a Nazi Problem

‘My Little Pony’ Fans Are Ready to Admit They Have a Nazi ProblemMy Little Pony fans have had a Nazi problem for a long time.That sounds just as strange no matter how many times you say it. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a cartoon television show about friendship, compassion, and a group of magical horses with names such as Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy who live in a fantastical land called Equestria. It’s marketed to children. Nevertheless, it has an extremely dedicated adult fandom, which is mostly made up of men, or “bronies,” as they’ve been referred to for nearly a decade. Most of these men are white. Some of these men are vocal white supremacists.The brony subculture is about as niche as they come, born in internet forums in the early 2010s, an era when hyper-specific interests were the organizing principle of social media. Even so, bronies have…

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