Internal Server Upgrade Caused Temporary Issue

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USWEBDAILY.COM (07/14/2015) – Internal server upgrades sometimes cause website problems that are visible to site visitors. We are sorry to say that appears to be what occurred during some hours on either 07/14/2015 or 07/15/2015, depending on the world time zone that you were in, when we upgraded part of the internal workings of our server. It took a bit of time to locate the problem it caused with the way USWebDaily works, but, we believe we have the issue taken care of and all is well again at

In addition to messing up the look of the website, the issue created a situation where dividing up the news and information into categories was not working as it should. Since we fixed the issue, you may now use our services again and get the information you’re looking for.

USWebDaily Fingers On Keyboard.The problem that arose, unexpectedly, after the internal server upgrade, did no damage to website visitors computers. It was simply a situation where parts of the software used to produce the results seen on our website were not completely compatible with each other after the internal server upgrade. There is no need to be concerned about your computer or mobile device. It was instead, just an internal, temporary, software issue within our system.

You may again use as before and get the world news, sports, and other information you seek, using our general news, categories, or search capabilities as you did before the temporary glitch.

Thank you for understanding that not everything always works exactly as expected, all the time. The important thing is, we’re back on track again, and will continue to monitor to maintain it’s usefulness.

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USWebDaily Website Page Views.

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