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France stars pose with Superbowl-style rings to mark World Cup win

France stars pose with Superbowl-style rings to mark World Cup winThe rings, based on the bling given to winners of the NFL’s Superbowl, were the brainchild of Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann, as a physical celebration of their triumph in Russia. ….. Read More.DAILY MAIL – Top Sports Stories | Sports & RecreationWed, March 20, 20198 hours ago

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Wife of California principal is charged with trying to kill him

Wife of California principal is charged with trying to kill himCalifornia’s Maria Vides, 39, has been charged with the attempted premeditated murder of husband, Paul Shatswell, 45, who is not expected to survive, after she allegedly shot him on Saturday. ….. Read More.DAILY MAIL – Top U.S. Stories | U.S. National NewsThu, March 21, 20191 hour ago

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Ryan named to board of new Fox Corp.

Ryan named to board of new Fox Corp.Former House Speaker Paul Ryan has been named to the board of the new Fox Corporation. The newly spun-off media company will house assets including Fox News Channel and Fox Broadcast Network. It’s a new phase for billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s media business after the sale of Twenty-First… Click on Headline Above to Read Story. ….. Read More.WISCONSIN REPORT – People, Places, Politics Since 2002Tue, March 19, 20192 days ago

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The Reason Conspiracy Videos Work So Well on YouTube

The Reason Conspiracy Videos Work So Well on YouTubeCataloging the conspiracies on offer on YouTube is a fool’s errand, but let’s try: fake moon landing, flat earth , 9/11 stuff, the illuminati, anti-vaxxer propaganda, medical quackery, Qanon,  Nikola Tesla and the pyramids, fiat currency, global cooling, lizard people, robot overlords, time travel, and many even odder things you’ve probably never heard of.Last month, YouTube said it would stop recommending “content that could misinform users in harmful ways—such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, claiming the earth is flat, or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11.”But the conspiracy videos continue to burble up in the great seething mass of moving pictures.  Earlier this week, in a report on the continued success of conspiracy videos on the platform, The New York Times’ Kevin Roose observed, “many young people have absorbed a YouTube-centric worldview, including rejecting…

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Instagram is the new home for Alex Jones and Infowars

Instagram is the new home for Alex Jones and InfowarsMelissa Joskow / MMFA Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been using Instagram to regularly post Infowars videos that often include hate speech, conspiracy theories, and appearances from other extremist figures banned by the platform. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is the only major social media platform that still permits Jones’ use after he and several other Infowars-affiliated accounts were banned from Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify in August 2018. In the wake of those bans, Jones has made Instagram his new home on social media. Jones’ Instagram account, @real_alexjones, gained over 100,000 followers in the months following his Facebook ban. And since December, Jones has been posting short clips, longer IGTV episodes, and live broadcasts of the widely banned conspiracy theory outlet Infowars. Most of the descriptions attached to these Instagram posts also contain links to Infowars’ site. Jones’ Instagram…

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Congress Grows a Spine

Congress Grows a SpineThe War Powers Act, which Congress passed in 1973, and the National Emergencies Act, which it approved three years later, were both intended to curb presidential power grabs. But until last week, Congress had never used them for that purpose. We can thank Donald Trump for this belated attempt to enforce the Constitution’s separation of powers. Trump is hardly the first president to use the military however he likes without bothering to ask permission from Congress, which has the constitutional power to declare war. U.S. participation in the Saudi campaign against Houthi rebels in Yemen, the target of last week’s War Powers Act vote, may be appalling on humanitarian grounds, but it is less direct than the bombs and missiles that Barack Obama deployed against Muammar Gadafi’s regime in Libya. In that case, Obama claimed the War Powers Act did not apply, because blowing up Libyan targets…

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