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Fox News reacts to Trump fixer Michael Cohen’s prison sentence: Everyone in politics...

Fox News reacts to Trump fixer Michael Cohen’s prison sentence: Everyone in politics…MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): I wouldn’t give the president the out though that he hired a terrible lawyer. I mean, he hired someone as a fixer who was a thug, and who roughed people up. Both from a — whether it was reporters are all the other things that [Fox News anchor] Bret Baier mentioned, that was intentional and for a reason. That’s why he had that guy in his inner circle. But I think, tragically, all of these people that we talk about in politics are not great people. I mean, you look at the Clintons, you look at the president, and if you look back at — we just went through George H.W. Bush and we talked about what a great person he was. He was a less-effective politician, maybe because he was a good guy. I…

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Hundreds turn out to see Union Pacific No. 4141 in Omaha

Hundreds turn out to see Union Pacific No. 4141 in OmahaAfter taking the body of late President George H. W. Bush from Spring to his final resting place in College Station, Texas, Union Pacific 4141 is now in Omaha. The train will be on display until Wednesday. ….. Read More.KETV-TV – Omaha, NE – Local News | U.S. & National NewsSun, December 9, 20181 week ago

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William Barr’s Never-Ending War

William Barr’s Never-Ending WarWilliam Barr, Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, believes the president has vast, unilateral authority to protect national security, which he says is threatened by the distribution of psychoactive substances the government has decreed Americans should not want. Those positions are a dangerous combination that is apt to encourage the worst instincts of a president who portrays himself as tough on crime, promises to stop the flow of illegal drugs, and revels in pointless military displays. With Barr as attorney general and Trump as president, we may see an increasingly literal war on drugs in which aggression masquerades as self-defense. The template for that war is the 1989 invasion of Panama, in which U.S. troops deposed the dictator Manuel Noriega, who had been indicted by federal grand juries on money laundering and drug trafficking charges, and installed a new government. Barr, who at the time was in…

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Yes, America Can Still Lead the World

Yes, America Can Still Lead the WorldI. A Dangerous IdeaCan America still lead the world? Should it? If so, how? These fundamental questions have lurked in the background for years. Donald Trump brought them front and center.The knee-jerk response of national-security professionals to such questions is to offer a history lesson on the benefits of the “liberal international order” that America built after 1945. I once used that phrase at a campaign event in Ohio in 2016—I had advised both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden, and then worked for Clinton when she ran for president—and someone came up to me afterward and said, “I’m not sure what exactly you’re referring to, but I don’t like any of those three words!”Right now, everything is up for debate when it comes to the basic purpose of U.S. foreign policy. For me, that’s unsettling. I was raised in…

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George Papadopoulos announces plan to run for Congress

George Papadopoulos announces plan to run for CongressGeorge Papadopoulos, recently released from prison after pleading guilty to false statements in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, said Friday he plans to run for Congress in 2020. ….. Read More.FOX NEWS – Politics | Politics & GovernmentFri, December 14, 20183 days ago

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Stossel’s Stocking Stuffers

Stossel’s Stocking StuffersHoliday season is here. To help your friends or family learn about liberty, why not give them a book? John Stossel has some ideas. First, there’s The Road to Serfdom. In it, Friedrich Hayek explains why government intervention in the economy leads to serfdom. He explains why no central planner can allocate resources as well as individuals can. Stossel says this is a great book for your socialist friends—if they are willing to read it. They might not be, Stossel says, because the language is old. Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics is more current. Sowell explains that trade is not a zero-sum game—it’s not as if one country wins and another loses. Both sides benefit. Stossel suggests that someone should give Sowell’s book to our President. Another myth-busting book is The Myth of the Robber Barons. Historian Burton Folsom explains that Cornelius Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller didn’t get…

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