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John Delaney Is Still Running. Why?

John Delaney Is Still Running. Why?WHAT CHEER, Iowa—Don’t let the name fool you: What Cheer is a dreary little town. Other than the gas station, the most notable place in the city is an old building that apparently used to house the What Cheer Telephone Company, whatever that was. Today, cheap white curtains are drawn across the windows. It looks like someone is living there.John Delaney is here at dusk on a Friday night in January because he’s still running for president. Did you know he was running for president? Probably not. If you did once know—Delaney was actually the first Democrat to declare his candidacy, way back in July 2017—you probably forgot. And if you did know he was still running, the question you’re probably asking is the one I am here to explore: Why? Why is a candidate who’s barely registering in any poll still traipsing across Iowa…

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Warren and Sanders Are Banking on Their Bases

Warren and Sanders Are Banking on Their BasesThe two most liberal candidates drove the conversation at last night’s Democratic presidential debate, but in a manner that underscores the challenge each may face in building a coalition across the party’s ideological divides.Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the two senators jostling for support of the Democrats’ most progressive voters, both delivered confident, aggressive performances in which they underlined their commitment to an array of liberal causes, from withdrawing all American forces from the Middle East to raising taxes on the rich and opposing most free-trade agreements. The debate made clear that each of them is banking on winning the nomination much more by consolidating the party’s most liberal flank than by extending their appeal across all of its ideological and political factions. “This is the moment when we have got to think big and not small,” Sanders insisted in his closing statement,…

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Maltese minister quits after husband revealed to have holidayed in UK with alleged murder ...

Maltese minister quits after husband revealed to have holidayed in UK with alleged murder …Justyne Caruana resigned on Monday after a video of her husband, Silvio Valletta – a former investigator into the murder – also emerged of him playing in tycoon Yorgen Fenech’s Rolls Royce. ….. Read More.DAILY MAIL – World News | World News & EventsMon, January 20, 20202 hours ago

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Democrats Should Be Worried About the Latino Vote

Democrats Should Be Worried About the Latino VoteThe first warning sign of the new year came three days into 2020. Speaking at a rally of conservative evangelicals in South Florida, President Donald Trump riffed on the targeted killing of Iran’s Qassem Soleimani before the thousands assembled in the King Jesus International Ministry megachurch outside of Miami.That night, the president captured headlines for declaring that “God is on our side” and for accusing Democrats of disloyalty for not supporting his airstrike. But for Domingo Garcia, the national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, what the headlines—and Democrats—missed was the significance of the rally’s location: the country’s largest Hispanic evangelical congregation.“That should be a serious red flag to Democrats,” Garcia told me. Trump’s outreach to conservative Latinos in the South serves as a warning sign for deeper concerns several Latino leaders and political activists shared with me: that they…

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Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Dream Comes True in Kansas

Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Dream Comes True in KansasImagine: A veteran Democrat with a reputation for bipartisan dealmaking defeats a Republican who complains about voter fraud and crusades against illegal immigration. A GOP legislative leader, recognizing the political ground shifting under him, comes reluctantly to the negotiating table. After months of talks, the two strike a compromise on health care that dramatically expands publicly funded insurance coverage.This is former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign pitch in a nutshell—that he can tap the relationships he forged over four decades in Washington to draw Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to negotiations that will yield bipartisan breakthroughs on health care and other key issues. His rivals deride it as a naive fantasy, but Biden’s dream just came true in deep-red Kansas, a state that voted for Donald Trump in 2016 by more than 20 points.Last week, Kansas’s Democratic governor, Laura Kelly,…

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