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  • Ontario Federation of Agriculture
    By Paul Vickers, Executive Member, Ontario Federation of Agriculture This week marks Ontario Agriculture Week. Strategically selected to be just before Thanksgiving, it’s a perfect time to celebrate the abundance of locally produced food, fuel, fibre and flowers that we are lucky enough to have easy access to here in Ontario. Nowadays, less than two percent of Canada’s population is involved in farming and the closest many of us ever get to a farm is shopping at a local farmers’ market or visiting an agri-tourism at­traction near an urban area – but there’s so much more to agriculture than most Ontarians realize. Ontario farmers proudly grow and produce more than 200 different food and farm commodities from grains and meat to fresh produce, honey and maple syrup for the province, the country and the world. I’m one of those farmers – my family has a dairy farm near the Georgian… ..... Read More. – General | Farming & AgricultureTue, October 3, 2023
    8 hours ago
  • New report highlights importance of digital transformation and connectivity to meeting Canada’...
    Connectivity-powered digital transformation of Canadian businesses can play a key role in Canada's effort to achieve its climate change commitments, according to a new Accenture report commissioned by the Canadian Telecommunications Association. The report, Canada's next sustainability frontier: Powering digital transformation with connectivity, says that while Canada's current strategies for fighting climate change, which focus on renewables and clean tech solutions, are important, other approaches, such as the modernization of Canadian industrial operations using data and technology to become more efficient, are needed to achieve Canada's sustainability goals. "Through digital transformation, business operations can become more productive, grow with less inputs or waste, and shrink energy and fuel consumption in the process," said Jefferson Wang, global networks practice lead, Accenture. "Connectivity services, enabled by modern wireless and wireline networks, are an important foun ..... Read More. – General | Farming & AgricultureTue, October 3, 2023
    8 hours ago
  • Column: Farmers support proposed Harvest Season Road Safety Week Act
    As harvest time in Ontario ramps up at this time of year, all of us are likely to see a lot more tractors, combines, and other farm-related vehicles on our roads and highways. My family and I farm in Oxford County. It’s where a lot of corn and soybeans are grown, so we know there will be plenty of tractors, wagons and trucks on the road hauling those crops to grain elevators and on-farm storages in the coming weeks. This makes traffic safety for both farmers and motorists absolutely essential so we can avoid accidents on our roads and highways. At the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), we’re always active at this time of year in particular to encourage drivers to be patient and alert around slow-moving vehicles as well as remind farmers to be cautious and courteous when they’re taking equipment on the road. ..... Read More. – General | Farming & AgricultureTue, October 3, 2023
    9 hours ago
  • Ontario’s potato harvest in full swing amid favorable weather conditions
    The potato fields of Ontario are alive with activity as the storage crop harvest reaches its peak. Recently, the region near Alliston was a hive of activity, with trucks loaded with freshly harvested potatoes making their way to storage facilities. ..... Read More. – General | Farming & AgricultureTue, October 3, 2023
    9 hours ago
  • ROI Introduces the 2023 Rural Change Makers
    The Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) is excited to announce the thirty-two emerging rural leaders who have begun their leadership learning journey together through the Rural Change Makers (RCM) program this fall in the spirit of growth, discovery, respect, reconciliation and rural community development ..... Read More. – General | Farming & AgricultureTue, October 3, 2023
    11 hours ago
  • XiteBio Hires Plant Pathology Extension Expert as Sales Agronomist
    WINNIPEG, Canada (Oct. 2, 2023): XiteBio is pleased to announce the joining of Dustin Burke as Sales Agronomist - Alberta to their sales team effective as of Oct. 2, 2023. Dustin will be based out of Lethbridge, AB. Dustin worked for Alberta Agriculture over 21 years as plant pathology technologist and knows virtually all the counties in Alberta region via his extension responsibilities. He also worked for BASF in their seed processing and seed treatment facility over two years. He was involved with Lakeside Research Ltd. and Canada-Saskatchewan Irrigation Diversification Centre as well.  During his various tenures, he performed research & extension work related to different crops like peas, lentils, canola, wheat, grazing corn, etc. “Dustin has a unique viewpoint on the Alberta market,” says Dave McAulay, Western Canadian Sales Manager at XiteBio. “This enables him to see the challenges growers have faced with drought & disease, and how our… ..... Read More. – General | Farming & AgricultureTue, October 3, 2023
    11 hours ago
  • Groundbreaking research reveals women are making extraordinary contributions to farming in Canada, y...
    National study replaces stereotypes with a foundation of facts ..... Read More. – General | Farming & AgricultureTue, October 3, 2023
    13 hours ago
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