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  • WHO gaming disorder listing a ‘moral panic’, say experts
    Experts say the WHO's decision risks "pathologising" a behaviour that is harmless for most people. ..... Read More.
    BBC NEWS – Health | Consumers & ShoppingThu, June 21, 2018
    10 hours ago
  • White House plans merging of education and labor departments: OMB report
    The White House on Thursday released its plan to merge the Departments of Education and Labor into a single Cabinet agency, moving ahead on President Trump’s “drain the swamp agenda” as his administration looks to do away with a long list of overlapping regulations and department functions. ..... Read More.
    FOX NEWS – Politics | Politics & GovernmentThu, June 21, 2018
    10 hours ago
  • NRATV correspondent: Immigration detention centers, “if anything, are too nice”
    GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Just about every Democratic leader in Congress, from Congress to the Senate, all are now saying the same thing: What an outrage that the families are still being detained together. They had called foul when they said we were separating children and families to be detained. Now they’ll be kept together, still detained, still they're crying foul, the reason being is they don’t want anyone detained. They literally want people to be able to come in here, make a claim of asylum, which are really bogus claims of asylum. You’re coming from Mexico, it’s not an asylum claim. Running from a domestic dispute -- as sad as that is, and I want them to get help, that’s Mexico’s problem. Asylum claims are when you're coming from literally brutal dictatorships. You know if you’re coming -- you sneak out of North Korea and you manage to get here,… ..... Read More.
    MEDIA MATTERS – For America | This, That and The OtherThu, June 21, 2018
    10 hours ago
  • Want free Dunkin' Donuts for a year? Here's how you can win
    Dunkin' Donuts will hold a grand opening for its third Green Bay area store that includes a free donuts for a year giveaway.        Source: News At Other State Sites: Click on Headline Above to Read Story. ..... Read More.
    WISCONSIN REPORT – People, Places, Politics Since 2002Thu, June 21, 2018
    10 hours ago
  • NATO head: No guarantee trans-Atlantic alliance will survive
    The bonds between Europe and North America are under strain and there's no guarantee the trans-Atlantic partnership will survive, the head of NATO warned Thursday. ..... Read More.
    FOX NEWS – World | World News & EventsThu, June 21, 2018
    10 hours ago
  • Supreme Court to tackle immigration, voting rights, unions: A look at major cases on justi...
    It’s decision time for the U.S. Supreme Court -- which has a full plate of issues: immigration and religious freedom, sports betting and voter rights. ..... Read More.
    FOX NEWS – Politics | Politics & GovernmentThu, June 21, 2018
    10 hours ago
  • Young’s Seafood loses £30m Asda whitefish and shrimp contract
    Young's Seafood said it was "naturally disappointed" by the news. ..... Read More.
    BBC NEWS – Business | Business & CommerceThu, June 21, 2018
    10 hours ago
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