Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere

Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere
Presidents who leave office in the modern era recede from public life, often happily so. They write memoirs, plan their library, and pick up new hobbies. As a courtesy, they give the sitting president space to govern without catapulting themselves into the national conversation. Donald Trump will be different: He isn’t going anywhere.Even after his defeat, the soon-to-be-former president, who feeds on attention, will make sure that he’s not deprived of any of it. From his exile in Mar-a-Lago, he’ll phone in to favored TV anchors and radio hosts to carp about the election results. If he’s not banned from the platform, he’ll use Twitter to keep up a running commentary on incoming President Joe Biden. He might start a new media venture or tease his base by vowing to run again in 2024. Whatever he does, he’ll remind a nation that rejected him after one exhausting term that it… ..... Read More.
THE ATLANTIC – Politics | Politics & GovernmentSun, November 8, 2020
2 weeks ago
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