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Andrew Yang’s ‘Department of the Attention Economy’ Is Why Libertarians ...

Andrew Yang’s ‘Department of the Attention Economy’ Is Why Libertarians …For a self-styled digital native who stresses “21st century solutions” to today’s problems, presidential hopeful Andrew Yang has a decidedly 20th century way of addressing what he considers to be problems: spend more, regulate more. As Reason’s Billy Binion noted, the tech entrepreneur’s proposals about “Regulating Technology Firms in the 21st Century” involve a lot of unwise monkeying around with “Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act; the landmark legislation protects social media companies from facing certain liabilities for third-party content posted by users online.” Like many other critics of online platforms (including progressives such as Elizabeth Warren and conservatives such as Josh Hawley), Yang buys into the nonexistent distinction between “publishers” and “platforms” as a means of regulating the speech and economic freedom of social media companies and website operators. In the same document, Yang also proposes to Create…

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Illinois governor’s order restricts timeout rooms in schools

Illinois governor’s order restricts timeout rooms in schoolsSPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Wednesday ordered the state’s public schools to immediately restrict the use of isolation rooms for students who don’t pose a clear safety risk. The Democrat said he directed the Illinois State Board of Education to issue emergency rules governing so-called timeout rooms after a published report […] ….. Read More.SEATTLE TIMES – Nation-World | U.S. & World NewsWed, November 20, 201945 mins ago

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Milwaukee County is hoping to tap a beer garden for one of the concourses at Mitchell Airp...

Milwaukee County is hoping to tap a beer garden for one of the concourses at Mitchell Airp…The County Department of Transportation is floating the idea of developing a beer garden at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, according to a county report sent to the county’s board of supervisors.        ….. Read More.JOURNAL SENTINEL – General News | United States NewsWed, November 20, 20193 hours ago

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What Gordon Sondland Does (And Doesn’t) Remember

What Gordon Sondland Does (And Doesn’t) RememberGordon Sondland this morning delivered the most damning congressional testimony against President Donald Trump since that of James Comey, the former FBI director whose firing led to a two-year investigation that consumed his presidency.But Sondland, Trump’s ambassador to the European Union, is no Jim Comey, whose seemingly photographic memory and extensive contemporaneous note-taking provided key evidence for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s obstruction-of-justice probe.“I’m not a note-taker, nor am I a memo writer. Never have been,” Sondland told the House Intelligence Committee this morning. Nor, it appears, does he have a particularly strong memory, and the frequent gaps in his recollection frustrated Democrats and emboldened Republicans who used them to undermine his credibility.Sondland’s most damaging statement was his categorical assertion that “yes,” there was a quid pro quo in Trump’s demand for Ukraine to announce investigations into the energy company Burisma and the 2016 election…

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“I cannot think of a greater health emergency”

“I cannot think of a greater health emergency”Health experts sound alarm about climate change’s growing and potential impact on kids, as detailed in annual report in medical journal The Lancet ….. Read More.CBS NEWS – Health | Consumers & ShoppingThu, November 14, 20197 days ago

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