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Taking Selfies During an Insurrection Exposes the One of the Most Dangerous Parts of White Privilege

Taking Selfies During an Insurrection Exposes the One of the Most Dangerous Parts of White PrivilegeIn the days after a violent mob stormed the Capitol fueled by the lie that the presidential election had been stolen, a stream of photo and video evidence of what individuals in the mob were actually doing trickled out. One man smiled and waved for a news photographer as he stole House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) lectern, another one preened as he sat back with his feet on her desk. One woman posted a series of Instagram photos detailing her participation in the insurrection and bragged about being there. And who could forget Derrick Evans? He’s the Republican delegate in the West Virginia legislature who livestreamed the break-in and, lest anyone mistake him from someone else, was easily identified by police because he shouted “Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!” when they breached the building. There…

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Hiding From a Mob With the Anti-maskers

Hiding From a Mob With the Anti-maskersAs a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol on January 6, security guards hustled representatives into a secure location. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester, Delaware’s sole member of the House, tried to convince several of her Republican colleagues to put on masks. They refused, and laughed at her—behavior that was captured in a viral video. In the days since, House Democrats Pramila Jayapal, Brad Schneider, and Bonnie Watson Coleman have tested positive for COVID-19. They blame their GOP colleagues’ carelessness for their diagnoses. On Tuesday, I asked Blunt Rochester to reflect on what happened, and why. She agreed to let me share the story as she told it to me. —Edward-Isaac DovereIt started that morning with a notice from the Speaker’s office. If members wanted to witness the certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, we had to send an email to a particular address. We…

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