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California’s Costly Recall Reveals a System in Need of Reform

California’s Costly Recall Reveals a System in Need of ReformOn September 14, Californians will vote on whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, even though the state’s next regularly scheduled election is just 14 months away. Newsom isn’t widely unpopular. His approval rating today is higher than President Donald Trump’s was at its peak. Nor is Newsom under investigation for any crimes or ethics violations. Rather, he is being targeted by Republicans for… Source ….. Read More.Washington Monthly – General Political | Politics & GovernmentMon, September 13, 20214 days ago

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Democrats Can Celebrate Newsom’s Victory, but They Still Face Daunting Threats in Upcoming Electio...

Democrats Can Celebrate Newsom’s Victory, but They Still Face Daunting Threats in Upcoming Electio…California Democrats avoided the apocalypse. Gavin Newsom crushed the recall that once seemed to have a plausible shot at unseating him and replacing him with, in all likelihood, the conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder, who favors banning all abortions as well as sex ed, loves Donald Trump, and can be seen on Fox News hawking pain relief concoctions. After early polls suggested a close… Source ….. Read More.Washington Monthly – General Political | Politics & GovernmentWed, September 15, 20212 days ago

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The California Recall Was a Warning

The California Recall Was a WarningGovernor Gavin Newsom of California defeated yesterday’s recall election by a large enough margin to squash earlier Republican threats to challenge the results no matter the outcome. But the proliferation of those allegations of voter fraud before the election, including ungrounded claims from former President Donald Trump that the contest was “rigged,” point toward an ominous future in which more GOP candidates challenge the results of any election that they do not win.Although Trump, Larry Elder (the leading GOP candidate to replace Newsom), and other Republicans had repeatedly raised unspecified allegations of fraud in recent days, those same claims were muted after the “no” position on the recall quickly established a commanding 8-to-1 advantage as the first results arrived last night. Elder, in his remarks to supporters, did not repeat any of his fraud claims and used the word “defeat” to describe the outcome. California…

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Just Give Every American an ID

Just Give Every American an IDDemocrats in Congress are considering a policy that was long unthinkable: a federal requirement that every American show identification before casting a ballot. But as the party tries to pass voting-rights legislation before the next election, it is ignoring a companion proposal that could ensure that a voter-ID law leaves no one behind—an idea that is as obvious as it is historically controversial. What if the government simply gave an ID card to every voting-age citizen in the country?Voter-ID requirements are the norm in many countries, as Republicans are fond of pointing out. But so are national ID cards. In places such as France and Germany, citizens pick up their identity card when they turn 16 and present it once they’re eligible to vote. Out of nearly 200 countries across the world, at least 170 have some form of national ID or are implementing one,…

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Gavin Newsom Could Be in Real Trouble

Gavin Newsom Could Be in Real TroubleWe did not meet at the French Laundry.Gavin Newsom, the California governor who faces a recall election on September 14, hasn’t been back to the extravagantly expensive Napa Valley restaurant since he dined there with lobbyists last year in violation of his own COVID-19 restrictions. We met instead at a café in a nonprofit bookstore in the Mission District—much more on message.Newsom had just made the first stop on his Delta-constrained campaign to persuade Californians to vote no on the recall. He’d spoken with volunteers who had been helpfully positioned for the media at five tables along the sidewalk. He’d scolded reporters at a press conference, reminding them that the recall effort was funded by right-wing Republicans who—according to Newsom—completely misunderstood what makes California great. He’d tried for Jed Bartlet–style lines in his aging Sam Seaborn body. At the café, he quickly ate a…

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How Delta Beat Biden

How Delta Beat BidenJoe Biden’s “mission accomplished” moment came on the Fourth of July.Standing behind a lectern adorned with the presidential seal, he peered out at the hundreds of maskless guests drinking beer and eating pulled pork on the South Lawn of the White House. “Thanks to our heroic vaccine effort, we’ve gained the upper hand against this virus,” Biden said. “We can live our lives, our kids can go back to school, our economy is roaring back.” Surely there was reason to celebrate. When he’d taken office six months earlier, more than 3,000 people were dying from COVID-19 each day; the death toll was now down to about 200 a day. When Donald Trump left Washington, D.C., on the morning of Biden’s inauguration, new cases were averaging 195,000 a day; by July 4, that figure had plunged to about 12,000. Biden’s tone was triumphant. The disease hadn’t “been vanquished,”…

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