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The Atlantic Politics Daily: The Other Way American Cities Will Suffer

The Atlantic Politics Daily: The Other Way American Cities Will SufferIt’s Wednesday, April 1. Nevada and Florida announced stay-at-home guidelines today, with the White House now projecting anywhere from 100,000 to 240,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S., even with social distancing and mitigation efforts.In today’s newsletter: How American cities will suffer, even with a $2-trillion dollar federal relief plan. Plus: Why everyone is confused about the effectiveness of wearing face masks outside.*« TODAY IN POLITICS »(Getty Images / The Atlantic)How will cities avoid bankruptcy?Major cities such as New Orleans, New York, and Los Angeles are already stretched thin to mitigate the COVID-19 public health catastrophe. Medical professionals continue to warn about personal protective equipment shortages, ventilator shortages, even medical workforce shortages. Large cities are redirecting financial resources to prepare for a surge of hospitalizations.The threat of a devastating economic recession—and the memory of the 2009 financial crash—looms over smaller…

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Look Me in the Eye and Tell Me Voter ID in the Time of COVID Isn’t Absurd

Look Me in the Eye and Tell Me Voter ID in the Time of COVID Isn’t AbsurdDespite most of the country being under lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Wisconsin is going ahead with in-person voting today. The state’s Democratic governor, Tony Evers, who defeated Scott Walker in the 2018 midterms, tried to delay the election and switch to absentee voting, but he was stymied by the GOP majority in the state legislature, the Republican-controlled state Supreme Court, and even the US Supreme Court. So Wisconsinites who didn’t request an absentee ballot in time will have to trek to a physical polling location—which is certain to be more crowded than usual because the state has sharply reduced the number of polling places, given the pandemic. Back when Scott Walker was in charge, Republicans implemented a host of voting restrictions and gerrymandered the state so thoroughly that a federal court…

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Exclusive: Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Protect Your Right to Vote from the Coronavirus

Exclusive: Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Protect Your Right to Vote from the CoronavirusIn recent days, Wisconsin has been thrown into political chaos, with the state’s Democratic governor pushing to delay Tuesday’s election amid rising cases of the coronavirus, and Republican leaders in the legislature refusing to either postpone voting or mail a ballot to every registered voter. On Monday, the state Supreme Court blocked a late executive order from Wisconsin’s governor that would have delayed the election, and the US Supreme Court, in a 5 to 4 decision, overturned a lower court order that would have extended absentee balloting. As a result, thousands of voters could be disenfranchised and the others left in a perplexing and potentially dangerous mess. “Republicans are using the crisis to accelerate an undemocratic power grab.”Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants to make sure such a scenario never happens again. Today, Warren is releasing a new plan—shared in advance exclusively with Mother…

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People often trust their guts over hard facts during medical emergencies, study finds

People often trust their guts over hard facts during medical emergencies, study findsResearchers say emotions and personal experiences are more compelling to most consumers By Christopher Maynard of ConsumerAffairs April 7, 2020 Amidst all the mandates and advice given by health officials during the current COVID-19 outbreak, there are still many people who are choosing to ignore public warnings and act in the way that they think is best. While this behavior may leave others shaking their heads, results from a new study may explain why this is happening. Researchers from The University of Texas at Arlington say that when it comes to medical emergencies, many people are much more likely to trust their gut and act based on their emotions, opinions, and the anecdotal stories that theyve heard instead of cold, hard facts. “We found that people are more likely to consider personal anecdotes than fact-based information, especially when…

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What Happens When Coronavirus Hits Congress?

What Happens When Coronavirus Hits Congress?As congressional leaders sniped their way through the coronavirus crisis this week—wrestling with how to act and help avert a massive economic shock amid a quickly evolving tsunami of national closures, collapsing stock prices and a worsening pandemic—an even more ominous thought hung in the background of Capitol Hill: A pandemic, particularly one whose primary victims are over 60, presents the long-feared, worst-case scenario for Congress’ existence itself.Since the end of World War II, efforts to force the House and Senate to confront how it would function in an emergency have stalled, and even the lackluster efforts after 9/11 to improve congressional continuity planning fell short of addressing the potential impact of a pandemic: While the outright death of senators and representatives poses its own unique set of problems for the body and democracy, an illness like COVID-19 that threatens to sicken a wide swath…

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How Democrats Can Repair Their Generational Divide

How Democrats Can Repair Their Generational DivideFor Democrats, intergenerational tensions are high right now. Compared to Republicans, young voters are a much bigger share of the Democratic electorate, and young and old Democrats disagree about the candidates more than young and old Republicans disagree. According to exit polls from Super Tuesday, voters 65 and older preferred Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders 3-to-1, and voters under 30 preferred Sanders to Biden by an even higher margin. In Michigan Tuesday, a two-way race between Biden and Sanders, 77 percent of under-30 voters chose Sanders and 73 percent of over-65 voters chose Biden.If Democrats want to win in November, activists who are young and old will need to get out the vote among their peer groups. They’ll also need to buy into some shared vision, which will be hard considering the gulf in their preferences. Sanders’ voters want an assertive policy agenda. Biden’s…

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