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Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Dream Comes True in Kansas

Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Dream Comes True in KansasImagine: A veteran Democrat with a reputation for bipartisan dealmaking defeats a Republican who complains about voter fraud and crusades against illegal immigration. A GOP legislative leader, recognizing the political ground shifting under him, comes reluctantly to the negotiating table. After months of talks, the two strike a compromise on health care that dramatically expands publicly funded insurance coverage.This is former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign pitch in a nutshell—that he can tap the relationships he forged over four decades in Washington to draw Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to negotiations that will yield bipartisan breakthroughs on health care and other key issues. His rivals deride it as a naive fantasy, but Biden’s dream just came true in deep-red Kansas, a state that voted for Donald Trump in 2016 by more than 20 points.Last week, Kansas’s Democratic governor, Laura Kelly,…

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Why Twitter Is Messy, Glitched, and in Love With Drama

Why Twitter Is Messy, Glitched, and in Love With DramaSomething odd happened this week on Twitter: A hashtag became the most popular topic in the country by accident.After Senator Elizabeth Warren brushed away the handshake of Senator Bernie Sanders in the moments following a debate, Sanders supporters—or, at least alleged Sanders supporters—began to tweet the hashtag #NeverWarren. Several left-leaning journalists and online Sanders surrogates noticed the rising phrase and sent tweets opposing it. But since their tweets accumulated likes and retweets, they only made the hashtag itself more popular. The algorithm that determines the social network’s most popular topics, after all, could not differentiate between a tweet endorsing #NeverWarren and a tweet rejecting it. When the NBC reporter Ben Collins noticed this phenomenon and tweeted about it, his own tweet accumulated more than 7,500 likes and retweets, and lofted the hashtag even higher.It was faintly ridiculous. It seemed to encapsulate…

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What Democrats Still Need to Sort Out About America’s Role in the World

What Democrats Still Need to Sort Out About America’s Role in the WorldJoe Biden and Elizabeth Warren seemed to be arguing about the finer points of troop levels in the Middle East, but what was really in dispute was a much bigger question: whether the world’s most powerful military actually provides stability abroad and security at home when intervening in international conflicts.In calling for maintaining a small number of U.S. forces in the Middle East during last night’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa, Biden insisted that there are some problems for which the military might of the United States and its allies is the only solution. “There’s no way you negotiate … with terrorists,” the former vice president stated, in reference to the battle against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and if America were to “walk away and not have any troops anywhere,” the terrorists would “come to us.”It’s a…

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Progressives Warn of a Great Deflation

Progressives Warn of a Great Deflation“Please don’t make me vote for Joe Biden!” a flock of teenagers pleaded in a series of videos posted to the social-media app Tik-Tok earlier this month.But as the Iowa caucuses draw closer, a Biden nomination is looking more likely by the day. Lefty groups are worried—and warning that a Biden win could crush the activist enthusiasm they’re counting on to win in November.The thousands of Americans who wait for hours in line to snap a photo with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and who fill arenas for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont simply will not be as enthusiastic about the former vice president, the leaders of nine progressive organizations, all of which are involved with organizing and get-out-the-vote efforts, told me in interviews this month. “I can’t imagine having Biden on the ticket is going to be the thing that energizes these folks to…

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The Atlantic Politics Daily: Getting Out the (Latino) Vote

The Atlantic Politics Daily: Getting Out the (Latino) VoteIt’s Tuesday, January 14. In today’s newsletter: The final Democratic debate before Iowa will be an all-white, six-person affair (one billionaire included). Plus: Are Democrats overlooking what may be the largest minority voting bloc of 2020?*« TODAY IN POLITICS »Jose De Jesus Esparza Morales ​and Ivan Vargas canvass for the Latino activist network Mi​jente in Georgia during the 2018 midterm elections. (AUDRA MELTON / THE NEW YORK TIME​S / REDUX)The influence of the Latino vote seems to be hyped up every election cycle—leaving pundits and politicians disappointed by the final turnout, as was the case in 2016.The U.S. is home to 4 million young Latinos who became eligible to vote after 2016. 2020 may see record-breaking turnout among Latino voters, once again making them a key bloc for candidates vying for the Democratic nomination, and also for the eventual nominee’s ability to…

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