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Trump’s New Mexico Rally Teased His 2020 Strategy

Trump’s New Mexico Rally Teased His 2020 StrategyRIO RANCHO, New Mexico—Long before Air Force One even touched down here, the line of Donald Trump supporters snaked around the suburban Santa Ana Star Center, with thousands of red-capped fans happy and impatient to see the president live and in person.Traffic in the vicinity of the venue had been snarled for miles and hours. And while many of the president’s signature promises—namely a proposed border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border—are at best works-in-progress, the rally-goers I spoke with last night weren’t just supportive, but, whatever their walk of life, seemed to see Donald Trump in themselves.“He’s just like me,” said Richard Tuttle, an attendee in a Make America Great Again hat, who moved to New Mexico from Southern California several years ago. “He’s a working man.”“He’s in our town and so we’ve got to support him,” said Richard’s wife, Frances, in a…

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Facebook Wants You to Focus on the Humans

Facebook Wants You to Focus on the HumansOne especially sharp aphorism about the internet’s attention economy likens webpages to car crashes. Explaining to The New York Times in 2017 how likes and shares drive users toward extremes, Evan Williams, the co-creator of Twitter, Medium, and Blogger, remarked that news-feed algorithms, trained to serve us the most attention-grabbing content, will do so ruthlessly. Using the web, Williams said, is like driving down the road, seeing a car crash, then becoming momentarily fixated on the accident. Registering this, the algorithms that run the internet then serve you more car crashes, knowing only that the carnage supports their primary goal: getting and maintaining attention.Look at the state of the web’s biggest platforms and it’s easy enough to see the wreckage. YouTube’s recommendation algorithms endanger children on the site. Googling the forest fires that are burning the Amazon faster than ever returns results for…

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GitHub acquires code analysis tool Semmle

GitHub acquires code analysis tool SemmleMicrosoft’s GitHub today announced that it has acquired Semmle, a code analysis tool that helps developers and security researchers discover potential vulnerabilities in their code. Semmle takes a lot of the manual work out of security testing and instead offers a query language that allows researchers to test their code, using the service’s analysis engine. Over time, the GitHub team plans to integrate Semmle closely into the GitHub workflow. GitHub did not disclose the price of the acquisition, but Semmle, which was originally spun out of research done at Oxford University, officially launched last year, with a $21 million Series B  round led by Accel. In total, the company raised $31 million before this acquisition. “Just as relational databases make it simple to ask very sophisticated questions about data, Semmle makes it much easier for researchers to identify security vulnerabilities in large code bases quickly,” writes…

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FAO highlights the great potential of genetic improvements in aquaculture for better food ...

FAO highlights the great potential of genetic improvements in aquaculture for better food …Wider, appropriate and long-term application of genetic improvement in aquaculture, with a focus on selective breeding, will help boost food production to meet a projected increase in demand for fish with relatively little extra feed, land, water and other inputs, according to a new FAO report launched today. ….. Read – Ag News | Farming & AgricultureThu, August 22, 20194 weeks ago

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau admits wearing brownface in 2001 school photo, apologizes

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau admits wearing brownface in 2001 school photo, apologizesCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore brownface makeup to an “Arabian Nights” party at the private school where he was teaching, according to a Time Magazine report.  ….. Read More.FOX NEWS – World | World News & EventsWed, September 18, 201915 hours ago

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