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Hillary Clinton Says She Was Right All Along

Hillary Clinton Says She Was Right All AlongSpencer Platt/GettyOnly one Democrat other than Joe Biden has experience running for president against Donald Trump, and she’s not quite over 2016, or confident that Biden will be able to do what she couldn’t.Hillary Clinton has been in lockdown like everyone else. It feels like Groundhog Day, she told me Wednesday afternoon. But existential exhaustion looks different for a woman who has spent the past four years thinking about the final month of the 2016 election—and who worries that Vladimir Putin, disinformation, and our deep political divides will still threaten American democracy even if Biden wins.In many ways, Clinton feels vindicated by how the Trump presidency has played out, and by what Americans have learned about him over the past four years—including the recent revelation that he paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2017. That “was even worse than I thought…

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Former Marshall football player sentenced for child porn

Former Marshall football player sentenced for child pornHUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) – A former Marshall football player has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for sending videos of children engaged in sexual conduct to an undercover FBI agent. Jeremiah Taylor, 32, of Huntington was sentenced in federal court for distributing child pornography, U.S. Attorney Mike ….. Read More.WASHINGTON TIMES – Sports | Sports & RecreationTue, October 20, 20201 hour ago

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Trump’s Wild Lies Down the Election Homestretch Are Not Crazy

Trump’s Wild Lies Down the Election Homestretch Are Not CrazyIf you’ve had any conversations about politics lately, you’ve probably heard the sentiment or even expressed it yourself: “I’m exhausted.” It has become a common response to the relentless chaos, falsehoods, and demagoguery coming from the president. Score one for Donald Trump whenever someone wilts under the barrage. What can seem like dizzying insanity is by design. If you aren’t among the minority of Americans subscribing to the Trump cult, then he wants you to give up. When people are constantly pummeled with confusion, conflict, and outrage, some will stop paying attention and check out. There’s work to do, bills to pay, kids to Zoom-school, a raging pandemic to worry about. It can feel like it’s not worth the effort needed to sort out what’s true or false. Meanwhile, repeated lies gain traction. With the vague sense that everything is an…

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Coronavirus update: Ohio emerges as new hot spot, Pfizer vaccine may be available soon

Coronavirus update: Ohio emerges as new hot spot, Pfizer vaccine may be available soonExperts are questioning the effectiveness of remdesivir By Mark Huffman of ConsumerAffairs October 16, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) tally as compiled by Johns Hopkins University. (Previous numbers in parentheses.) Total U.S. confirmed cases: 7,988,893 (7,927,975) Total U.S. deaths: 217,904 (217,155) Total global cases: 39,032,342 (38,620,496) Total global deaths: 1,099,950 (1,093,921) Ohio emerges as a new hot spot Ohio is emerging as one of the nations coronavirus hot spots, setting two records this week for new cases of the virus. State health officials report that 2,178 people tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, bringing the statewide total to 175,843. Ohio is one of the states that appeared to have the virus under control during the summer before the recent surge in positive cases. “This is in stark contrast to not too long ago, September 20, barely a month ago…

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What the Rush to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett Is Really About

What the Rush to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett Is Really AboutNothing better explains the Republican rush to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court than the record crowds that thronged polling places for the first days of early voting this week in Georgia and Texas.The historic number of Americans who stood in long lines to cast their ballot in cities from Atlanta to Houston symbolizes the diverse, urbanized Democratic coalition that will make it very difficult for the GOP to win majority support in elections through the 2020s. That hill will get only steeper as Millennials and Generation Z grow through the decade to become the largest generations in the electorate.Every young conservative judge that the GOP has stacked onto the federal courts amounts to a sandbag against that rising demographic wave. Trump’s nominations to the Supreme Court of Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Barrett—whom a slim majority of…

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A Long List of Shady Financial Mysteries Trump Still Refuses to Explain

A Long List of Shady Financial Mysteries Trump Still Refuses to ExplainIt seems that Donald Trump’s closing message for his reelection campaign during a time of pandemic and economic crisis is this: Hunter Biden. In recent days, he has jumped on a misleading New York Post story about the business dealings of Joe Biden’s son—an allegation promoted by Rudy Giuliani and linked to a Russian disinformation operation—and slammed the Bidens as a “corrupt family,” claiming “Joe Biden personifies the selfish and corrupt globalists.” At campaign rallies, he has led largely mask-free crowds in chants of “lock him up,” referring to Biden. And Trump has called on Biden to release “all” records related to his  family’s business dealings, including any activity involving Russia and China. Stone, meet glass house. For years, Trump and his family—including his three adult children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka—have been implicated in questionable endeavors that raise…

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