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The Myth of the Wealthy Welder

The Myth of the Wealthy WelderA few years ago, a strange phenomenon began to appear in polls that asked Americans for their opinions about higher education: People’s responses suddenly started to diverge along partisan lines. Democrats have continued to describe higher education as a mostly positive force in American life, but Republicans’ opinions of college, beginning around 2015, took a sharp turn toward the negative.This shift didn’t come out of nowhere. Conservative politicians and media figures have in recent years been making a sustained and often vociferous public case against higher education. Instead of college, their argument often goes, young Americans should pursue a career in the skilled trades. And there is one trade that gets held up more than any other as an example of the opportunities awaiting those who shun college: welding.If you trace back the history of this idea, you eventually get to a kind of welding…

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Does Capitalism Help or Hurt Women?

Does Capitalism Help or Hurt Women?Does capitalism help or hurt women? I recently participated in a debate on the topic at the Cato Institute. While preparing for the event, I learned many fascinating facts that may interest feminists who claim the best way to help American women is for the U.S. government to do what other governments have done: spend a lot of money on so-called “pro-family” programs. Consider Nordic governments, often praised by modern feminists and socialists alike, as models America should emulate. It’s certainly true that, for years, these countries have been hailed for being at the forefront of gender equality with programs such as paid family leave for both men and women and generous child care handouts to help women balance home life with work life. The policies are also supposed to help slay that favorite leftist unicorn—the “pay gap”—and elevate women to positions of power traditionally…

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Our Leaders Are Officially Ensuring Humanity’s Destruction

Our Leaders Are Officially Ensuring Humanity’s DestructionWorlds end. Every day. We all die sooner or later. When you get to my age, it’s a subject that can’t help but be on your mind. What’s unusual is this: it’s not just increasingly ancient folks like me who should be thinking such thoughts anymore. After all, worlds of a far larger sort end, too. It’s happened before. Ask the dinosaurs after that asteroid hit the Yucatán. Ask the life forms of the Permian era after what may have been the greatest volcanic uproar the planet ever experienced. Related Articles Naomi Klein: We Have Far Less Time Than We Think by Ilana Novick Corporate Media Is Misleading Us About Sanders’ Climate Plan by Esha Krishnaswamy / FAIR Proof Greta Thunberg’s Climate Activism Is Working by Jon Queally / Common Dreams According… ….. Read More.TRUTHDIG – Amy Goodman | This, That and The OtherWed, September 18, 20191 day ago

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Castro praised Obama immigration policies for years – before attacking Biden over them

Castro praised Obama immigration policies for years – before attacking Biden over themJulián Castro took former Vice President Joe Biden to task at last week’s Democratic presidential primary debate for trying to downplay his role in the Obama administration’s immigration policies — but Castro wasn’t always a big critic of those policies either.  ….. Read More.FOX NEWS – Politics | Politics & GovernmentWed, September 18, 201924 hours ago

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Does Socialism Need Bernie?

Does Socialism Need Bernie?Last weekend, hundreds of members of the Democratic Socialists of America across the country kicked off local efforts to elect Senator Bernie Sanders as president of the United States. But not every DSA chapter is campaigning for the Vermont senator.With just five months to go until the Iowa caucuses, chapters in the state have chosen to focus on local projects and tenants’-rights work rather than spend time and resources working for Sanders. But some DSA members in other parts of the country think their Iowa comrades are wasting a crucial opportunity. “Early states will be key for momentum and Iowa DSA chapters’ failure to help energize the progressive Iowa voters and new caucusgoers is a giant mistake,” tweeted Honda Wang, a DSA member from Brooklyn, recently, igniting a days-long Twitter spat among DSA members from various regions.The Iowa chapters’ decision—and the exasperated response from other members—illuminates the…

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Why Steve Bullock Refuses to Drop Out

Why Steve Bullock Refuses to Drop OutFormer Vice President Joe Biden markets himself as the candidate who can actually make government work. Montana Governor Steve Bullock takes that pitch a step further, thinking about what happens if people lose any more faith in the system. I recently asked Bullock if he’s scared of where that leads. Is it anarchy? Is it The Purge?“Is it anarchy?” Bullock replied. “Or is it fascism?”Bullock told me he worries that “if we reelect Donald Trump, America’s at a breaking point.” He likes to point out that he’s the only Democrat in this year’s (giant) field who won a state that Trump carried in 2016. He was reelected by Montana voters on the same night they overwhelmingly pulled the lever for Trump. The feeling of those voters, according to Bullock, was, “Finally, somebody is going to clean up Washington D.C.,” referring to Trump. He continued:…

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