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Rep. Swalwell: Congress’ job until Election Day is to be ‘ankle monitor’ on Trump ad...

Rep. Swalwell: Congress’ job until Election Day is to be ‘ankle monitor’ on Trump ad…Former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman outlined how he was pressured to resign by Attorney General William Barr in a closed House Judiciary Committee hearing. Chairman Nadler said, “We don’t know yet if the Attorney General’s conduct is criminal,Read more ….. Read More.MSNBC – The Latest | U.S. and World NewsThu, July 9, 20203 hours ago

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‘A Preventable Catastrophe’

‘A Preventable Catastrophe’Coping with a pandemic is one of the most complex challenges a society can face. To minimize death and damage, leaders and citizens must orchestrate a huge array of different resources and tools. Scientists must explore the most advanced frontiers of research while citizens attend to the least glamorous tasks of personal hygiene. Physical supplies matter—test kits, protective gear—but so do intangibles, such as “flattening the curve” and public trust in official statements. The response must be global, because the virus can spread anywhere, but an effective response also depends heavily on national policies, plus implementation at the state and community level. Businesses must work with governments, and epidemiologists with economists and educators. Saving lives demands minute-by-minute attention from health-care workers and emergency crews, but it also depends on advance preparation for threats that might not reveal themselves for many years. I have heard military and intelligence officials…

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Top US General Vows to “Take Action” If Reports of Russian Bounties Are True

Top US General Vows to “Take Action” If Reports of Russian Bounties Are TrueGen. Mark Milley, the highest-ranking US military officer, vowed Thursday to “take action” if reports of Russian bounty payments targeting US troops in Afghanistan are confirmed. Still, don’t expect much in the way of immediate action, as the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff tried to downplay the veracity of the public reports on the subject. Milley, addressing members of the House Armed Services Committee alongside Defense Secretary Mark Esper, called the widely-publicized reports of bounties “a unique, discrete piece of information that hasn’t been corroborated.”  “If in fact there are bounties directed by the government of Russia or their institutions to kill American soldiers, that’s a big deal,” Milley said. “We don’t have that level of fidelity yet. We’re still looking.”  Esper denied seeing any intelligence specifically about a “bounty,” but said the briefings he’d been…

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The Old-School Campaign to Unseat Joni Ernst

The Old-School Campaign to Unseat Joni ErnstTheresa Greenfield was 24 years old and four months pregnant with her second child when a priest rang her doorbell with terrible news: Her husband, Rod, a lineman at the local power company, had been killed in an accident at work. Greenfield, a Democrat who is challenging Senator Joni Ernst in Iowa this year, tells the story at every virtual campaign event she holds, but she generally leaves out the smaller details: how, just hours before, she’d packed a Snickers bar in Rod’s lunch box as a treat. How the clergyman sat with her on the sofa and held her hands as he explained that Rod had been electrocuted. The way that the panic, in those first few days, consumed her: As a single parent with no income, how would she survive?Greenfield’s answer came in the form of Social Security survivor’s benefits, a regular…

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Veterans’ Hospitals Have a Cleanliness Crisis

Veterans’ Hospitals Have a Cleanliness CrisisOn a warm November day in 2017, Representative Mark Takano, a California Democrat, met with a whistleblower who had serious concerns about the 270-bed Veterans Affairs facility in Loma Linda. Later that day, Takano took a tour of the hospital, and was shocked by what he saw. Grime encrusted the water fountains; the floors of the operating room were noticeably dirty. Takano called for the VA’s inspector general to launch an investigation, which found “inconsistent levels of cleanliness” in the main hospital building, and unwashed floors, dusty cabinets, and a sterile instrument resting on a dirty rack in the inpatient dental unit. The rate of infection among Loma Linda’s patients was higher than the agency average, and the housekeeping department was largely incapacitated by high turnover, poor pay, and shaky management. A separate investigation found the bacteria Legionella pneumophila, which causes Legionnaires’ disease, in the…

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How Did We Get Here?

How Did We Get Here?America recently passed the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first captive Africans brought to what would become the United States. September 2019 was chosen as an imperfect but significant date to mark the start of American slavery and the systems of inequality perpetuated by the nation’s original sin.For 163 years, The Atlantic has discussed, argued, and analyzed America, its lofty ideals and the reality that often falls short of them. This magazine was founded, in part, to argue in favor of abolition, and has been a home for black voices such as Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., W. E. B Du Bois, and Booker T. Washington—each calling upon the country to realize its promise of freedom and equity for all its citizens.Amid a pandemic that is disproportionately killing brown and black people and an economic recession disproportionately devastating the finances of people of…

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