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  • LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian grab dinner with Brandi Glanville and new boyfriend
    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian step out for dinner with his ex Brandi Glanville and her new boyfriend to celebrate former pair's son's 14th birthday. The ladies recently bedded their beef after years ..... Read More.
    DAILY MAIL – Top Showbiz Stories | Entertainment NewsFri, April 16, 2021
    33 mins ago
  • Harry Potter and Peaky Blinders actress Helen McCrory dies at 52 after cancer battle
    The actress, who played Polly Gray in Peaky Blinders and Narcissa Malfoy in the Potter franchise, died at home while surrounded by 'peace and love', husband Damian Lewis said. ..... Read More.
    DAILY MAIL – Top Showbiz Stories | Entertainment NewsFri, April 16, 2021
    33 mins ago
  • Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Rober to Host YouTube Livestream Event for Autism Awareness
    Jimmy Kimmel and YouTube creator Mark Rober are partnering to host “Color The Spectrum: A Livestream To Support The Autism Community,” a three-hour long event to raise money for the group Next For Autism. Rober, the former NASA engineer who has turned into a YouTube sensation via videos that explore mechanics and science, will livestream […] ..... Read More.
    VARIETY – Entertainment | Movies & TelevisionFri, April 16, 2021
    34 mins ago
  • The GOP Is Raising Money Off Tucker Carlson’s Racism
    Recent Republican fundraising efforts have been ugly and, worse, have fueled conspiracy theories, hatred, and demagoguery. Sen. Josh Hawley and Donald Trump have raised millions off the Big Lie about the 2020 election. Sen. Ted Cruz this week sent out an email enticing contributions by offering anyone who donates to his campaign war chest a vote on whether “we machine gun [John Boehner’s new memoirs], take a chainsaw to it, or burn the book to light cigars.” (In his book, the former Republican House Speaker slams Cruz as a “reckless asshole who thinks he is smarter than everyone else.” And a bunch of GOP politicos have rattled the cup with false claims that Dr. Seuss was being canceled. But perhaps the foulest fundraising email of recent weeks came a few days ago when the Republican National Committee sought to haul in money by slyly embracing Tucker Carlson’s racism. The email… ..... Read More.
    MOTHER JONES – Politics | Politics & GovernmentFri, April 16, 2021
    36 mins ago
  • Raul Castro confirms he’s handing over leadership of Cuba’s Communist Party
    Raul Castro confirmed he was handing over the leadership of Cuba's all-powerful Communist Party to a younger generation that was "full of passion and anti-imperialist spirit" at its congress that kicked off on Friday. ..... Read More.
    CBC News – General World News | World News & EventsFri, April 16, 2021
    42 mins ago
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