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Evans scores 25 to lift VCU over George Washington 85-57

Evans scores 25 to lift VCU over George Washington 85-57RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Marcus Evans had a season-high 25 points as VCU won its eighth straight game, romping past George Washington 85-57 on Saturday. Evans hit 4 of 6 3-pointers and shot 9 for 10 from the line. Marcus Santos-Silva had 14 points and seven rebounds for VCU (21-6, 12-2 Atlantic 10 Conference). De’Riante […] ….. Read More.SEATTLE TIMES – Sports | Sports & RecreationSat, February 23, 20191 hour ago

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Jeff Bezos Wrote a Blog Post

Jeff Bezos Wrote a Blog PostOn Thursday evening, Jeff Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon and the owner of The Washington Post, published a post on the website Medium that——well, it’s hard to describe what it did, really. Bezos accused the owner of the National Enquirer of “extortion and blackmail,” alleging that the supermarket tabloid threatened to publish revealing photos of Bezos if he did not call off an investigation into its practices. According to an email that Bezos reproduces in full, the incriminating material included a “below-the-belt selfie—otherwise colloquially known as a ‘d*ck pick’” [sic]” of Bezos.This was only one of several emails that Bezos reproduces in the post. He says that they were all sent by executives and attorneys at the Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc., or AMI.That is the content of the post, at least. But Bezos’s post did something that has become common in this…

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Americans Don’t Need the Mueller Report to Judge Trump

Americans Don’t Need the Mueller Report to Judge TrumpSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller’s report could come out as soon next week, CNN reported on Thursday. Unless, of course, it doesn’t—after all, there have been various suggestions for months that the end was in sight, and the Justice Department said Friday there would be no report next week. And anyway, none of this matters if newly installed Attorney General Bill Barr decides not to release the report, or releases only a limited summary, or delays the release, or…Because of the many uncertainties about when the report will arrive, and what the public will see, and what shape the report might take, and what steps might come next, the report has taken on outsize importance in discourse and coverage about the presidential campaign, Russia, and Donald Trump. That’s risky, though. Perhaps the Mueller report will deliver a stunning new revelation about Trump’s campaign…

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal: A Bizarre Grab-Bag of Terrible Ideas

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal: A Bizarre Grab-Bag of Terrible IdeasLast week, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Senator Edward Markey introduced the Green New Deal, a non-binding resolution that would radically overhaul America’s economy in the name of fighting global climate change. The resolution bundled together a variety of big-ticket progressive policy priorities, not all of which were obviously related to climate change, from universal health coverage to a jobs guarantee to subsidized college. The proposal was swiftly praised by much of the 2020 Democratic presidential field—yet even some liberals wondered if it was trying to do too much at once. In attempting to be all things to everyone, would the Green New Deal end up being nothing to anyone? Veronique de Rugy, a Reason columnist and a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, joins us to explain what the Green New Deal…

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