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Donald Trump Is Running for Reelection—and You’re Paying For It

Donald Trump Is Running for Reelection—and You’re Paying For ItOn Saturday, President Donald Trump held a press conference at his New Jersey golf course to sign a series of executive actions relating to the coronavirus pandemic. They would in his characterization, extend a moratorium on evictions, freeze payroll taxes, and provide a $400-a-week unemployment benefit for people who have been laid off during the pandemic. Democrats were opposed to the $400-a-week payment, Trump said, which is technically true, inasmuch as Democrats actually wanted it to be $600. Saturday’s action came after the Trump administration, Senate, and the House, deadlocked over the terms of a coronavirus relief package. Trump called the executive order and memos “bills,” but it is very significant that they are not—it’s possible he’ll face legal challenges for overstepping his own authority. After all, can a president really just…cancel taxes? Presidents aren’t supposed to just campaign like this…

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BMW recalls X3 sDrive40i, X3 xDrive40i and X3M40i vehicles

BMW recalls X3 sDrive40i, X3 xDrive40i and X3M40i vehiclesThe rearview camera software was not installed By James Limbach of ConsumerAffairs August 7, 2020 BMW of North America is recalling five model year 2020 X3 sDrive40i, X3 xDrive40i and X3M40i vehicles. The vehicles were not programmed with rearview camera software during assembly, therefore, when the transmission is shifted to reverse, a rearview image is not displayed. An inoperative rearview camera display can increase the risk of a crash. What to do BMW will notify owners, and dealers will program the affected vehicles with rearview camera software free of charge. A notification schedule has not yet been provided. Owners may contact BMW customer service at (800) 525-7417. ….. Read More.CONSUMER AFFAIRS – General | Consumers & ShoppingFri, August 7, 20202 days ago

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America’s Cities Are Staggeringly Unequal

America’s Cities Are Staggeringly UnequalThe rising tide of economic revival in many of the nation’s largest urban centers has definitively not lifted all boats. And that may help explain why so many cities have faced waves of protest this year.In every major American metropolitan area, including many of those that have prospered most since the 2008 financial crash, huge gaps still separate white people and people of color—not only in terms of average hourly wages, but in terms of educational attainment too.“No place is actually doing well: Even the best performers … have racial inequities that are unconscionable,” says Sarah Treuhaft, the vice president of research at PolicyLink, an Oakland-based research-and-advocacy group. “Economic growth is not enough. Many prosperous places are not doing well on sharing that prosperity.”These sobering findings are contained in today’s new release of the National Equity Atlas, a massive online compendium of Census and other federal…

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Books One and Two of the Rusty Kenneficke Trilogy, by Keith Thye | Rider Review

Books One and Two of the Rusty Kenneficke Trilogy, by Keith Thye | Rider ReviewBook one in the Rusty Kenneficke trilogy. What goes on? Reviewing the first and second books of a trilogy? Blame it on Covid-19. People have been cooped up due to the coronavirus, and book sales have been doing well. I’m just notifying you readers that two entertaining novels are now on the market, The Misadventures of Rusty Kenneficke, published in 2019, and the second The Further Life of Rusty Kennefick, this year. Some of you may have already read a couple of Keith’s earlier books, about his travels. In 1963 he and a buddy rode a pair of BMW R50s from Oregon down to Chile, and later wrote a good book, MotoRaid, about the trip. After that trip he got into the motorcycle business, owning several BMW shops in Seattle, Washington. But the travel bug remained with him, and in 2013,…

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Survivors of deadly India crash say plane swayed violently

Survivors of deadly India crash say plane swayed violentlyKOCHI, India — The plane swayed violently as it approached a hilltop runway soaked by monsoon rain, and moments later the special return flight for Indians stranded abroad by the pandemic skidded off, nosedived and cracked in two, leaving 18 dead and more than 120 injured. Among the injured on Friday night, at least 15 were in critical condition, said Abdul Karim, a senior police officer in southern Kerala state. The dead included both pilots of the Air India Express flight, the airline said in a statement, adding that the four cabin crew were safe. The 2-year-old Boeing 737-800 flew from Dubai to Kozhikode, also called Calicut, in Kerala. There were 174 adult passengers, 10 infants, two ….. Read More.WORLDNEWS – International News | World News & EventsSat, August 8, 202012 hours ago

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