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Netflix Begins Production on Part-Yiddish Series ‘Unorthodox’

Netflix Begins Production on Part-Yiddish Series ‘Unorthodox’Netflix has announced the start of production on its Yiddish- and English-language German series “Unorthodox,” which is shooting in Berlin. The streaming giant is partnering with “Deutschland 83” creator Anna Winger on the original four-part miniseries which will be directed by “Deutschland 83” and “Deutschland 86” star Maria Schrader. Based on a novel by Deborah […] ….. Read More.VARIETY – Entertainment | Movies & TelevisionTue, May 21, 20192 hours ago

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When Abuse Victims Commit Crimes

When Abuse Victims Commit CrimesOn a morning this past March, two dozen women gathered on a Harlem sidewalk. Many had been released from prison over the past decade. They were boarding a charter bus to Albany, where they hoped to persuade state senators to vote for a new bill that could keep women like them—victims of domestic violence—from getting sent to prison. The bill in question, the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act, which was signed into law this past week, gives judges more options when sentencing individuals who have been convicted of violence against abusive partners or other crimes that such partners had coerced them into committing. Instead of being required to hand out predetermined sentences for particular crimes, judges could instead mete out shorter prison terms or avoid incarceration altogether.Several of the women on the bus that day spent years in prison for acts involving abusive partners. One told…

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What Fran McCaffery likes about freshman guard CJ Fredrick

What Fran McCaffery likes about freshman guard CJ FredrickIowa coach Fran McCaffery thinks Fredrick, a 6-foot-3 guard who redshirted, will be able to help replace Isaiah Moss at shooting guard.          ….. Read More.DES MOINES REGISTER – Sports | Sports & RecreationMon, May 20, 20191 day ago

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The Problem With the SAT’s Idea of Objectivity

The Problem With the SAT’s Idea of ObjectivityStudents taking the SAT will soon be subjected to a new kind of assessment. On top of their math and verbal results, indicating what knowledge they were able to summon internally while taking the exam, they’ll be placed along a scale of adversity: a representation of the external. By calculating students’ social, economic, and family background, the College Board hopes to add new context to students’ test scores. Evaluating students on factors far beyond their control may seem a novel attempt in leveling the playing field, but in some ways, it actually brings the test closer to its conflicted origins.The adversity index was first piloted by 10 schools in 2017. It consists of 15 factors meant to approximate the degree of disadvantage a student has faced, including the crime rate in her neighborhood, the rigor of her high-school curriculum, and the estimated education…

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