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Trump Wants You To Be Afraid of Socialism

Trump Wants You To Be Afraid of SocialismPresident Donald Trump and the Republican Party are reviving the Red Scare as a central tactic of his 2020 campaign to retain the White House. In Trump’s view, a socialist system is synonymous with poverty and despair, government coercion, domination and control. It is antithetical to liberty and independence. This approach might seem curious, given that interest in socialist ideas is at an-all time high in the United States, as ordinary people react to an out-of-control capitalist system designed to enrich the rich. Trump and his party are betting that good, old-fashioned American individualism will overcome any desire for greater collectivism and more government-funded social programs. If there is any doubt that this is guiding his path to reelection, Trump’s President’s Day speech on Venezuela is Exhibit A. During his roughly 30-minute address, Trump used the words “socialism,” “socialist,” “communism” or “communist” 36…

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FCC Report 2/17: New Proposed Rulemaking Seeks To Streamline Non-Comm & LPFM Applicati...

FCC Report 2/17: New Proposed Rulemaking Seeks To Streamline Non-Comm & LPFM Applicati… FCC Actions The FCC has issued a proposed rulemaking for how they process and license competing applications for non-commercial and LPFM stations. The rulemaking proposes to simplify the procedures by: Eliminate the current requirement that NCE applicants amend their governing documents to pledge that localism/diversity be maintained in order to receive points as “established local applicants” and for “diversity of ownership” Improve the NCE tie-breaker process and reduce the need for mandatory time-sharing Clarify aspects of the “holding period” rule by which NCE permittees must maintain the characteristics for which they received comparative preferences and points Reclassify as “minor” gradual changes in governing boards with respect to non-stock and membership LPFM and NCE applicants Extend the LPFM construction period from 18-months to a full three years Allow the assignment/transfer of LPFM construction permits after an 18-month holding…

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Human Smugglers Are Thriving Under Trump

Human Smugglers Are Thriving Under TrumpIn his quest to build a border wall, President Donald Trump has warned of jobs stolen from American workers, suburbs terrorized by criminal aliens, and desperate migrant caravans headed north. Lately, though, he has found a favorite new target in the “ruthless coyotes” and “vicious cartels” that smuggle migrants into the United States. “Tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate—it is actually very cruel,” Trump said in his State of the Union address. “Smugglers use migrant children as human pawns to exploit our laws and gain access to our country.”Yet Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policies have made America’s historically weak anti-smuggling efforts even weaker. Over the past two years, as smuggling networks have thrived, the Department of Homeland Security has shifted money and manpower away from more complex investigations to support the administration’s all-out push to arrest, detain, and deport immigrants here illegally. Hundreds of…

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Will Anyone Save Black Colleges?

Will Anyone Save Black Colleges?Bennett College needed to collect $5 million to survive. The historically black women’s college in Greensboro, North Carolina, was appealing a decision to revoke its accreditation—based largely on its feeble financial situation—and wanted to show that it could raise funds. The school gave itself 50 days to prove its case.Donations dribbled in from everywhere: $10,000 from a local credit union; $40,000 from Mount Zion Baptist Church; $1 and $10 and $50 donations from students; $500,000 from Papa John’s, which has been trying to rehab its image with the black community after its founder made a racist remark on a conference call; $77.25 from students at the Erwin Montessori elementary school. The money trickled in and the clock ticked as the school raced toward its February 1 deadline to raise the money. With two days left, Bennett was only 62 percent of the way to its goal;…

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Trump Warns There Cannot Be War and Investigation

Trump Warns There Cannot Be War and InvestigationMcSTREAMY.COM – U.S. President Donald J. Trump encourages bipartisanship, then warns Congress in the State of the Union speech, “for Peace and Legislation there cannot be War and Investigation”. He also opines, if he wouldn’t have been elected in 2016, there would have been war with Korea. To read more about these topics and other […] ….. Read More.McSTREAMY.COM – Fun, News and Entertainment | This, That and The OtherTue, February 5, 20192 weeks ago

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The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race: A Cheat SheetThe Bern is back.Vermont’s democratic-socialist senator is running for president again, he announced Tuesday morning. With Joe Biden still waiting on the sidelines, Sanders immediately becomes the highest-profile Democrat in the race—even though, as his detractors like to point out, he’s actually an independent who caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate. Given Sanders’s strong showing in the 2016 race, it was easy to think of his second run as a foregone conclusion, but Sanders hesitated before jumping into the already crowded field of Democratic contenders.Some pundits deemed Sanders the 2020 Democratic frontrunner as early as 2017, but there are plausible cases for both a positive and negative outlook. For the former, Sanders has shown that he can run a big-time campaign and draw astonishing grassroots support and fundraising. And while Sanders’s campaign centered around his sometimes meandering, hectoring advocacy for leftist policies,…

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