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Mandela Barnes: ‘Not a Whole Lot’ Has Changed Since George Floyd’s Death

Mandela Barnes: ‘Not a Whole Lot’ Has Changed Since George Floyd’s DeathMandela Barnes, Wisconsin’s 33-year-old lieutenant governor, is only a few years older than Jacob Blake, who was shot seven times by a police officer in Wisconsin last month.It’s hard, Barnes told me on the latest episode of The Ticket, to be months past the Black Lives Matter protests set off by the death of George Floyd and feel like nothing has improved. It’s harder, he said, to acknowledge this to others, as when he met with the Milwaukee Bucks in the conversations that initiated the temporary NBA and wider sports strikes late last month.“‘What has changed since the death of George Floyd?’” he said the Bucks star George Hill asked him. “And I said, ‘Honestly, not a whole lot.’”After a week in which both President Donald Trump and the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden traveled to Kenosha to try…

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The Pandemic Is No Excuse to Surveil Students

The Pandemic Is No Excuse to Surveil StudentsIn Michigan, a small liberal-arts college is requiring students to install an app called Aura, which tracks their location in real time, before they come to campus. Oakland University, also in Michigan, announced a mandatory wearable that would track symptoms, but, facing a student-led petition, then said it would be optional. The University of Missouri, too, has an app that tracks when students enter and exit classrooms. This practice is spreading: In an attempt to open during the pandemic, many universities and colleges around the country are forcing students to download location-tracking apps, sometimes as a condition of enrollment. Many of these apps function via Bluetooth sensors or Wi-Fi networks. When students enter a classroom, their phone informs a sensor that’s been installed in the room, or the app checks the Wi-Fi networks nearby to determine the phone’s location.As a university professor, I’ve…

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Man, 37, killed during ‘spontaneous’ argument on south side; police arrest two people

Man, 37, killed during ‘spontaneous’ argument on south side; police arrest two people”We can’t have conflict resolution through the use of a firearm,” Milwaukee Police Capt. David Salazar said at a news conference after the shooting.        ….. Read More.JOURNAL SENTINEL – General News | United States NewsMon, September 21, 20209 hours ago

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The Bunker Magnates Hate to Say They Told You So

The Bunker Magnates Hate to Say They Told You So“I’m not one of the paranoid kinds of people,” Michael, the 51-year-old owner of a construction company told me this spring.But who doesn’t look at the state of the world these days and get a little paranoid? It’s not just the virus and the economic collapse. It’s the protests, the fires, the cyberspying, the border shutdowns, the freezer trucks full of bodies, the disinformation on television—the sense that we are living with the economy of 1928, the civil society of 1968, the politics of 1868. “I don’t see a good outcome, whether he wins it or someone else wins it,” he said, talking about President Donald Trump. “It scares me. I’ve got two daughters. I think about all the sex rings they’ve been cracking down on,” he added. “Our country has almost got the qualities of a third-world country.”When we spoke,…

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Why a Career and Technical High School Has a Genocide-Studies Class

Why a Career and Technical High School Has a Genocide-Studies ClassJustin Bilton and Jason Stark, who created the genocide-studies class at Essex Tech, at the Holocaust memorial in Boston (Cassandra Klos)Editor’s Note: In 1988, a teacher most commonly had 15 years of experience. In recent years, that number is closer to just three years leading a classroom. The “On Teaching” series focuses on the wisdom of veteran teachers.In 2014, English teacher Justin Bilton and social-studies teacher Jason Stark were assigned to share an office at the newly opened Essex Tech, a career and technical education campus in  Massachusetts’s North Shore region. Bilton had studied the Holocaust and totalitarian regimes in college and grad school, and he told his new officemate about his summer experience at the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s Belfer National Conference for Educators in Washington, D.C. Stark, whose maternal grandmother survived the Holocaust, was intrigued.He and Bilton decided to…

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