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3 charged in Whitmer kidnap plot face off against Michigan prosecutors

3 charged in Whitmer kidnap plot face off against Michigan prosecutorsPete Musico, his reported son-in-law, Joseph Morrison, and Paul Bellar are back in court.        ….. Read More.DETROIT FREE PRESS – General News | U.S. National NewsWed, March 3, 202114 hours ago

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Mexico and Israel Slowly Race To Legalize Pot

Mexico and Israel Slowly Race To Legalize PotMexico and Israel are racing to become the third country where marijuana is legal for recreational use at the national level. Racing may be too strong a word, because both governments are moving more slowly than originally advertised. But both are officially committed to joining Uruguay and Canada on the short list of countries that allow adults to consume cannabis without a medical justification. In 2018, the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that pot prohibition was unconstitutional because it violated “the fundamental right to the free development of the personality.” Although the court originally required the Mexican Congress to legalize cannabis within 90 days, it has repeatedly extended the deadline because of the legislature’s difficulties in settling on a detailed plan. In November 2020, the Mexican Senate approved a legalization bill, sending it to the Chamber of Deputies, which was supposed to act on it by…

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Is Joe Biden Catholic Enough to Take Communion?

Is Joe Biden Catholic Enough to Take Communion?Father Kevin Gillespie and the staff at Holy Trinity Catholic Church find out that President Joe Biden is coming to Mass an hour and a half ahead of time. For security reasons, only a few people can know, including the music director, who might otherwise get suspicious when Secret Service agents start poking around in her piano. The parish limits its services to 50 people to minimize the spread of COVID-19, but it makes an exception when the president and his detail attend. The first time Biden came, everyone applauded his arrival, but then he took his spot in an out-of-the-way pew. When it was time to receive Communion, he got in line like any other parishioner. And afterward, he knelt before God.If some Catholic leaders had their way, Biden wouldn’t be able to take Communion at all. A committee of bishops recently…

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FIFA tours Africa, aims to hold sway in soccer election

FIFA tours Africa, aims to hold sway in soccer electionGENEVA (AP) – As the head of African soccer battles in court this week to stay on the ballot for re-election, FIFA president Gianni Infantino is coming off a comprehensive tour of the continent. The timing of the visit does not appear to be coincidental. Infantino fueled talk of election ….. Read More.WASHINGTON TIMES – Sports | Sports & RecreationThu, March 4, 20212 hours ago

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How Republicans Could Rig the Battle for Control of Congress

How Republicans Could Rig the Battle for Control of CongressDemocrats face a daunting future of severe Republican gerrymandering that could flip control of the House in 2022 and suppress diverse younger generations’ political influence for years to come, according to a new study released today. Those findings underscore the stakes in Democrats’ efforts to pass national legislation combatting such electoral manipulation.The four big states to watch are Texas, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, where the GOP enjoys complete control over the redistricting process, says Michael Li, a senior counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice and the author of the new report on how congressional redistricting could unfold following the 2020 census. “Those four states, which are seat-rich and where Republicans control the process, could decide who controls the next Congress,” he told me.Over the longer term, Republican states could impose gerrymanders that prevent the nation’s growing nonwhite population from…

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Brickbat: Keeping Kids from Committing Crimes

Brickbat: Keeping Kids from Committing CrimesA British court has sentenced Darryl Moffatt to two years and eight months in prison after pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent photos of a child, distributing an indecent image of a child, two counts of attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child, and attempting to cause or incite a teenage boy to engage in sexual activity. Moffatt had been working in schools for the West Midlands Police in a program that tries to steer young people away from crime. Police say none of his victims attended a school in which he worked. ….. Read More.REASON – Free Minds & Free Markets | This, That and The OtherThu, March 4, 20214 hours ago

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