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Are You Legally “Hispanic” if You are One-Quarter Mexican but Don’t Have...

Are You Legally “Hispanic” if You are One-Quarter Mexican but Don’t Have…In Major Concrete Constr., Inc. v. Erie, 521 N.Y.S.2d 959 (NY. App. Div. 1987). a New York appellate court upheld an administrative ruling that an applicant for Minority Business Enterprise certification with the Erie/Buffalo Joint Certification Committee who was 25% Mexican, 25% Irish, and 50% Italian did not qualify as Hispanic. The local rule for “Hispanic status” was that an applicant must be “[a] person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Central or South American or other Spanish culture, regardless of race.” The applicant claimed that he qualified as Hispanic because his grandmother was 100% Mexican. However, he admitted that he did not keep any ties with the Hispanic community, did not belong to any Hispanic groups or clubs, did not have any Hispanic friends, and that no Hispanics live in his neighborhood. His attorney told the Committee that he was…

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Democratic Campaign Group Won’t Support Anti-Abortion Candidates

Democratic Campaign Group Won’t Support Anti-Abortion CandidatesOn Saturday, Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ reelection victory in deep-red Louisiana sent a strong signal that there’s a future for anti-abortion candidates in the Democratic Party. Two days later, a prominent group of national Democrats sent the opposite message. On Monday, the Democratic Attorneys General Association, which works to elect Democratic state attorneys general, vowed not to support anti-abortion candidates. That means it will intervene in Democratic primaries in state attorney general contests only in favor of pro-choice candidates, even in states whose voters are overwhelmingly opposed to abortion. The association’s decision came just weeks after Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear, an outspoken pro-choice Democrat, defeated Gov. Matt Bevin in an upset. Beshear’s victory signaled that Democrats don’t need to be anti-abortion to win in the South. His win also highlighted the importance of the attorney general position as a stepping stone for…

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Former US Marine Paul Whelan’s espionage charges upheld in Russia: report

Former US Marine Paul Whelan’s espionage charges upheld in Russia: reportThe former U.S. Marine being held in Russia on espionage charges will remain in jail after his appeal was denied by a Moscow court, reports say.  ….. Read More.FOX NEWS – World | World News & EventsTue, November 19, 20191 day ago

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Academic Subtweeting

Academic SubtweetingThis week, I co-authored two essays with Seth Barrett Tillman on somewhat obscure legal questions. First, what happens if the Chief Justice is unable to preside at the presidential impeachment trial? Second, can the Speaker of the House be elevated to the Presidency? The former piece was occasioned by the spurious claim that Chief Justice Roberts might have to recuse given his comments about President Trump. The latter piece was based on the increasing likelihood that Vice President Pence may also face an impeachment inquiry. This post won’t rehash our admittedly unorthodox position on offices and officers. Rather, this post will opine on yet another way that Twitter degrades academic discourse: the subtweet. Merriam-Webster defines the term as “a usually mocking or critical tweet that alludes to another Twitter user without including a link to the user’s account and often without directly mentioning the user’s name.” Subtweets are very…

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British backpacker Grace Millane discussed fetishes with a man she met through kinky sex s...

British backpacker Grace Millane discussed fetishes with a man she met through kinky sex s…Grace Millane, 22, discussed her interest in BDSM sex with a man she met on the Whiplr dating app, where she listed her interests as giving full control and restraints, a New Zealand court heard. ….. Read More.DAILY MAIL – World News | World News & EventsWed, November 20, 201917 hours ago

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Why Hasn’t Cory Booker’s Campaign Caught Fire?

Why Hasn’t Cory Booker’s Campaign Caught Fire?CONCORD, N.H.—“We! Will! Rise!” Cory Booker’s supporters chanted as he made his way down the hallway of the New Hampshire statehouse to file for the primary on Friday morning. “We will rise,” Booker wrote on a copy of the primary-ballot announcement that the secretary of state had, for commemorative purposes, asked all the candidates to sign. Booker had a hard time squeezing his words in, because of all the other names already taking up most of the space.The slogan is meant to be a proud one. The words, borrowed from Maya Angelou and the civil-rights movement, have always inspired Booker; today,  they fit neatly into his call for a beleaguered country to transcend the damage done by Donald Trump. But at this point, given Booker’s standing in the polls (he’s consistently stuck around 10th place in the field), they can come off as plaintive….

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