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What Is Trump Without His Crowds?

What Is Trump Without His Crowds?Suspended schedules. Darkened stages. Empty arenas.As the worsening spread of the coronavirus has forced shot callers in sports, entertainment and politics to nix games, parades, conventions, campaign pitstops and gatherings of almost every sort and size, Donald Trump over these last few dizzying days essentially and begrudgingly has made the same decision—even if he hasn’t made an official announcement.After holding more than 300 rallies during the 2016 campaign and nearly 100 more since he was elected—after going last month toIowa and New Hampshire and Nevada and South Carolina to “troll” Democrats in the run-ups to the primaries—the president was not in Michigan, Missouri or Mississippi this past week, and he won’t be in Ohio or Illinois or Florida or Arizona ahead of Tuesday’s votes. He has canceled events in Las Vegas, Denver and Milwaukee. And for the first time in a long, long time, Trump…

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Bye Bye Bernie

Bye Bye BernieFor two hours on Sunday night, America took a break from coronavirus news and socially distant Netflix binges to watch what may have been the last Democratic primary debate of the long presidential campaign. After close to 30 candidates, two Super Tuesdays—not to mention Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina—and 10 debates, the 11th faceoff came down to two: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, each of whom is almost certainly running his last campaign. But only one will get to run against President Donald Trump in November.POLITICO Magazine asked 15 experts, insiders, activists and political professionals to watch and tell us what this debate meant, in particular, for Sanders, who trails Biden in the delegate count and confronts, to put it mildly, an improbable path to the Democratic nomination. The consensus: He was the same old Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist vaulted by voters into the top…

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Andrew Cuomo, a Man Alone

Andrew Cuomo, a Man AloneALBANY, N.Y.—The Dunkin‘ Donuts on Madison Avenue and Lark Street here is a neighborhood hub for hungover college students, grizzled upstaters and those with nowhere else to escape bitter Albany winters. So when a man walked in on Christmas Eve wearing a sweatshirt and introduced himself as the governor of New York, the shift leader working that day didn’t believe him. “I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, he’s cuckoo,’” she told me. “We get people all the time who say, ‘I’m the president of the United States.’”Her co-worker whispered to her that it was, in fact, New York’s three-term governor, Andrew Cuomo. By the time she ran out to snap a photo, he was gone.It wasn’t an anomaly. A few months before that, Cuomo had been photographed in the parking lot of the same Dunkin’ Donuts, driving his vintage Pontiac GTO—license plate number “1”—and flashing a thumbs-up alone behind…

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Wisconsin Republicans reject governor’s call to delay Tuesday’s primary and vo...

Wisconsin Republicans reject governor’s call to delay Tuesday’s primary and vo…Republican legislative leaders in Wisconsin rejected Democratic Governor Tony Evers’ call on Friday to cancel in-person voting and delay next week’s presidential primary, saying it must proceed despite fears about the coronavirus pandemic. ….. Read More.REUTERS – Politics | Politics & GovernmentFri, April 3, 202017 hours ago

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The Coronavirus Killed the Policy Primary

The Coronavirus Killed the Policy PrimaryWhat a rollout it was going to be. Joe Biden would stand next to former Representative Gabby Giffords at a big rally in Miami the Monday before the Florida primary. They’d rail against gun violence, criticize Bernie Sanders, and get a head start on taking it to Donald Trump in November. It was just what the gun-control movement needed: a big splashy event that would be all over local, state, and national news.The rally, originally scheduled for March 16, never happened.Instead, Giffords endorsed Biden in a video on Twitter. The thousands of retweets were nice. But they weren’t what the gun-control movement had been hoping for. Did you know the endorsement happened? If you did, did you care?Guns. Climate change. Immigration reform. Financial reform. Education reform. Criminal-justice reform. Spending proposals. Tax proposals. The Democratic presidential race was the thickest any race had ever been on…

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New York City co-op building kicked volunteering New Hampshire doctor out of his brother&#...

New York City co-op building kicked volunteering New Hampshire doctor out of his brother&#…Dr. Richard Levitan (pictured), 58, an intubation specialist from New Hampshire, wasn’t allowed to stay in his brother’s Manhattan co-op apartment because of coronavirus fears. ….. Read More.DAILY MAIL – Top U.S. Stories | U.S. National NewsSat, April 4, 202043 mins ago

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