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The Groups Bringing Forum Culture to Facebook

The Groups Bringing Forum Culture to FacebookOver the past few years, thousands of groups with nonsensical names have cropped up all over Facebook. You’ll find these groups tagged in the comments sections on articles, photos, and videos, and in other groups. Their names read like comments themselves: “I’m disappointed, but I still love you,” “Is this a bootlickers fetish convention?” and “this post mugged and murdered my parents in an alleyway.” They’re called tag groups, and they have taken over Facebook.Earlier this month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at the company’s annual developer conference to declare that the company would completely overhaul its platform to focus on one product: groups. More than 400 million of Facebook’s 2.37 billion monthly users are already participating in groups, according to the company, and Zuckerberg reiterated again on Instagram that Facebook believes its future is as a network of small communities. “We’re…

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Tucker Carlson’s descent into white supremacy: A timeline

Tucker Carlson’s descent into white supremacy: A timelineMelissa Joskow / Media Matters July 6, 2007: Carlson said President Barack Obama “sounds like a pothead.” During his tenure as a host on MSNBC, Carlson discussed a speech then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) gave during his first presidential campaign, asking, “How high is this guy?” and if “he always talks between bong hits.” August 24, 2007: Carlson called the NAACP “a sad joke that should be shut down.” Carlson discussed former NFL player Michael Vick’s guilty plea to dogfighting charges and asserted that the NAACP was defending Vick. Carlson called the organization “a sad joke that should be shut down, I think, immediately for the sake of everybody.” January 11, 2010: Carlson said that when Democrats say then-Sen. Harry Reid supports civil rights, “what they’re saying is he’s for racial set-asides.” While criticizing Democrats who defended then-Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)…

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Instagram and Facebook Ban Far-Right Extremists

Instagram and Facebook Ban Far-Right ExtremistsIn an effort to contain misinformation and extremism that has increasingly spread across the platform, Instagram has banned several prominent right-wing extremists.Specifically, Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have banned Alex Jones, Infowars, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Paul Nehlen, and Louis Farrakhan under their policies against dangerous individuals and organizations.Infowars is subject to the strictest ban. Any account that shares Infowars content will see the content removed; if an account violates terms on multiple occasions it will be banned. Facebook and Instagram will remove any content containing Infowars videos, radio segments, or articles, and Facebook will remove any Groups set up to share Infowars content and Events promoting any of the banned extremist figures, according to a company spokesperson. (Twitter, YouTube, and Apple have also banned Alex Jones and Infowars.)[Read: Jack Dorsey’s dangerous defense of Alex Jones]Jones, Yiannopoulos, Watson, Loomer, Nehlen, and…

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Thom Hartmann: The GOP Is Hell-Bent on Locking Up Women

Thom Hartmann: The GOP Is Hell-Bent on Locking Up WomenDuring Mike Pence’s first year as governor of Indiana, his state put a young woman in prison for having a miscarriage, alleging that she’d taken an abortion-causing drug. Purvi Patel didn’t have a trace of such a drug in her system, but Pence’s state sentenced her to 20 years in prison anyway. Just a few years earlier, Indiana had also held Bei Bei Shuai for 435 days in the brutal maximum security Marion County prison, facing 45 years to life for trying to kill herself and, in the process, causing the death of her 33-week fetus. Utah charged 28-year-old Melissa Ann Rowland with murder because she refused a C-section, preferring vaginal birth for her twins, and one of them died. Sixteen-year-old Rennie Gibbs was charged by the state of Mississippi with “depraved heart murder” when her baby was born dead because…

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Flying Cars Are Actually Flying Now

Flying Cars Are Actually Flying NowIt has a sleek black pill of a body, with two rigid, white arms sprouting from its sides. It looks, in other words, like an iPad had a baby with a crop duster, or like a Volkswagen Bug from a future designed by Bjork. In the video, it sits on a small, square tarmac, surrounded by grass, then begins to purr and buzz. In a nearby hangar, a group of attractive young Germans stand and watch intently.And then, slowly, the vibrating thing rises from the ground. Several feet of air open between its body and the tarmac. It is flying. It has neither a small plane’s propeller, nor a helicopter’s immense rotor, nor a drone’s spidery appendages. Yet it is flying all the same.On Thursday, the German startup Lilium announced that it had completed its first test of that strange and buzzing vehicle, the five-seater…

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Tea Channels Are Feeding YouTube Feuds

Tea Channels Are Feeding YouTube FeudsIn 2016, James Charles was a high-school student in upstate New York. He was an aspiring makeup artist who’d do his friend’s faces for practice and small amounts of money, and brought a ring light to his senior photo shoot so his pictures looked perfect.Two years later, he had racked up more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube, launched his own makeup line, and become an icon in the online beauty community. He was named the first male spokesperson for CoverGirl and spent his time hobnobbing with celebrities like Kylie Jenner. He even walked the pink carpet at the Met gala this year.[Read: Why Met Gala attendees always screw up the theme]But last Friday, Charles was hit by a host of allegations, some petty and some more serious. And in the midst of it all, a rising class of social-media accounts was creating an ecosystem…

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