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Back from suspension, Cordell Pemsl wants to be a big presence again for Hawkeyes

Back from suspension, Cordell Pemsl wants to be a big presence again for HawkeyesThe redshirt junior has always provided efficient low-post scoring and an on-court moxie. He’s had a quiet two games, but he’s eager to change.         ….. Read More.DES MOINES REGISTER – Sports | Sports & RecreationWed, November 20, 201911 hours ago

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She Can’t Vote, but 2020 Democrats Want Her Support

She Can’t Vote, but 2020 Democrats Want Her SupportLAS VEGAS — One of the most sought-after presidential endorsements in a key early voting state is from a woman who cannot vote. As Democrats jockey for support in Nevada, a meeting with Astrid Silva, a 31-year-old immigrant rights activist who has become a public face of the “Dreamers,” has become a can’t-miss early stop. Silva has had dinner with Kamala Harris, policy roundtables with Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, and vegan tamales with Cory Booker. Just this week, after Pete Buttigieg saw she attended Supreme Court arguments on the program shielding her from deportation, the candidate called to make sure she knew he was supportive of her cause. Related Articles Dreamers Tell Trump and SCOTUS They Are Here to Stay by Sonali Kolhatkar John Roberts Holds Dreamers’ Lives in His Hands by Marjorie Cohn … ….. Read More.TRUTHDIG – Amy Goodman |…

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There’s No Such Thing as a Chaste Emoji

There’s No Such Thing as a Chaste EmojiEggplant is at its best and most abundant in late summer. I rarely cook it, but I’ve learned its schedule over the past few years because of a recurring social-media gag. When sturdy, purple aubergines begin to fill farmers’ markets in the United States, people will post pictures of eggplants along with captions that vaguely imply the scene is, in the abbreviated language of the internet, NSFW. Something like, “Dudes, make sure your girlfriends don’t see this.”It’s not a great joke. There’s no punch line, just an assumption that the viewer understands the reference: When depicted online, “eggplant” is code for “dick.” That’s thanks to the shared cultural lexicon of emoji, the now-ubiquitous smartphone keyboard of smiley faces and cartoon objects. The tiny graphics all have their own literal meanings, but many of them, such as the eggplant, have well-known subtexts. A peach…

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Utah woman fights charge after kids see her topless at home

Utah woman fights charge after kids see her topless at homeSALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah woman charged with a crime after her stepchildren saw her topless in her own home is fighting the case that could force her to register as a sex offender, citing a court ruling that overturned a topless ban in Colorado. Attorneys for Tilli Buchanan argue that the law […] ….. Read More.SEATTLE TIMES – Nation-World | U.S. & World NewsThu, November 21, 20193 hours ago

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Impeachable Offenses Need not be Criminal Offenses

Impeachable Offenses Need not be Criminal OffensesAs Democrats continue to poll test what exactly will be included in the inevitable articles of impeachment and Republicans continue to hunt for a shiny object that might distract voter attention from the president’s actions, I revisit a very basic question relating to the impeachment power—Are “high crimes and misdemeanors” limited to violations of the federal criminal code? Since Trump’s inauguration, Alan Dershowitz has been pushing the claim that the House cannot launch a valid impeachment without evidence of an actual felony, and that’s another thing about which he is wrong when it comes to impeachments. Trump supporters are now embracing a new chant of “where’s the crime?” It seems like a good time to reemphasize that it is possible to commit an impeachable offense without engaging in conduct that might get you prosecuted in an ordinary court of law. The whole piece is…

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An Attempt to Resegregate Little Rock, of All Places

An Attempt to Resegregate Little Rock, of All PlacesLITTLE ROCK, Ark.—When Diane Zook, the chair of Arkansas’ State Board of Education, banged her gavel to bring the afternoon meeting into order on October 10, every seat in the cramped boardroom was filled. Nearly every inch of paint on the wall had been covered by a body before the fire marshal, concerned about capacity, ushered those standing out of the room. The crowd spilled into the overflow areas in a wave. Sixty-two years after the world watched Little Rock struggle to desegregate its schools, history seemed to be repeating itself.Nearly five years ago, in January 2015, the state of Arkansas assumed control of Little Rock’s public schools. At the time, six of the schools in the district had “chronically underperformed” on state exams regularly for several years; 22 superintendents had passed through the district in 32 years, creating a sense of…

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