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Sean McElwee Is Begging the Left to Grow Up

Sean McElwee Is Begging the Left to Grow UpWhen word got out in early March that Joe Biden’s campaign had invited the progressive pollster Sean McElwee to a meeting on climate policy, some on the far left were outraged. Sure, Bernie Sanders’s presidential prospects weren’t looking great, but the senator had not yet suspended his campaign. So why, McElwee’s critics demanded to know, would he agree to advise the former vice president? Hundreds of leftists spent more than a month dragging him on Twitter, flooding his mentions with insults: One user with a Homer Simpson avatar accused him of being a sellout. Another, who went by the handle “party rocking LLC,” called him a “rat.” One night at a bar in New York City, a stranger confronted McElwee about it: “Man,” the person said, “I thought you were a leftist.”By most definitions, McElwee is a leftist. The 27-year-old had launched…

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What the Supreme Court Fight Means for the Senate Majority

What the Supreme Court Fight Means for the Senate MajorityThe struggle over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement on the Supreme Court could help propel Democrats to the brink of a Senate majority in November’s election. But whether it lifts them over that threshold could turn on the terms of the confirmation fight. Given the nature of the states that will decide Senate control, the Democrats’ path to a majority may be much easier if they can keep the debate centered on economic issues—particularly the survival of the Affordable Care Act—rather than social issues, especially abortion.The reason: The confirmation fight is likely to further weaken the position of endangered Republican senators in Colorado, Maine, and Arizona—states where polls show a solid majority of voters support legal abortion. But even if Democrats flip all three, they will still likely need to win one more seat to take the majority. And in the next…

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For Republicans, the Fires Change Nothing

For Republicans, the Fires Change NothingMary Nichols has been part of the struggle to prevent catastrophic climate change for about as long as anyone in American life. For years, she’s directed California’s pathbreaking efforts to reduce carbon emissions as the chair of the California Air Resources Board—a position she held first in the 1970s before taking it up again in 2007. Nichols has also served at the federal level, working as the chief regulator for air pollution at the Environmental Protection Agency under Bill Clinton in the 1990s. And yet even Nichols has never seen anything that crystallizes the dangers of climate change more clearly than the historic outbreak of wildfires scorching California and other Western states this year.“Yes, absolutely,” she told me earlier this week, when I asked her if this year’s fires are the most tangible danger to California that she’s seen from climate change. “It’s not suddenly…

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Republicans Decry Slow Ballot Counts While Hampering Efforts to Speed Them Up

Republicans Decry Slow Ballot Counts While Hampering Efforts to Speed Them UpPresident Donald Trump has repeatedly outlined an election night scenario where one candidate appears to be leading in early returns, but might not be the winner once all votes are counted. It’s a way, he hopes, to wrap legally cast ballots that happen to be counted after election night in a shroud of illegitimacy. “What’s going to happen on November 3 when somebody’s leading and they say, ‘Well, we haven’t counted the ballots, we have millions of ballots to count’?” he said during a press conference at the White House. “It’s a disaster.” The president has spread the false notion that ballots counted after Election Day “show up out of nowhere.”It’s true that some Americans should expect it to take weeks for their local election results to be finalized as record numbers of mail ballots trickle in. But there’s…

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When will coronavirus vaccine trials begin in children? Top companies weigh in

When will coronavirus vaccine trials begin in children? Top companies weigh inWhile four coronavirus vaccine candidates have now entered late-stage clinical trials among adults, some may wonder when children will be enrolled. ….. Read More.FOX News – Health News | Health & WellnessWed, September 23, 20202 days ago

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