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What Gordon Sondland Does (And Doesn’t) Remember

What Gordon Sondland Does (And Doesn’t) RememberGordon Sondland this morning delivered the most damning congressional testimony against President Donald Trump since that of James Comey, the former FBI director whose firing led to a two-year investigation that consumed his presidency.But Sondland, Trump’s ambassador to the European Union, is no Jim Comey, whose seemingly photographic memory and extensive contemporaneous note-taking provided key evidence for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s obstruction-of-justice probe.“I’m not a note-taker, nor am I a memo writer. Never have been,” Sondland told the House Intelligence Committee this morning. Nor, it appears, does he have a particularly strong memory, and the frequent gaps in his recollection frustrated Democrats and emboldened Republicans who used them to undermine his credibility.Sondland’s most damaging statement was his categorical assertion that “yes,” there was a quid pro quo in Trump’s demand for Ukraine to announce investigations into the energy company Burisma and the 2016 election…

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“I cannot think of a greater health emergency”

“I cannot think of a greater health emergency”Health experts sound alarm about climate change’s growing and potential impact on kids, as detailed in annual report in medical journal The Lancet ….. Read More.CBS NEWS – Health | Consumers & ShoppingThu, November 14, 20197 days ago

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A Violent Epidemic Is Taking American Lives

A Violent Epidemic Is Taking American LivesTransgender Day of Remembrance falls annually on Nov. 20. Gwendolyn Ann Smith launched the commemoration in 1999, to remember Rita Hester, murdered a year earlier, and Chanelle Pickett, murdered three years before that. “No one I spoke with then knew who Chanelle Pickett was,” Smith reflected a dozen years later. “It seemed clear to me then that we were forgetting our past, and were — to paraphrase George Santayana — doomed to repeat it.” She launched “TDoR” to ensure that victims of anti-transgender violence weren’t forgotten, and to raise awareness of these hate crimes. In addition to mourning those who have been killed, trans activists and allies have organized “Trans Awareness Week” to precede the Day of Remembrance. As the advocacy group GLAAD describes it, the week is intended to spur “action … by educating the public about who transgender people are, sharing stories…

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Mayoral challenger Lena Taylor blasts Tom Barrett over public employee residency issue; Ba...

Mayoral challenger Lena Taylor blasts Tom Barrett over public employee residency issue; Ba…Taylor’s criticism came a day after a report in the Journal Sentinel that 28% of the city’s 6,438 employees now live outside the city. The campaign of Barrett, who fought against ending the requirement, called the criticism ‘absurd.’         ….. Read More.Journal Sentinel – Politics | Politics & GovernmentFri, November 15, 20195 days ago

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She Can’t Vote, but 2020 Democrats Want Her Support

She Can’t Vote, but 2020 Democrats Want Her SupportLAS VEGAS — One of the most sought-after presidential endorsements in a key early voting state is from a woman who cannot vote. As Democrats jockey for support in Nevada, a meeting with Astrid Silva, a 31-year-old immigrant rights activist who has become a public face of the “Dreamers,” has become a can’t-miss early stop. Silva has had dinner with Kamala Harris, policy roundtables with Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, and vegan tamales with Cory Booker. Just this week, after Pete Buttigieg saw she attended Supreme Court arguments on the program shielding her from deportation, the candidate called to make sure she knew he was supportive of her cause. Related Articles Dreamers Tell Trump and SCOTUS They Are Here to Stay by Sonali Kolhatkar John Roberts Holds Dreamers’ Lives in His Hands by Marjorie Cohn … ….. Read More.TRUTHDIG – Amy Goodman |…

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