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  • Chris Wallace Torches Biden for Promoting Boosters Ahead of FDA: ‘This is an Embarrassment’
    Chris Wallace did not mince words criticizing President Joe Biden’s public promotion of booster vaccination shots before the FDA and CDC had approved them. “This is an embarrassment,” the Fox News news anchor said, before ridiculing the Biden administration for what he said was its failure to heed its stated mission of listening to science. Wallace appeared on Ameria’s Newsroom for his regular Friday morning appearance in which he speaks on the news of the day and promotes his Sunday show on Fox. Filling in for Bill Hemmer, co-host John Roberts told his guest about the FDA meeting later on Friday to decide “whether or not to recommend booster shots.” Roberts, who self-identifies as a news anchor and not an opinion host, laughed mockingly at the Biden administration, saying, “The White House seems to have let the politics get ahead of this because they are already planning to… ..... Read More.
    MEDIAite – Radio/Tv/Internet News|TheTopNews.NetFri, September 17, 2021
    9 mins ago
  • PPM’s Double-Digit Radio Stations 2021
    Last fall, when Radioinsight debuted its new, expanded ratings section, I took a “Fresh Listen” to the four PPM share champions, as well as cume leader WLTW (Lite FM) New York, as shown in ratings guru Chris Huff’s just-launched Ratings Top 50. The top four share leaders profiled were heritage stations that you would expect listeners to turn to during COVID-19: Classic Rock KSHE St. Louis and WHJY Providence, R.I.; Adult R&B WVKL Norfolk, Va., and AC WRCH (Lite 100.5) Hartford, Conn. All four of those stations were still in the top 10 when Huff did his latest calculations. WVKL is the No. 2-ranked station, and No. 1 music, trailing only N/T WLW Cincinnati. Listening levels have rebounded somewhat, radio usage has continued to evolve, and some of the unlikely winners of summer 2020 are at more typical levels. But the stations in the stratosphere are at a level beyond… ..... Read More.
    RADIO INSIGHT – News | Radio-TV Industry NewsFri, September 17, 2021
    20 mins ago
  • Nick Saban Addresses His Affinity for ‘Deez’ Nuts Jokes: ‘It’s to Anybody’s Imagination’...
    After Alabama safety Jordan Battle outed Nick Saban’s affinity for immature and slightly indecent humor, the iconic college football coach was left to explain his frequent use of “deez nuts” jokes. Earlier this week, Battle had reporters cackling after he shared his favorite coaching quips from Saban, surprisingly answering the question with “suck on deez” and “touch deez.” On Thursday, the topic was broached by Jim Dunaway, the media guest for Saban’s radio show hosted by Alabama play-by-play voice Eli Gold. “You have a lot of things you do in the commercial break, signing autographs and stuff,” Dunaway said. “I was going to ask you if you need help holding something but I didn’t want to set you up for a joke ” Saban responded with an enormous grin and a chuckle before Dunaway asked for clarification on Battle’s comments. “Well, I do this kind of joking around a… ..... Read More.
    MEDIAite – Radio/Tv/Internet News|TheTopNews.NetFri, September 17, 2021
    21 mins ago
  • Majority of Americans Blame Jan 6th on White Supremacists, Trump and Conservative Media; POLL
    (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images) According to a new poll from PRRI, the majority of Americans place blame for the capitol riots of January 6th on white supremacist groups, former President Donald Trump, and conservative media outlets, meanwhile, the data shows that strong partisan divides continue to persist. The poll released Wednesday finds that majorities of the American general public believe that all of these factors shoulder a vast amount of responsibility for the actions of rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. 59 percent of Americans say white supremacist groups bear responsibility for the riot, while 56 percent say Donald Trump, and 55 percent say conservative media outlets also played a part in inciting by spreading misinformation. However, the poll includes data that points to the current partisan divide of opinions within the American public. Republicans assigned culpability in a drastically different way than most Americans, with… ..... Read More.
    MEDIAite – Radio/Tv/Internet News|TheTopNews.NetFri, September 17, 2021
    26 mins ago
  • Clarence Thomas Warns Supreme Court May Have Become the ‘Most Dangerous’ Branch of Government
    (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gave a lecture Thursday, at the University of Notre Dame, warning against the judiciary and individual judges from veering into politics on controversial issues presented to the court. This speech comes after the Supreme Court received intense backlash earlier this month for allowing the controversial Texas abortion law to take effect by refusing to block the law, which bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Thomas spoke to how his upbringing in Georgia and his religious faith played a role in his place on the court, while addressing current issues of race and equality. The Supreme Court justice also did not hold back from voicing his concern for the court wading into controversial political issues. “When we begin to venture into the legislative or executive branch lanes, those of us, particularly in the federal judiciary with lifetime appointments, are asking for… ..... Read More.
    MEDIAite – Radio/Tv/Internet News|TheTopNews.NetFri, September 17, 2021
    47 mins ago
  • LeVar Burton Reveals He is Developing Own Game Show, Says Jeopardy! ‘Wasn’t the Thing That I Wan...
    LeVar Burton opened up about the Jeopardy! host drama while sitting down with Trevor Noah on Thursday night. Burton first addressed the outpouring of love he received from fans during his time guest hosting the game show, saying that adults who used to watch Reading Room often support all of his endeavors. “I made it public that I wanted it for myself, that it made sense to me, and they were all about it,” he said of hosting Jeopardy! “It made as much sense to them as it did to me. And, so, they wanted it for me as much as I wanted it.” Burton, however, was not chosen to be the permanent host, and while the hunt is still ongoing, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are set to host for the rest of the year. “The crazy thing is that when you set your sights on something, you know, they… ..... Read More.
    MEDIAite – Radio/Tv/Internet News|TheTopNews.NetFri, September 17, 2021
    1 hour ago
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