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  • Politics This Week: Health Care And Obama’s Russia Reaction
    Two huge issues loom over Capitol Hill and the rest of the country: the Republican-engineered overhaul of the health care system and the Russian campaign to influence the last election. ..... Read More.
    NPR – Politics | Politics & GovernmentSun, June 25, 2017
    2 hours ago
  • ‘Washington Post’ Reporter Describes Obama’s Reaction To Russia Hacking
    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Washington Post reporter Greg Miller about his report on how the Obama administration reacted when they learned about Russian election meddling last year. ..... Read More.
    NPR – Politics | Politics & GovernmentSun, June 25, 2017
    2 hours ago
  • Congressman Proposes A Military ‘Space Corps’
    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with Republican Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama about a bipartisan bill that would create a new part of the military for space operations, called Space Corps. ..... Read More.
    NPR – Politics | Politics & GovernmentSun, June 25, 2017
    2 hours ago
  • In D.C., A Politics Camp For Girls
    The Young Women's Political Leadership Program in Washington, D.C. brings dozens of high school girls together each summer to talk about the mechanics and challenges of entering politics. ..... Read More.
    NPR – Politics | Politics & GovernmentSun, June 25, 2017
    2 hours ago
  • Atop 2017 losses, a sobering challenge for Democrats aiming at Trump next year
    Democrats have hoped that President Trump’s deep unpopularity would propel them to gains in next year’s midterm election as they fight to take control of the House and improve their position in the Senate. But last year’s contests and this year’s special elections suggest a complication: Trump ..... Read More.
    LOS ANGELES TIMES – Politics | Politics & GovernmentSun, June 25, 2017
    3 hours ago
  • The Kabuki Theater of the AHCA
    The United States has never had a Senate leader as ruthless, as willing to bend, distort and break the rules, traditions and precedents of the Senate as Mitch McConnell. And the Senate has probably never had a majority leader as effective at accomplishing his goals as Mitch McConnell—making even Lyndon Johnson look like a neophyte in comparison.That is why no one should believe that the McConnell-crafted health-policy bill is dead, despite the growing opposition and the fact that the overwhelming majority of health-policy analysts and health providers say the bill is a walking disaster. It eviscerates Medicaid—a program widely misunderstood as simply insurance for poor people, but which uses most of its money for long-term care for the elderly, and basic protection for the disabled and mentally ill populations. The overall Medicaid cuts, while spread over a longer time frame, are more severe than the draconian House bill!The McConnell bill… ..... Read More.
    THE ATLANTIC – Politics | Politics & GovernmentSun, June 25, 2017
    4 hours ago
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