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KISS Giving Helping Hand to TSA Workers During Shutdown

KISS Giving Helping Hand to TSA Workers During ShutdownMcSTREAMY.COM – KISS owned Rock and Brews restaurants is treating Transportation Security Administration workers during President Trump’s partial government shutdown. As a result of the shutdown, 800,000 federal employees are not receiving paychecks, including TSA workers. About half of the federal government agency workers involved in the shutdown are being asked to work without pay […] ….. Read More.McSTREAMY.COM – Fun, News and Entertainment | This, That and The OtherThu, January 24, 20194 weeks ago

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Government: Highway shutdown not aimed at tribe, media

Government: Highway shutdown not aimed at tribe, mediaBISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Government officials say the five-month shutdown of a North Dakota highway during protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline was not aimed at manipulating the media or an American Indian tribe fighting the project. Their argument comes in a lawsuit by Standing Rock Sioux tribal members and others who say the […] ….. Read More.SEATTLE TIMES – Nation-World | U.S. & World NewsFri, February 22, 20192 hours ago

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Temporary End To Partial U.S. Government Shutdown

Temporary End To Partial U.S. Government ShutdownMcSTREAMY.COM – President Donald J. Trump [pic-right] announced Friday, January 25, 2019 that the 35 day partial government shutdown would come to an end, temporarily. About 800,000 federal employees have not received a paycheck during the shutdown, while the president held out for taxpayer money to fund a southern border wall he had promised Mexico […] ….. Read More.McSTREAMY.COM – Fun, News and Entertainment | This, That and The OtherSat, January 26, 20194 weeks ago

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The Impossible Job of Speaking Truth to Trump

The Impossible Job of Speaking Truth to TrumpDan Coats was nervous. Ahead of his very first threat briefing to Congress nearly two years ago, he was having trouble keeping straight what he could say in the unclassified part and what he had to save for the classified portion. He had retired from the Senate just months before—now he’d been thrust into an entirely different kind of job as the director of national intelligence. In the words of one former colleague, who requested anonymity to speak candidly, he was a “fish out of water,” horrified that he might get something wrong.What he wasn’t worried about, this person said, was the kind of conflict with the president that erupted after his most recent threat briefing this past January, when he and other intelligence officials gave testimony on issues like North Korea, Iran, and Russia that contradicted statements Trump has made. Trump’s lingering…

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The New Outlaws of Conservative Media

The New Outlaws of Conservative MediaCharlie Sykes is sitting behind a desk in a sparse, disheveled office—blank walls lined with empty filing cabinets, windows covered with crooked blinds—as he tries to conjure the perfect metaphor for The Bulwark, the anti-Trump conservative news site he recently helped start.“We are the ultimate wilderness!” he declares to me.But that doesn’t sound quite lonely enough for the political niche they’re occupying, so he tries again: “We’re on a desert island.”Sykes continues to riff like this in his chirpy, midwestern accent, comparing The Bulwark’s writers to a band of “Somali pirates,” and then to a contingent of “guerrilla fighters.” He’s so enthusiastic about the exercise that before long I am tossing out my own overwrought suggestions. Perhaps, I muse at one point, they are soldiers on the final front of the Republican Civil War—making one last stand before the forces of Trumpism complete their conquest.Sykes…

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Fluid and flailing

Fluid and flailingThe third in a four-part series of essays on the forces driving social division and political polarization in America. The book’s premise is an exaggerated overgeneralization. Not all Republicans drive trucks, not all Democrats drive hybrids. But the conclusion Prius or Pickup? reaches is hard to dispute. Both major parties have undergone worldview cleansing. Republicans embraced what the book’s authors call a “fixed” worldview and purged liberals, progressives and moderates from their ranks. Democrats opted for a “fluid” worldview and parted company with conservatives in general and country folk in particular. Not so long ago there were conservative Democrats. The blue dogs are now an endangered species. The Dixiecrats switched sides and paved the way for Republican seizure of the south. In Wisconsin, conservative Democrats lacked a clever nickname but their numbers were significant. Rural conservatives like Gervase Hephner of Chilton and Dale Bolle of New Holstein populated…

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