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What Happens to Never Trump Republicans Now?

What Happens to Never Trump Republicans Now?If you ask her, President Donald Trump didn’t deserve any votes, let alone millions. And still, Mona Charen made it all the way to 11:09 on Election Night without swearing.The conservative columnist was perched on a dining-room chair, Zooming into an Election Night panel for The Bulwark, the Never Trump conservative website for which she writes. As Joe Biden lost Florida and then appeared to lose North Carolina, Charen sighed and muttered, “Nightmare.” Another Bulwark writer said that although the prospect of Biden losing Pennsylvania was not what “we wanted,” the Democratic nominee could still win the presidency if he won Arizona, plus two electoral votes in Maine and two in Nebraska. At that point, Charen lost the rest of her chill.“Right now, we are facing the possibility of not only not getting that, but having that fucker in office for four years!” Charen…

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The Damage Trump Could Do Before the Inauguration

The Damage Trump Could Do Before the InaugurationAmerica has seen little of Donald Trump since the election. Speaking to the nation largely through Twitter, he’s barely strayed outside the White House as he absorbs a defeat that shattered the myth he created of his own invincibility. Still, he’s been busy—firing officials he deems disloyal and plotting ways to stay in power. He can’t and won’t overturn the election result, but he can cause plenty more havoc on his way out. Some of the ways would be immediately evident; others, hidden.“We’re going to have to be very vigilant in the next two months for abuse of the pardon power, awarding of contracts to friends and family, and destruction of records, as well as policy decisions to box in the incoming administration,” Representative Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who helped prosecute the case against Trump in the Senate…

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The Herculean Challenge of a Virtual Presidential Transition

The Herculean Challenge of a Virtual Presidential TransitionInside the headquarters of the Department of Commerce in downtown Washington, D.C., just around the corner from the White House, sits an expansive suite of offices reserved for the American government-in-waiting. The space, managed by the General Services Administration, can accommodate more than 500 people, and in the weeks before a new president is inaugurated, it would ordinarily be a whirl of activity—hosting dozens of daily policy briefings, outreach meetings, and job interviews for the 4,000 positions that come open in the federal government every four or eight years.Today, however, that transition office sits nearly empty; just a handful of people from the incoming Biden administration have even stepped inside.That the offices have gone unused is not, as one might assume, a consequence of President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede his election defeat to President-elect Joe Biden, or of his directive that his…

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Tech CEOs should stop using Science Fiction as a blueprint for humanity’s future in space

Tech CEOs should stop using Science Fiction as a blueprint for humanity’s future in spaceIn September 2016, Elon Musk went before the International Astronautical Congress with a program that outlined an ambitious set of goals: lay out the steps that would help establish a permanent human presence on Mars.  “What I really want to try to achieve here is to make Mars seem possible,” he said. “Make it seem as though it’s something we can do in our lifetimes, and that you can go. And is there really a way that anyone can go if they wanted to?”  “I think there are really two fundamental paths. History is going to bifurcate along two directions. One path is we stay on Earth forever, and then there will be some eventual extinction event. I don’t have an immediate doomsday prophecy, but eventually history suggests there will be some doomsday event. The alternative…

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The Failure That Could Haunt Democrats for a Decade

The Failure That Could Haunt Democrats for a DecadeWhy did Pennsylvania take four days to count its votes and deliver the presidency to Joe Biden?The pandemic is partly to blame, but the roots of the delay go back a full decade, to a Democratic electoral wipeout that gave Republicans power not only in Congress but in state capitols across the country. In Pennsylvania, Republicans in 2010 captured the governor’s office and swept Democrats out of their majorities in both chambers of the legislature. And because the lawmakers elected in that year’s red wave held the pens that redrew the state’s legislative map following the decennial census, the GOP was able to lay out district lines to its advantage and lock in its power for election after election; Republicans maintained control of Pennsylvania’s legislature even as Barack Obama claimed the commonwealth’s electoral votes in 2012, and again when Democrat Tom Wolf…

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How to Teach American History in a Divided Country

How to Teach American History in a Divided CountryEditor’s Note: In 1988, a teacher most commonly had 15 years of experience. In recent years, that number is closer to just three years leading a classroom. The “On Teaching” series focuses on the wisdom of veteran teachers.For the past 26 years, Chuck Yarborough, the U.S. and African American history teacher at the Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science in Columbus, has been surveying his students on how American history is taught. Students come from all over the state to spend their last two years of high school at this diverse public boarding school, and he wants to know what they’ve learned by the time they get there. The feedback from more than 1,400 students over the years has been consistent. In each class of about 18 students, an average of five come in with some basic knowledge of the Civil War,…

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