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  • Bernie Sanders’s Expansive Student-Debt-Cancellation Plan
    Democratic presidential hopefuls are full of ideas about what to do with the nation’s $1.6 trillion of student debt. Today, Senator Bernie Sanders announced the most expansive proposal of those the candidates have suggested thus far. Sanders, along with Representatives Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Pramila Jayapal of Washington, introduced new legislation to cancel all student debt—yes, all student debt—and make public colleges debt-free.The thing that most sets their proposal apart from others that have come before it is that it includes no income or other restrictions, meaning even doctors and lawyers, who tend to carry a lot of debt but also tend to be well paid, would be eligible. When asked at a press conference this morning why his proposal would extend to such top-earners, Sanders responded, “I believe in universality and that means if Donald Trump wants to send his kids to a public school, he can do… ..... Read More.
    THE ATLANTIC – Education | This, That and The OtherMon, June 24, 2019
    4 weeks ago
  • Amazon Ring Will Survive the Anti-Surveillance Backlash
    In most cases, when police want to search your neighborhood, they need a warrant and a reason to believe something’s amiss. Now, “reasonable suspicion” is going the way of dial-up. Fifty police departments across the United States are partnering with Amazon to collect footage from people who use Ring, the company’s internet-connected doorbell. Some are offering discounted or free Ring doorbells in exchange for a pledge to register the devices with law enforcement and submit all requested footage. Amazon has also filed patents to expand its Ring line beyond doorbells and into cameras mounted on motor vehicles; inside baby monitors and wearable “smart glasses”; even atop security drones that circle your home and call the police if they detect a disturbance.In a statement to The Atlantic, a spokesperson for Amazon Ring said the company doesn’t endorse the giveaways that require users to hand over footage, and noted that most of… ..... Read More.
    THE ATLANTIC – Technology | Internet & TechnologyMon, June 24, 2019
    4 weeks ago
  • Consensus, partnerships and teamwork propel FAO to future
    A new spirit of consensus, the embracing of partnerships and a new cross-disciplinary teamwork approach to tackling food security challenges are now hallmarks of how the Food and Organization operates, outgoing Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva said at the opening of the UN agency’s biennial conference. ..... Read More. – Ag News | Farming & AgricultureMon, June 24, 2019
    4 weeks ago
  • How a Bad Night’s Sleep Birthed the Sound Conditioner
    For nearly six decades, a beige, dome-shaped apparatus has lurked in bedrooms, offices, and waiting rooms, where it is heard but not seen. In fact, not noticing is what the electromechanical sound conditioner is all about. This unobtrusive device helps millions of Americans sleep and concentrate by hushing the world around them. Manufactured by the North Carolina company Marpac, the device has had a number of names in its lifetime—among them the Sleep-Mate, the Sound Screen, and the Sound-o-Sleep.However, the sound it produces has never changed—a nimbus of noise opaque enough to mask intrusive sounds or private speech, but muffled and mellow enough to be forgotten. Today, rebranded as Dohm, the humble appliance holds its own in a crowded marketplace of digital comfort sounds, competing against ocean-wave machines and rainfall apps by being, well, more ignorable. This post is adapted from Hagood’s new book.  The sound conditioner is one of the… ..... Read More.
    THE ATLANTIC – Technology | Internet & TechnologySun, June 23, 2019
    4 weeks ago
  • Qu Dongyu of China elected FAO Director-General
    Qu Dongyu of China was elected Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) today. Qu Dongyu received a total of 108 votes out of 191 cast, constituting a majority in the first round. ..... Read More. – Ag News | Farming & AgricultureFri, June 21, 2019
    4 weeks ago
  • Graça Machel calls for disrupting the agricultural sector to achieve Zero Hunger
    Considering the challenges of migration, the scourge of hunger and malnutrition, and the lack of investment in rural development, there is an immediate need to “change the way we do business”, scale up hunger-ending initiatives, and “disrupt the agricultural sector as whole”. This was Graça Machel’s message to participants at the opening of the 41st Session of the FAO Conference on the challenges and opportunities of reaching Zero Hunger. ..... Read More. – Ag News | Farming & AgricultureFri, June 21, 2019
    4 weeks ago
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