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Hold on to that trump card

Hold on to that trump cardWisconsin Democrats entered a euchre player in a high-stakes poker game. We’ll see how that goes. Early signs are worrying, though. I don’t know much about euchre. Played it a couple of times as a kid. Seemed like a nice, friendly game. But I couldn’t wait to get back outside to play ball. When I was willing to sit long enough to play cards, it was usually poker. It took no time to learn it’s generally a good idea to hold on to aces. The euchre player just discarded one, making an early concession to legislative Republicans by backing off his plan to eliminate the state’s failed economic development agency in his budget. Bad opening play. Bad because it violates the first rule of deal-making: Never make a unilateral concession, never negotiate with yourself. Only give up something when you get something in return. Even…

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Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson Tells All On M&M

Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson Tells All On M&MGARYTALK.COM (GaryTapes No.1) – The first recording of conversations entered into the GaryTapes section of the website features a former, popular, Republican Wisconsin Governor, and a former Wood County, Wisconsin County Supervisor. During a career spanning from the mid-1960s until the year 2000, and beyond, Gary W. Morgan held thousands of broadcast radio, on-air […] ….. Read More.GARYTALK – Conversations & Commentary | This, That and The OtherSat, February 18, 20172 years ago

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Barry Allen Runs To Sunny 105.3 Bakersfield

Barry Allen Runs To Sunny 105.3 Bakersfield iHeartMedia AC “Sunny 105.3” KBFP-FM Bakersfield has appointed Barry Allen as Program Director. Allen joins iHeart from the dual role as Program Director for Results Radio’s “Power 102.1” KCEZ Chico and “Power 94.7” KEWB Redding CA. He has previously worked on-air in Green Bay WI and St. Cloud MN. KBFP-FM flipped from Spanish AC to AC in August 2018. iHeartMedia announced today that Barry Allen has been named Program Director for Sunny 105.3, Bakersfield’s Feel-Good Station, effective January 22. iHeartMedia Bakersfield has a strong cross-platform presence and includes a number of iconic brands and franchises — both broadcast and digital — encompassing more than four stations comprised of music, talk and news formats. iHeartMedia has the leading consumer reach and influence across multiple platforms and delivers more live programming than any other media company. As Program Director, Allen will be responsible for the…

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The Media’s Post-Advertising Future Is Also Its Past

The Media’s Post-Advertising Future Is Also Its PastIt’s my holiday tradition to bring tidings of discomfort and sorrow to my colleagues in the news business. One year ago, I described the media apocalypse coming for both digital upstarts and legacy brands. Vice and BuzzFeed had slashed their revenue projections by hundreds of millions of dollars, while The New York Times had announced a steep decline in advertising.Twelve months later, it’s end times all over again. There have been layoffs across Vox Media, Vice, and BuzzFeed (and dubious talk of an emergency merger). Mic, once valued at $100 million, fired most of its staff and sold for $5 million. Verizon took a nearly $5 billion write-down on its digital media unit, which includes AOL and Yahoo. Reuters announced plans to lay off more than 3,000 people in the next two years. The disease seems widespread, affecting venture-capital darlings and legacy brands,…

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