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What Americans Don’t Know About Their Medications

What Americans Don’t Know About Their MedicationsA few days ago, an unusual offer landed in my inbox. “Do you want to interview this man before he ends his life?” read the subject line of the message sent by Linda Martin, who, out of concerns for her safety, would tell me only that she is in her 60s and lives on the West Coast.She said that John Fratti, a 50-year-old former pharmaceutical-sales representative, was “making plans to end his life in the next few weeks because he can no longer stand the pain caused by Fluoroquinolone Toxicity.” That’s the term Martin and others use to describe the side effects of fluoroquinolone antibiotics, a class of drugs that includes ciprofloxacin, sometimes called Cipro, and levofloxacin, or Levaquin, which are taken for severe bacterial infections. She added that Fratti had already obtained a powerful sedative that can be used in assisted suicide.Martin herself…

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Mexico and Israel Slowly Race To Legalize Pot

Mexico and Israel Slowly Race To Legalize PotMexico and Israel are racing to become the third country where marijuana is legal for recreational use at the national level. Racing may be too strong a word, because both governments are moving more slowly than originally advertised. But both are officially committed to joining Uruguay and Canada on the short list of countries that allow adults to consume cannabis without a medical justification. In 2018, the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that pot prohibition was unconstitutional because it violated “the fundamental right to the free development of the personality.” Although the court originally required the Mexican Congress to legalize cannabis within 90 days, it has repeatedly extended the deadline because of the legislature’s difficulties in settling on a detailed plan. In November 2020, the Mexican Senate approved a legalization bill, sending it to the Chamber of Deputies, which was supposed to act on it by…

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Lawmakers On Capitol Hill Criticize Biden’s Order For Airstrikes Against Syria

Lawmakers On Capitol Hill Criticize Biden’s Order For Airstrikes Against SyriaNPR’s Steve Inskeep talks to Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut about the Biden administration’s decision to conduct airstrikes on targets in Syria without the approval of Congress. ….. Read More.NPR – Politics | Politics & GovernmentThu, March 4, 20213 hours ago

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Is Joe Biden Catholic Enough to Take Communion?

Is Joe Biden Catholic Enough to Take Communion?Father Kevin Gillespie and the staff at Holy Trinity Catholic Church find out that President Joe Biden is coming to Mass an hour and a half ahead of time. For security reasons, only a few people can know, including the music director, who might otherwise get suspicious when Secret Service agents start poking around in her piano. The parish limits its services to 50 people to minimize the spread of COVID-19, but it makes an exception when the president and his detail attend. The first time Biden came, everyone applauded his arrival, but then he took his spot in an out-of-the-way pew. When it was time to receive Communion, he got in line like any other parishioner. And afterward, he knelt before God.If some Catholic leaders had their way, Biden wouldn’t be able to take Communion at all. A committee of bishops recently…

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Boss of Chinese gaming titan NetEase calls for shared parental leave

Boss of Chinese gaming titan NetEase calls for shared parental leaveChina’s relaxation of its one-child restriction has not delivered the population targets set by its policy planners. In 2019, the birth rate in China slumped to a seven-decade low, which experts attribute to changes in social attitudes, skyrocketing living costs as well as a demanding work culture. One way to fix China’s demographic crisis is to lighten mothers’ burden, said Ding Lei, founder and CEO of NetEase, the second-biggest gaming company in China which also runs a popular music streaming service. Ding made the proposal at China’s annual parliament session this week, comprising the meetings of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Each spring, delegates from a wide range of backgrounds, including political elites and tech billionaires, gather in Beijing for the legislative meetings informally known as the “two sessions.” Ding is a…

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Corey Lewandowski Allegedly Wanted More Than $1 Million for a Trump Pardon

Corey Lewandowski Allegedly Wanted More Than $1 Million for a Trump PardonSoon after the November election, a business colleague of Donald Trump’s close ally Corey Lewandowski offered a whistleblower and convicted ex-banker an expensive deal: In exchange for a $300,000 fee up front—plus another $1 million if successful—the two men would push the then-president for a pardon, according to the ex-banker and an associate who heard the pitch.Brad Birkenfeld, whose exposure of tax-evasion schemes yielded billions of dollars for U.S. coffers, told me he received this offer in person from Lewandowski’s colleague Jason Osborne. In a later phone call with a second Birkenfeld associate, Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, upped the initial fee to $500,000 and boasted that he was meeting with Trump the next day to discuss pardons, Birkenfeld told me. Birkenfeld, who said he rejected both offers as “shakedowns,” tried other avenues to obtain a pardon, but a…

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