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The fourth Democratic presidential primary debate is Tuesday: How to watch, stream

The fourth Democratic presidential primary debate is Tuesday: How to watch, streamTwelve candidates. Just one night. How to watch the fourth Democratic presidential primary debate at Otterbein University in Ohio.         ….. Read More.DES MOINES REGISTER – Politics | Politics & GovernmentMon, October 14, 20194 days ago

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Presidential Candidates Refuse to Discuss the Country’s Worst Crisis

Presidential Candidates Refuse to Discuss the Country’s Worst CrisisIn September 2015, I wrote a three–part series for Truthdig on homelessness. “Homelessness doesn’t rate a mention on the presidential campaign trail,” I wrote. “The subject is ignored or followed sporadically in the national media outside of policy oriented journals. Washington is happy to leave it in the hands of local politicians, cops and reporters who cover city halls and city streets. Out of sight and out of mind is the American treatment of the homeless.” Since I wrote those articles, the homeless population in Los Angeles County, the nation’s most populous county, has grown from more than 44,000 to about 59,000. In the city of Los Angeles alone, the number of homeless people has increased from more than 25,000 to over 36,000. Nationally, the homeless numbers have grown, too. Yet, as another presidential campaign gets underway, the homeless remain out of…

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Across-the-Aisle Friendships: Now Up for Debate

Across-the-Aisle Friendships: Now Up for DebateLast year, my colleague Spencer Kornhaber wrote that the then-budding romance between the singer Grimes and the tech billionaire Elon Musk was the exception that proved a weird new rule: Bipartisan romances are a thing of the past now. The public’s strong reaction to the pairing between the self-described “anti-imperialist” musician and Musk, who was briefly on two Trump White House advisory committees, showed, Kornhaber wrote, that “the celebrity realm is, as with all shifting norms, a place where the increasingly urgent questions around guilt by association are being tested, crudely.”Last week, the comedian Ellen DeGeneres (who is married to another woman and has been outspoken on LGBTQ issues for decades) fatefully went to a football game with George W. Bush (who pushed for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage during his presidency). In so doing, she sparked a controversy that raised a similar question…

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The Risk of Elizabeth Warren’s Dodging

The Risk of Elizabeth Warren’s DodgingWESTERVILLE, Ohio—Elizabeth Warren has a lot of plans—including a plan not to cop to how she would pay for Medicare for all.It’s a simple answer. Everyone knows it: Taxes would almost certainly have to go up on middle-class families, even if Warren is right that their overall costs would go down. She knows it, too. She’s just decided not to say it.That decision is bigger for her candidacy than a conversation about health care or the tax code. On the campaign trail, the Massachusetts senator has presented herself as the truth-teller, the straight-talker, the one who can break down complex economic ideas and bring non-progressives along. Now, just as she’s started to get the attention from competitors and the press that comes from leading public polls, she’s insisting on talking in circles. In politics, there’s little more dangerous than moments that undermine a candidate’s core…

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Joe Biden’s Disgraceful New Attack on Sanders and Warren

Joe Biden’s Disgraceful New Attack on Sanders and WarrenSpeaking to reporters during a campaign event in Ohio on Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden accused Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren—his two top rivals for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination—of “playing Trump’s game and trying to con the American people” by supporting Medicare for All. “I mean, look, I don’t want to pick on Elizabeth Warren, but this is ridiculous,” Biden said. “The idea that someone is going to be able to go out and spend what turns out to be, if you add on everything that’s going to be free beyond Obamacare, excuse me beyond Medicare for All, which is it’s going to come out to about 3.4 trillion dollars a year.” Biden went on to falsely claim that the $3.4 trillion estimate, for which he did not provide a source, is “bigger than the entire federal budget.” The…

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How Did Tom Steyer Get Here?

How Did Tom Steyer Get Here?NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C.—Was it dancing? Marching?Tom Steyer pointed his hands and pumped his knees on the way into the park for the Blue Jamboree, with a big band behind him. He hired it from a nearby college. Sixteen trombones, 10 tubas, 10 bass drums, 12 snares, a mass of saxophones and horns and cymbals. Four young women danced at the front; 11 more ran through flag routines at the back.There was no ignoring them, and so there was no ignoring him.“One! Two! One, two, three, four!” called out Harold Mitchell, the former South Carolina state representative who was his first endorsement in the state, with a little boogie in his step as he reminded people of the issue that Steyer, arguably more than anyone else in America, has made mainstream: “Im-peach-ment! Here we go!”These were people who chose to spend a Saturday afternoon sitting through…

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