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Jane Roe’s Baby Tells Her Story

Jane Roe’s Baby Tells Her StoryNearly half a century ago, Roe v. Wade secured a woman’s legal right to obtain an abortion. The ruling has been contested with ever-increasing intensity, dividing and reshaping American politics. And yet for all its prominence, the person most profoundly connected to it has remained unknown: the child whose conception occasioned the lawsuit.Roe’s pseudonymous plaintiff, Jane Roe, was a Dallas waitress named Norma McCorvey. Wishing to terminate her pregnancy, she filed suit in March 1970 against Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade, challenging the Texas laws that prohibited abortion. Norma won her case. But she never had the abortion. On January 22, 1973, when the Supreme Court finally handed down its decision, she had long since given birth—and relinquished her child for adoption.The Court’s decision alluded only obliquely to the existence of Norma’s baby: In his majority opinion, Justice Harry Blackmun noted that a “pregnancy…

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Why Should Biden Take the Fall for Trump’s Sweetheart Deal with the Taliban?

Why Should Biden Take the Fall for Trump’s Sweetheart Deal with the Taliban?The withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan has created something of a public opinion paradox: The withdrawal itself is popular with voters, but President Joe Biden’s approval rating has suffered substantially for doing it. Most galling for Democrats is that the Taliban’s swift victory was guaranteed not by Biden’s actions, but by sweetheart deals made by the Trump administration—deals that… Source ….. Read More.Washington Monthly – General Political | Politics & GovernmentTue, September 14, 20213 days ago

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PPM’s Double-Digit Radio Stations 2021

PPM’s Double-Digit Radio Stations 2021Last fall, when Radioinsight debuted its new, expanded ratings section, I took a “Fresh Listen” to the four PPM share champions, as well as cume leader WLTW (Lite FM) New York, as shown in ratings guru Chris Huff’s just-launched Ratings Top 50. The top four share leaders profiled were heritage stations that you would expect listeners to turn to during COVID-19: Classic Rock KSHE St. Louis and WHJY Providence, R.I.; Adult R&B WVKL Norfolk, Va., and AC WRCH (Lite 100.5) Hartford, Conn. All four of those stations were still in the top 10 when Huff did his latest calculations. WVKL is the No. 2-ranked station, and No. 1 music, trailing only N/T WLW Cincinnati. Listening levels have rebounded somewhat, radio usage has continued to evolve, and some of the unlikely winners of summer 2020 are at more typical levels. But the stations in the stratosphere are…

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Chesa Boudin, the Most Hated of the Progressive Prosecutors

Chesa Boudin, the Most Hated of the Progressive ProsecutorsLate one recent afternoon, Chesa Boudin logged onto Zoom to have a conversation with me while his wife was in labor. His critics see the 41-year-old San Francisco district attorney as a symbol of the progressive legal-reform movement’s excesses. But Boudin has also attracted national attention because his personal story is so extraordinary: When he was barely a toddler, his parents, David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, left him with a babysitter so they could rob a Brink’s armored car with fellow members of radical leftist militant groups. Participants in the robbery shot and killed two police officers and a security guard, and Boudin’s parents were both convicted of felony murder. Boudin was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, leaders of the Weather Underground who, along with Boudin’s birth parents, orchestrated anti-government bombings and anti-war protests, such as the violent 1969 Days…

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The Unmasked Avenger of Missouri

The Unmasked Avenger of MissouriThere’s a particular spot in Jefferson City, Missouri, the state capital, where you can walk a few yards and pass through three different sets of masking rules. Struggling against the heavy wooden doors of the state-supreme-court building and stepping through, you leave the zone of the city and county recommendations—mask when you can’t keep distance—and enter a space where masks are required by order of the court. From there, you can peer through a glass door into a government office, a parallel pandemic universe where no one can tell you what to put on your face—and where trying to do so is a form of government overreach and social control.This is the fiefdom of Eric Schmitt, the Missouri attorney general and Republican U.S. Senate candidate. Schmitt has routinely snagged national headlines throughout the pandemic for his habit of suing people, most recently over masks. He is…

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‘Unelect These Bastards!’ Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Goes Off on Republicans Standing by Tr...

‘Unelect These Bastards!’ Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Goes Off on Republicans Standing by Tr…Michael Steele, a former RNC chairman who has since become a vociferous critic of the Trump-era GOP, went off on the Republicans still standing by the big lie. Nicolle Wallace spoke with Steele about concerns of the upcoming “Justice for J6 rally,” describing it as a rally “for people who used flagpoles to maim and mutilate the bodies of the Capitol Police officers who protect them.” Steele said he’s alarmed by the “us against them” narrative that Trump in particular is pushing. “It really boils down to, Nicolle, how much the American people are willing to tolerate,” he continued. We just need to stop talking about these people as if this is somehow commonplace, normal, to even have that debate. No, we’re not going to debate “do we overthrow the government today or do we go…

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