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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: First Daughter

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: First DaughterWhat We’re Following TodayIt’s Friday, April 12. ‣ On Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr told a House committee that he’d release the full Mueller report—with redactions—to the public “within the week.” That means as soon as this weekend, just as members of Congress head back home to their districts for two weeks of recess.Here’s what else we’re watching:Trump’s Plan: White House officials pressured U.S. immigration authorities to transport detained immigrants to sanctuary cities and release them in order to retaliate against President Donald Trump’s political enemies, The Washington Post reported. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement rejected the idea as inappropriate. Two government whistle-blowers had independently reported the plan to Congress. (Last week, Russell Berman wrote about the “dozens” of Trump administration whistle-blowers who are working with House Democrats.)(Mike Coppola / Getty)Night at the Museum: The American Museum of Natural History has faced fierce…

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Hula Hoops and Chinese Food at Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Hula Hoops and Chinese Food at Supreme Court Confirmation HearingsAt Supreme Court confirmation hearings, potential justices sit before a committee of senators who scrutinize everything from their views to their experience to their personal lives. But these hearings are not always as straight-faced as their significance might suggest. During Elena Kagan’s 2010 confirmation hearing, for example, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.) asked the nominee where she was on Christmas Day. “You know, like all Jews, I was probably at a Chinese restaurant,” she replied. During Antonin Scalia’s 1986 confirmation hearing, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D–Vt.) noted amicably, “I would assume, in reading Mrs. Scalia’s maiden name [McCarthy], that your children have really the ‘best of all possible worlds’—an Italian parent and an Irish parent.” William Rehnquist’s hearing that same year featured some more amusing asides. At one point, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R–Utah) complained about some inquiries into the nominee’s early career. “Just…

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Rahul performs rituals for late family members, Pulwama attack victims

Rahul performs rituals for late family members, Pulwama attack victimsCongress President Rahul Gandhi offered prayers and performed rituals for his late family members as well as victims of the Pulwama terror attack at Thirunelli temple here on Wednesday. Rahul, who is contesting the ensuing polls from Wayanad parliamentary constituency, ….. Read More.WORLDNEWS – International News | World News & EventsWed, April 17, 20191 day ago

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The Democrats Whose 2020 Goal Is Grander Than the Presidency

The Democrats Whose 2020 Goal Is Grander Than the PresidencyBROOKLYN—The 10-person team plotting the next progressive era in American politics is crammed into a small, top-floor WeWork suite near the borough’s waterfront.The group’s name, Future Now, is as generic as its glass-enclosed work space, surrounded by the start-ups, freelancers, free coffee, beer tap, and networking events that define the co-working experience. Exactly one block away is the building that housed the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton, whose defeat in 2016 inspired the launch of Future Now and so many other like-minded organizations dedicated to harnessing the fear and anger of the activist left.But you won’t hear much presidential talk from the crew at Future Now, even as the Democratic Party’s energy, operatives, and dollars flow into the free-for-all primary to oust Donald Trump. Future Now was inspired by Trump, but its goal isn’t—in and of itself—to defeat him. If anything,…

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A Survival Guide for the Trump White House

A Survival Guide for the Trump White HouseAll of the White House comings and goings raise a question: What does it take to remain in President Donald Trump’s favor and keep your job? If the show were called Survivor: White House Edition (and with the former Apprentice host as president, the conceit feels apt), what sorts of skills does one need to avoid the ax?No president in recent memory has churned through senior aides and Cabinet officials at a faster clip than Trump, with turnover accelerating as he fumes over his administration’s struggle to curb migration at the southern border.Last week, Trump began clearing out the upper echelon of the Homeland Security department. First, he tweeted the ouster of the department’s secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, then followed by removing Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles. More firings loom as Trump loses patience with officials who can’t create the impregnable border he…

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Republicans Are Keeping Quiet About Trump’s Homeland Security Purge

Republicans Are Keeping Quiet About Trump’s Homeland Security PurgeDonald Trump’s ongoing purge of the Department of Homeland Security marks another milestone in his transformation of the GOP into an exclusionary party defined by its hostility to immigration in particular and demographic change in general.Trump’s move to install more hard-liners at DHS—headlined by his dismissal of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and the withdrawal of his nominee to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement in favor of “tougher” leaders—signals his determination to implement more draconian responses to the Central American migrants seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. While some congressional Republicans have raised alarms about the magnitude of the turnover, hardly any have publicly complained about the direction of Trump’s policy.Some GOP lawmakers still resist the most militant expressions of Trump’s restrictionist inclinations—several balked at his recent suggestion that he would close the U.S.-Mexico border, for example. But the muted response to Trump’s DHS…

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