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Truckers Are Driving The Coronavirus Response, Keeping “Essential” Services Open

Truckers Are Driving The Coronavirus Response, Keeping “Essential” Services OpenOver the past few days, the country has sprung into action to try and mitigate the impact of COVID-19, the coronavirus which has popped up in over 100 countries, infected over 200,000, and killed at least 8,648 by the last count. Doctors, nurses, first responders, some volunteers, and even grocery store employees have been designated as “essential” workers. But as with most disasters, truck drivers are largely unsung heroes driving the coronavirus response. Truck drivers are more vulnerable to the coronavirus on average than the general population. Truckers can’t do their jobs remotely. And a boom of freight demand caused by shoppers stripping stores of necessary items has led to record wait times to unload in parts of the country. Despite that, the vast majority of truckers are still working every single day. “We got into trucking 13 years ago, and…

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College Closures Are a Disaster for Low-Income Students

College Closures Are a Disaster for Low-Income StudentsWhen some college students first got the news that their schools were cancelling in-person classes due to the coronavirus outbreak, they broke out into spontaneous dining-hall dance parties, joked about nabbing dirt-cheap flights to Italy, and schemed out elaborate pranks to dupe their professors over video chat.But for plenty of low-income of students, the full-on deluge of colleges that have shut their doors in the wake of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, hasn’t led to revelry. “It’s been really chaotic,” Andrew Perez, a Harvard senior from Los Angeles, told me. “Being a first-generation student, it feels like a gut punch not having my parents see me walk across the stage.”Over the past week, institutions ranging from Amherst College to Asnuntuck Community College have taken the unprecedented step of temporarily closing campus and shifting all classes online. Some colleges took it a…

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How Democrats Can Repair Their Generational Divide

How Democrats Can Repair Their Generational DivideFor Democrats, intergenerational tensions are high right now. Compared to Republicans, young voters are a much bigger share of the Democratic electorate, and young and old Democrats disagree about the candidates more than young and old Republicans disagree. According to exit polls from Super Tuesday, voters 65 and older preferred Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders 3-to-1, and voters under 30 preferred Sanders to Biden by an even higher margin. In Michigan Tuesday, a two-way race between Biden and Sanders, 77 percent of under-30 voters chose Sanders and 73 percent of over-65 voters chose Biden.If Democrats want to win in November, activists who are young and old will need to get out the vote among their peer groups. They’ll also need to buy into some shared vision, which will be hard considering the gulf in their preferences. Sanders’ voters want an assertive policy agenda. Biden’s…

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Donald Trump says call with Joe Biden was ‘really wonderful’

Donald Trump says call with Joe Biden was ‘really wonderful’The president has a “very friendly conversation” with the former VP and possible election challenger. ….. Read More.BBC NEWS – United States & Canada | U.S. National NewsMon, April 6, 202019 hours ago

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Candice Bergen Dated Trump When She Was 18

Candice Bergen Dated Trump When She Was 18GARYTALK.COM – It was great to see Candice Bergen on “The Late Show” with Steven Colbert recently (Wednesday, September 26, 2018). She was there to promote her return to television and CBS’s iconic “Murphy Brown” sitcom. She spent most of the time reminiscing about more than the old version of the show. A lot of […] ….. Read More.GARYTALK – Conversations & Commentary | This, That and The OtherThu, September 27, 20182 years ago

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Trump, 3M announce plan to import additional masks into US

Trump, 3M announce plan to import additional masks into USAccording to a release from the company, 3M stated it will import 166.5 million respirators into the United States over the next three months, mainly from its manufacturing facility in China ….. Read More.KSTP-TV – St. Paul, MN – General News | U.S. & National NewsTue, April 7, 20209 hours ago

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