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What Is Trump Without His Crowds?

What Is Trump Without His Crowds?Suspended schedules. Darkened stages. Empty arenas.As the worsening spread of the coronavirus has forced shot callers in sports, entertainment and politics to nix games, parades, conventions, campaign pitstops and gatherings of almost every sort and size, Donald Trump over these last few dizzying days essentially and begrudgingly has made the same decision—even if he hasn’t made an official announcement.After holding more than 300 rallies during the 2016 campaign and nearly 100 more since he was elected—after going last month toIowa and New Hampshire and Nevada and South Carolina to “troll” Democrats in the run-ups to the primaries—the president was not in Michigan, Missouri or Mississippi this past week, and he won’t be in Ohio or Illinois or Florida or Arizona ahead of Tuesday’s votes. He has canceled events in Las Vegas, Denver and Milwaukee. And for the first time in a long, long time, Trump…

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Bye Bye Bernie

Bye Bye BernieFor two hours on Sunday night, America took a break from coronavirus news and socially distant Netflix binges to watch what may have been the last Democratic primary debate of the long presidential campaign. After close to 30 candidates, two Super Tuesdays—not to mention Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina—and 10 debates, the 11th faceoff came down to two: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, each of whom is almost certainly running his last campaign. But only one will get to run against President Donald Trump in November.POLITICO Magazine asked 15 experts, insiders, activists and political professionals to watch and tell us what this debate meant, in particular, for Sanders, who trails Biden in the delegate count and confronts, to put it mildly, an improbable path to the Democratic nomination. The consensus: He was the same old Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist vaulted by voters into the top…

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Reflections on a Failed Democratic Revolution

Reflections on a Failed Democratic RevolutionBerniecrats, I know how you are feeling. I know how much that gut punch hurt. I know what it’s like to be convinced you’re about to upend the political order, only to be brutally informed on an election night that the rest of your own party doesn’t share your plans.How could I—a hack political pundit from the corporate media, who has been droning on for months about how the Democratic Party is more moderate than you think—be so empathetic to your plight?Because 16 years ago, at the spry age of 31, I was a wide-eyed liberal blogger who felt that my scribbles on were playing a small part in changing American politics, only to find my mouth agape at the shellacking that my antiwar, anti-Democratic establishment candidate, Howard Dean, took in the Iowa caucuses.The Deaniac left recovered from that disorienting night. We stayed in…

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‘This Town’ Faces a Lockdown

‘This Town’ Faces a LockdownBook parties and air kisses, furrowed brows and panel discussions: Many of the rhythms of daily life in the nation’s capital are about creating, if not the reality, then at least the illusion of social intimacy.How is Washington dealing with a moment—perhaps a very long time—when the new catchphrase is social distancing?So far, the city’s biggest patterns haven’t been disrupted: Congress is still in session. The federal government has not, as of yet, told most of its employees to stop coming to the office. The White House is still conducting business as usual, despite Trump’s dramatic decision Wednesday night to block travelers from Europe.But the anxiety gripping the rest of the country is percolating through the city—touching its workers, its children, its parents. And, one VIP reception at a time, it‘s even hitting the circles of political and media elites who’ve spent their careers assuming the word “nonessential”…

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How Democrats Can Repair Their Generational Divide

How Democrats Can Repair Their Generational DivideFor Democrats, intergenerational tensions are high right now. Compared to Republicans, young voters are a much bigger share of the Democratic electorate, and young and old Democrats disagree about the candidates more than young and old Republicans disagree. According to exit polls from Super Tuesday, voters 65 and older preferred Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders 3-to-1, and voters under 30 preferred Sanders to Biden by an even higher margin. In Michigan Tuesday, a two-way race between Biden and Sanders, 77 percent of under-30 voters chose Sanders and 73 percent of over-65 voters chose Biden.If Democrats want to win in November, activists who are young and old will need to get out the vote among their peer groups. They’ll also need to buy into some shared vision, which will be hard considering the gulf in their preferences. Sanders’ voters want an assertive policy agenda. Biden’s…

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Michigan Romp Shows Biden Could Rebuild Democrats’ ‘Blue Wall’ vs. Trump

Michigan Romp Shows Biden Could Rebuild Democrats’ ‘Blue Wall’ vs. TrumpMaybe you’ve never heard of Livingston County, Michigan. It’s not Oakland County, the vote-rich behemoth located next door; nor is it Macomb County, the much-mythologized home of the culturally conservative “Reagan Democrats” who began defecting to the Republican Party decades ago. It’s a lot less populated, and a little too far from Detroit, to attract much notice from journalists and pundits. And yet, as the returns rolled in Tuesday night from Michigan’s primary, it was Livingston that told the most compelling story. Not for what it said about Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, but for what it said about Donald Trump.Four years ago, Livingston was a safe haven for Republicans. Voters there—white, educated, upper-class commuters who head east to Detroit, south to Ann Arbor and west to Lansing—gave no hint of a coming realignment. The county’s congressional seat, property of…

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