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Twitter’s Least Bad Option for Dealing With Donald Trump

Twitter’s Least Bad Option for Dealing With Donald TrumpOn Tuesday, President Donald Trump began his day as he usually does—by tweeting.In this case, Trump fired off a threat of using “serious force” against hypothetical protesters setting up an “autonomous zone” in Washington, D.C. Twitter, in response, hid the tweet but did not delete it, requiring readers to click through a notice that says the tweet violated the platform’s policy “against abusive behavior, specifically, the presence of a threat of harm against an identifiable group.”Twitter’s placement of such a “public interest notice” on a tweet from the president of the United States was just the latest salvo in the company’s struggle to contend with Trump’s gleefully out-of-bounds behavior. But any response from Twitter is going to be the least bad option rather than a genuinely good one. This is because Trump himself has demolished the norms that would make a genuinely…

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Coronavirus: What’s happening around the world on Sunday

Coronavirus: What’s happening around the world on SundayVoters in northern Spain wore face masks and used hand sanitizer gel before entering polling stations on Sunday as Galicia and the Basque Country held regional elections while fighting localized outbreaks of COVID-19. ….. Read More.CBC News – General World News | World News & EventsSun, July 12, 20202 hours ago

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Kamala Harris’s Shadow Campaign for Vice President

Kamala Harris’s Shadow Campaign for Vice PresidentA few weeks ago, an adviser to Kamala Harris called me to talk through some polling data. “We understand that Joe Biden’s the nominee, but the party is so much different than a septuagenarian white male,” the adviser said. “Kamala Harris is more symbolic of that changing America—America coming together—than some of the other potential candidates” for vice president.The adviser spoke on the condition of anonymity because, officially, Harris is pretending that she’s not campaigning to be Biden’s running mate.In public, Harris has repeatedly insisted that she’s not talking about or thinking about her prospects of being picked. But judging from my conversations with people around Harris, she and her team use her prospects to book events and television hits that aim to show she’s neither overeager nor overambitious. She and her team are avoiding situations that could create stumbles. They’re hoping that her…

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Georgia and Texas Are the New Battleground States for 2020

Georgia and Texas Are the New Battleground States for 2020One of the most endearing memories about Tim Russert’s election coverage was his use of the small low-tech white board to make predictions. Most often it included two states that always showed up as the battlegrounds in presidential elections: Ohio and Florida. When the New York Times released their latest poll of the 2020 race, one of the bombshells was that Biden had a significant lead over… Source ….. Read More.Washington Monthly – General Political | Politics & GovernmentThu, July 9, 20203 days ago

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Joe Biden, Mystery Man

Joe Biden, Mystery ManHe’s old. He worked with Barack Obama. He’s generally seen as a decent guy.If you know more than that about Joe Biden, you know more than many voters.Growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, or having to move because his father lost his job? Writing the Violence Against Women Act? The tragedies he’s lived through, his years as a single father, how he rode the train back to Delaware each night when he was a senator? Even his supposed vulnerabilities, like helping to write the 1994 crime bill, running the Anita Hill hearings, protecting Delaware’s financial industry, or blundering on foreign policy?Many Americans don’t know any of that, according to data from focus groups and polls conducted by Biden allies.For the past year, Biden’s been repeating that people know him. “The good news is the bad news. The good news is that people know me,” is his line. “And…

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What the New Surge in COVID-19 Cases Means for Trump

What the New Surge in COVID-19 Cases Means for TrumpThe wildfire of coronavirus cases burning through the Sun Belt’s largest cities and suburbs could accelerate their movement away from President Donald Trump and the GOP—a dynamic with the potential to tip the balance in national elections not only in 2020, but for years to come.Until the 2016 election, Republicans had maintained a consistent advantage in the region’s big metros—including Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, and Phoenix—even as Democrats took hold of comparable urban centers in other parts of the country. But under Trump, the GOP has lost ground in these diverse and economically thriving communities. And now, a ferocious upsurge of COVID-19 across the Sun Belt’s population hubs—including major cities in Florida and North Carolina where Democrats are already more competitive—is adding a new threat to the traditional Republican hold on these places.“There’s a lag between the trends that we have seen…

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