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Southwest says mechanics union to blame for flight cancellations

Southwest says mechanics union to blame for flight cancellationsThe carrier says the unprecedented number of out-of-service aircraft is due to problems with the group By Sarah D. Young of ConsumerAffairs February 20, 2019 Over the last week, Southwest Airlines has canceled over 600 flights and delayed over 1,000 others — more than any other U.S. airline and double its own daily average, according to flight-tracking site FlightAware. The unusually high number of out-of-service aircrafts prompted the carrier to issue a state of emergency earlier this week. In an interview with CNBC, a spokesperson for Southwest acknowledged the slight increase in flight cancellations and attributed it up to an uptick in maintenance items. Now, the carrier is pinning the blame on a mechanics union called the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA). Problems with mechanics union employees Southwest said the mechanics union its been negotiating with has a history of labor disruptions….

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The World-Record Instagram Egg Is Going to Make Someone Very Rich

The World-Record Instagram Egg Is Going to Make Someone Very RichLast week, a staffer at Need to Impeach, an organization that advocates for the impeachment of Donald Trump, received an outrageous proposal via email. Jerry Media, the viral marketing agency famous for promoting the ill-fated Fyre Festival, was now working in an unofficial capacity with the anonymous creator of the World Record Egg, and the company was hoping to broker a deal between the nonprofit and the egg.Over the past few weeks, the egg has become an internet phenomenon. On January 13, the account’s first post became the most-liked Instagram photo of all time; by the time Jerry Media approached Need to Impeach, the account had more than 9.4 million followers. Since then, the account has posted a series of photos of the same egg with a progressively larger crack, suggesting something inside. In a slide deck, Jerry Media proposed…

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The Furor in Virginia Has Quieted

The Furor in Virginia Has QuietedThe bonfire of scandals in Virginia politics has seemingly burned down to embers as top Democrats have come to accept that their tainted leaders will not be leaving office, at least not any time soon. While most party elites have not withdrawn their calls for resignation, a week of detente and two television appearances Sunday suggest that the furor has quieted.Governor Ralph Northam faced near-universal demands to step down over a picture on his medical-school yearbook page with a man in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan garb; he initially admitted to appearing in the picture, then reversed himself and said he was not either of the people in costume, though he recalled a separate incident when he wore blackface for a Michael Jackson impersonation. Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax drew some resignation calls and an impeachment threat after two allegations of sexual assault in…

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Sealed Testimony Reveals Extent of Sackler’s Complicity in Opioid Crisis

Sealed Testimony Reveals Extent of Sackler’s Complicity in Opioid CrisisThis story is a collaboration between ProPublica and STAT. In May 1997, the year after Purdue Pharma launched OxyContin, its head of sales and marketing sought input on a key decision from Dr. Richard Sackler, a member of the billionaire family that founded and controls the company. Michael Friedman told Sackler that he didn’t want to correct the false impression among doctors that OxyContin was weaker than morphine, because the myth was boosting prescriptions — and sales. “It would be extremely dangerous at this early stage in the life of the product,” Friedman wrote to Sackler, “to make physicians think the drug is stronger or equal to morphine….We are well aware of the view held by many physicians that oxycodone [the active ingredient in OxyContin] is weaker than morphine. I do not plan to do anything about that.” “I agree with…

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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Bern Again

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Bern AgainWhat We’re Following TodayIt’s Tuesday, February 19. Sixteen states have officially signed on to a lawsuit against the Donald Trump administration over his plans to use emergency powers to divert funds to build a southern border wall. The suit argues that shifting funds meant for drug interdiction, law enforcement, and military construction will hurt these states’ residents.Here’s what else we’re following today:He’s …: You guessed it, running. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced that he, too, will be running for president (again). He’s the 12th candidate to officially throw his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination, and his candidacy is sure to bring back memories of the 2016 primary. The big difference this time? He’s the front-runner. A few hours after his official announcement, Sanders had already out-fundraised every other candidate. The big question now is, can he maintain the lead?+…

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Insisting on Resistance in an Age of Ignorance

Insisting on Resistance in an Age of IgnoranceEditor’s note: This article was originally published on Truthout.  Ignorance now rules the U.S. Not the simple, if somewhat innocent ignorance that comes from an absence of knowledge, but a malicious ignorance forged in the arrogance of refusing to think hard about an issue. We most recently saw this exemplified in Donald Trump’s disingenuousness 2019 State of the Union address in which he lied about the amount of drugs streaming across the southern border, demonized the immigrant community with racist attacks, misrepresented the facts regarding the degree of violence at the border, and employed an antiwar rhetoric while he has repeatedly threatened war with Iran and Venezuela. Willful ignorance reached a new low when Trump — after two years of malicious tweets aimed at his critics — spoke of the need for political unity. Willful ignorance often hides behind the rhetoric of humiliation,…

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