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Mick Mulvaney Dreamed of Shutting Down the Government. Then He Got to Do It.

Mick Mulvaney Dreamed of Shutting Down the Government. Then He Got to Do It.On December 22, 2018, Mick Mulvaney achieved a major milestone in his political career: He signed a piece of paper officially shutting down a wide swath of the federal government. Mulvaney, then serving as the director of Office of Management and Budget in Donald Trump’s administration, was no stranger to shutdown politics. As a U.S. House member representing South Carolina between 2011 and 2017, Mulvaney earned a reputation as the leader of a group of hardline conservatives who were unafraid to use the threat of a shutdown to advance their spending priorities. In 2013, Mulvaney and his fellow fiscal conservatives achieved just that, forcing the federal government into a 16-day shutdown as part of an unsuccessful effort to block funding for Barack Obama’s signature health care bill. But in 2018, after Trump and Congress failed to come…

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Supreme Court Skeptical in That Could Hobble Consumer Watchdog

Supreme Court Skeptical in That Could Hobble Consumer WatchdogThe justices heard a challenge to the way Congress funded the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau but seemed persuaded that it was constitutional. ….. Read More.THE NEW YORK TIMES – Business | Business & CommerceTue, October 3, 20238 hours ago

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A Final Chapter Unbefitting an Extraordinary Legacy

A Final Chapter Unbefitting an Extraordinary LegacySenator Dianne Feinstein, who died last night at 90, braved one of the most remarkable political expeditions in American history—and also one of the grimmer spectacles at the end of her life and career.Is it too soon to point this out? Yes, perhaps. With the official notice of her death today, Feinstein received her just and proper tributes, hitting all the key markers: How Di-Fi, as she is known in Washington shorthand, had stepped in as mayor of San Francisco after her predecessor was assassinated in 1978. How she was a fervent proponent of gun safety, the longest-serving woman in the Senate, and the chamber’s oldest member. How, as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, she presided over the preparation of an incriminating report describing the CIA’s torture of suspected terrorists in secret prisons around the world. How she was a trailblazer, stateswoman, powerhouse,…

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Matt Gaetz Is Already Criticizing the Acting Speaker Of the House For ‘Moving In the Wrong Directi...

Matt Gaetz Is Already Criticizing the Acting Speaker Of the House For ‘Moving In the Wrong Directi…Hours after organizing the removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as speaker of the House, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) had some choice words for his (temporary) replacement. Gaetz filed a motion to vacate the chair, thus triggering a vote of the House on whether to oust McCarthy. Just eight Republicans joined 208 Democrats in voting “Yea,” but that was more than enough that were needed to join a united Democratic front to remove McCarthy. The Florida lawmaker made the rounds on television afterward and at one point landed on Newsmax’s The Balance, where he griped about Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry (R-NC). “I have a lot of friends in Congress,” said host Eric Bolling. “A lot of congresspeople, whether they support you vocally and publicly or not, a lot of them felt, ‘Yes, you…

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Loss of 12 newborns sparks outrage and inquiry in Indian hospital

Loss of 12 newborns sparks outrage and inquiry in Indian hospitalTwelve infants died in one day at a hospital in the Indian state of Maharashtra, sparking a political storm on Tuesday with opposition politicians accusing the regional government and hospital authorities of negligence. The infants died on Sunday and were among 24 deaths recorded that day at the Shankarrao Chavan Government Hospital in the Nanded district, some 373 miles from India’s financial capital Mumbai, hospital officials and local media said. “My brother’s one-day old infant died on Sunday at the hospital, and he was the fifth baby to die. We saw four more babies die in front of us,” said Yogesh Solanki, whose family brought the baby to the hospital. Solanki said the neo-natal unit of the hospital, where the infants were being treated, was very crowded on Sunday, with four to five babies in one incubator, which was otherwise…

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What Mitt Romney Saw in the Senate

What Mitt Romney Saw in the SenatePhotographs by Yael MalkaFor most of his life, Mitt Romney has nursed a morbid fascination with his own death, suspecting that it might assert itself one day suddenly and violently.He controls what he can, of course. He wears his seat belt, and diligently applies sunscreen, and stays away from secondhand smoke. For decades, he’s followed his doctor’s recipe for longevity with monastic dedication—the lean meats, the low-dose aspirin, the daily 30-minute sessions on the stationary bike, heartbeat at 140 or higher or it doesn’t count.He would live to 120 if he could. “So much is going to happen!” he says when asked about this particular desire. “I want to be around to see it.” But some part of him has always doubted that he’ll get anywhere close.He has never really interrogated the cause of this preoccupation, but premonitions of death seem to follow him….

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