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  • FCC Upholds Penalty Against Shelby’s Ala. Translator Violations
    The FCC has upheld a forfeiture against Shelby Broadcast Associates, licensee of an FM translator in Tarrant, Ala. In January, the Media Bureau had issued a notice of potential forfeiture for $16,500 for an unauthorized transmitting ERP on the translator, failure to file for an STA and false application certifications. Shelby responded in February. It did not dispute the violations but said that the forfeiture should be cancelled or reduced based on its inability to pay the fine. It cited the size of the fine in contrast to its gross revenue and expenses, indicating that the station has operated at a loss in two of the last three years. But the commission remained steadfast in its assessment. It said that “due to licensee’s history of noncompliance, including unauthorized operations, and the extended duration of the violations, we find no basis to reduce or cancel the proposed forfeiture and affirm the NAL. Shelby… ..... Read More.
    RADIO WORLD – News | Radio-TV Industry NewsFri, April 12, 2024
    29 mins ago
  • Digigram Acquires OROS
    Digigram has acquired OROS, a company that specializes in noise and vibration testing. From left: Yannick Balter of OROS and Jérémie Weber and Xavier Allanic of Digigram “This acquisition marks the acceleration of the group’s build-up strategy focused on critical audio,” Digigram said in the announcement. Terms were not disclosed. It said the sale expands its headcount to approximately 60 employees. Both companies were founded in 1985 in Grenoble and are based in France, but Digigram said it now has offices “stretching from the headquarters in Montbonnot to the companies’ subsidiaries based in Singapore, the United States and China.” “While the two companies already operate in different segments of the critical communications market, with customers in the civil and military aerospace and maritime sectors, their joint endeavors will increase their presence in the industrial, defense, security and transport markets,” Digigram said. Digigram products familiar to broadcasters include IP-based IQOYA codecs… ..... Read More.
    RADIO WORLD – News | Radio-TV Industry NewsFri, April 12, 2024
    51 mins ago
  • Woman Who Hugged Trump at Atlanta Chick-Fil-A Tells Fox & Friends Black Voters Find Trump ‘Hon...
    Fox & Friends co-host Lawrence Jones spoke to Michaelah Montgomery, a grassroots activist in Atlanta, Georgia as well as a supporter of former President Donald Trump. When asked on Wednesday what drew her and other young, Black voters to Trump, Montgomery stated that “they feel like he’s honest.” Montgomery, who is the founder of Conserve the Culture, was the woman who got a hug from Trump when he visited an Atlanta Chick-fil-A and could be heard on camera saying to him, “I don’t care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump, we support you.” Jones talked to Montgomery about how more Black voters are turning to Trump and away from President Joe Biden: Jones: What is it about him that is gravitating these young people toward the president? And a lot of people traditionally, Republicans, don’t do well in Black America. But a lot of young Black Americans… ..... Read More.
    MEDIAite – Radio/Tv/Internet News|TheTopNews.NetFri, April 12, 2024
    52 mins ago
  • Morning Joe Mocks Trump’s Claim He Doesn’t Want to Kill Obamacare With Damning Montage of Trump ...
    The producers behind MSNBC’s Morning Joe did some heavy lifting to illustrate just how former President Donald Trump has shifted his position on the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) by airing a damning montage of his past pledges to kill the widely popular health care program. “I’m not running to terminate the ACA, as Crooked Joe Biden says all over the place,” Trump recently averred in a video posted on Truth Social. “I’m running to close the border, stop inflation, make our economy great, strengthen our military, and make the ACA or Obamacare as it’s sometimes known. Much better, stronger, and far less expensive because it’s much too expensive now and it’s not very good.” If that position sounds significantly different from past comments Trump made about his plans for Obamacare, then Morning Joe brought the receipts to support that feeling. They aired a montage of Trump… ..... Read More.
    MEDIAite – Radio/Tv/Internet News|TheTopNews.NetFri, April 12, 2024
    1 hour ago
  • ‘This Congress is an Embarrassment!’ Dan Abrams Absolutely Nukes House and Senate With Bonkers S...
    NewsNation’s Dan Abrams ripped into the 118th Congress, accusing both major parties of being “dominated by members who want to score cheap political points and hone their personal brand.” “Everybody loves to hate Congress, right? But this is a different level,” Abrams said on Dan Abrams Live on Wednesday evening. Abrams, the founder of Mediaite, highlighted the House of Representatives shooting down that very day a procedural vote on reauthorizing FISA. “The House members who voted no today weren’t voting no on a bill. They were voting no on talking about a bill. It is the seventh time since 2023 that what’s called a rules vote has been defeated. Prior to this, a rules vote hadn’t failed since 2002,” Abrams reported. He highlighted just how unproductive this current Congress has been by comparing it to the least productive Congress of the last 50 years, the 112th Congress. Citing… ..... Read More.
    MEDIAite – Radio/Tv/Internet News|TheTopNews.NetFri, April 12, 2024
    2 hours ago
  • CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Breaks Bombshell News Trump Lawyer Evan Corcoran Leaves Team Trump — ‘Ma...
    CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins broke the bombshell news that Trump attorney Evan Corcoran has left former President Donald Trump’s legal team and noted he has been a “major witness” in the classified docs case. Just over a year ago, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected an appeal by Trump’s legal team seeking to block Corcoran from testifying and turning over documents to the Special Counsel Jack Smith-led Justice Department probe into Trump’s mishandling of classified information. Corcoran — who made copious notes and recordings — was then compelled to testify for Smith. On Thursday night’s edition of CNN’s The Source with Kaitlan Collins, Collins confirmed the news that Corcoran has left the Trump fold, and detailed the stunning developments he has been a part of in the case: KAITLAN COLLINS: I’ve got some breaking news for you, tonight. I’ve been speaking with sources, and can now report a key attorney has left Donald Trump’s legal team.… ..... Read More.
    MEDIAite – Radio/Tv/Internet News|TheTopNews.NetFri, April 12, 2024
    2 hours ago
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