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  • Various model year 2011-2016 Mercedes-Benz vehicles recalled
    An incorrect front passenger airbag may have been installed By James Limbach of ConsumerAffairs September 17, 2021 Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) is recalling 205 model year 2015-2016 E400 Coupes, model year 2012-2015 C250 Coupes, C350 Coupes & C63 AMG Coups, model year 2011-2014 E350 Coupes, and model year 2012-2014 E350 Cabrios. An incorrect front passenger airbag may have been installed during a prior repair. An incorrect airbag may not function properly in a crash, increasing the risk of injury. What to do Dealers will replace the front passenger air bag free of charge. Owners may contact MBUSA customer service at (800) 367-6372. ..... Read More.
    CONSUMER AFFAIRS – General | Consumers & ShoppingFri, September 17, 2021
    2 hours ago
  • Cawston Park: Hospital owner defends its residential homes
    The former operator of Jeesal Cawston Park says an inquiry's findings do not apply to its homes. ..... Read More.
    BBC NEWS – Health | Health & WellnessFri, September 17, 2021
    5 hours ago
  • The Wanted’s Tom Parker opens up about his cancer diagnosis
    Tom refuses to let cancer dominate his life after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. ..... Read More.
    BBC NEWS – Health | Health & WellnessFri, September 17, 2021
    10 hours ago
  • Long Covid less common than feared – ONS study
    One in 40 people has some long-lasting symptoms, Office for National Statistics data suggests. ..... Read More.
    BBC NEWS – Health | Health & WellnessThu, September 16, 2021
    16 hours ago
  • White House establishing a new system for international travel
    Americans wanting to go overseas for the holidays face restrictions, too By Gary Guthrie of ConsumerAffairs September 16, 2021 Hopeful international travelers are copingwith new reportsfrom the White House. On Wednesday, Biden administration Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Zients told the U.S. Travel and TourismAdvisory Board that the Biden team has zero plans to relax any travel restrictions anytime soon. Citing the rising COVID-19 delta variant cases in the U.S. and around the world, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo supported Zients, saying that, before the U.S. can fully reopen, it has to prove it can handle the COVID-19 situation at home first, which requires us to get everyone vaccinated. While thats an obstacle, Reuters reports that the U.S. is working on creating a "new system for international travel" that will include contact tracing when it ultimately lifts the current travel restrictions that keep manytravelers from entering the U.S. For travel companies who… ..... Read More.
    CONSUMER AFFAIRS – General | Consumers & ShoppingThu, September 16, 2021
    17 hours ago
  • Coronavirus update: Doctors concerned that pregnant women are avoiding vaccinations; Pfizer makes it...
    Many parents eager to enroll their children in clinical trials By Mark Huffman of ConsumerAffairs September 16, 2021 Coronavirus (COVID-19) tally as compiled by Johns Hopkins University. (Previous numbers in parentheses.) Total U.S. confirmed cases: 41,645,545 (41,371,382) Total U.S. deaths: 666,806 (664,019) Total global cases: 226,643,823 (225,988,972) Total global deaths: 4,662,980 (4,652,516) CDC: Pregnant women more likely to avoid vaccination Pregnant women appear to be avoiding COVID-19 vaccinations. As a group, they have one of the lowest vaccination rates in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As of Sept. 4, the agency said only about 25% of pregnant women ages 18 to 49 had received at least one vaccine dose. The CDC says all women in that age group have a 61% vaccination rate. Doctors interviewed by The Texas Tribune say theres no single reason pregnant women have avoided vaccination, although they suggest vaccine… ..... Read More.
    CONSUMER AFFAIRS – General | Consumers & ShoppingThu, September 16, 2021
    19 hours ago
  • Consumers not optimistic about pandemic giving way to normal anytime soon, study suggests
    The great mask debate continues, with nearly half of consumers preferring to shop at stores that require masks By Gary Guthrie of ConsumerAffairs September 16, 2021 With the Delta variant of COVID-19 still expanding its footprint, the number of concerned Americans is growing, and consumers are reverting back to their old shopping habits from the early days of the pandemic. A new study by Numerator a data and tech company serving the market research space found that61% of the shopping crowd think the Delta variant will cause a return to lockdowns where they live, and nearly half of consumersbelieve a return to normalisn't likely to happenuntil 2022 or later. There are still believers that things will be OK, but that number is dwindling. According to the study, 20% of the consumers questioned are "highly optimistic" about a return to normal, which is down from about 33% two months ago. What… ..... Read More.
    CONSUMER AFFAIRS – General | Consumers & ShoppingThu, September 16, 2021
    22 hours ago
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